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Maitreya      June 18, 2016

David Christopher Lewis Discourse (overshined by Maitreya)
June 18, 2016   10:32 ̶ 11:14 am MDT
2016 Summer Meru University Event
The Buddha of Loving-Kindness Teaches on the Aquarian Path of Love
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana 

The Art of Meditation and Stillness

Before we begin the HeartStream, we'll give Padma Sambhava's mantra: Om Ah Hum Vajra Guru Padma Siddhi Hum. [David and participants give mantra six times.]

We can maintain stillness internally while being in a meditative state of activity. Much of our life is active. And a key for initiates on the path is to maintain that equipoise of inner stillness while moving through life, whereby we are centered in our true Self and almost objectively observing what is transpiring before our eyes and consciousness from a point of higher reality and through the lens of our true Self.

If we are only in our human selfhood, without considering our Divine Presence, we walk more as animals upon the Earth. If we are in an enlightened state of being, where we know that in reality we are divine, perfected starry beings of light and we are always in the mode of drawing forth from the Eternal the light-essences of our true Self to infuse within the Earth, then whatever activity we're engaged in becomes hallowed and sanctified. It becomes uplifted and supported by that divine light and truly sacred through the inner stillness that we allow to be maintained by our conscious attention upon our hearts and our true Self within our hearts.

In the past we've had drawings and representations of our Higher Self above us. Yet within our movement, we choose to see this Higher Self as being within us, because the within is a higher vibration than the without. We access that which abides in a higher frequency through the secret chamber of the heart, where our threefold flame resides. And this is the point of God that animates our spirit, our soul with God's eternal Presence.

So, really, if we look at the chart of the Divine Presence or the chart of our Buddha Nature, you could almost collapse all of this into one center point. And you could see the Presence within the person abiding in time and space, with the Christ Self also within them, and the Higher Self encompassing everything within the individual with God's glory, God's grace, God's beingness and joy, rather than it being separate or distant from us, or above us in awareness. Yes, it is above us in vibration if we are not attentive. And yet through inner stillness, we draw that Presence from the within into our outer waking awareness and then allow that feeling of our Presence to permeate everything in our aura, in our life, in our homes, in our sanctuaries, in our communities.

If we are truly mindful and desire to master the art of meditation, while we are engaged in outer activity throughout our day we will allow what we've accessed in silence to be presented and accentuated in activity that is not necessarily silent. It may be rich in divine sound, frequencies of the movement of life through our world and where we choose to manifest our consciousness. The stillness that we access in silence does not have to reside only in quietude. It can be there and we can choose to make it very real through everything in our life—through our speech, through our walking, the way we walk, the way we present ourselves, the way we sit in our chairs, the way we address our food before we assimilate it.

We address our food as a loving being, thanking that food for nourishing our temple of light. And when we take just a moment or a few moments to consciously interact with the beautiful food and drink and to present ourselves before it, as if it is a gift to us; and when we acknowledge that it will become a part of us as we choose to consume it, even as we are grateful that it chooses to be a part of us, we bring that stillness into play so that that food will truly enliven us, nurture and nourish us with its grace, with its essence.

As we choose to eat more live, organic, fresh food, our food is filled with the essence that nature imbued within it and allowed to manifest through it. Then that aliveness becomes a part of our aliveness, and the two mix and merge and blend and it's a miracle; it's a blessing. If we only choose to eat dead food—animal flesh and other things—there is not that aliveness and essence that easily becomes a part of our divine essence. Yes, we can draw substance from it to go into our bloodstream to be utilized by the systems within our body temple. And yet when we choose primarily live, organic fresh food, it's much easier on our system and much easier on our temple to assimilate this and for the light-essence of that food to blend itself within our consciousness and to become a part of our true Self manifesting through our nature.

What we take in as food through our eyes, through our feelings, through our thoughts is just as important. And so if we choose to drink in, eat and assimilate divine thoughts, holy emotions, feelings of love and grace and the virtues of heaven, then those easily become a part of our inner self because they are pure, rarefied in our Presence, in the divine world. And they are easily assimilable by our higher mental body, our true emotions, one with the angelic and archangelic beings, and our Buddha nature. If we consume negativity of any kind through our mind, through our wills, through our feelings, it grates against the purity of our Higher Self and then it is more difficult for us to utilize those for our spiritual pathway.

This is why it's important to always maintain a positive mental and emotional attitude, to look upon others as God. When you behold others as godly, as beautiful and as divine, there is reflected back to you, through their divineness, the glory and the light of their being, which then assists you. It's enlightened self-interest to hold the immaculate concept for others, because guess what happens? You become charged with the same radiance of beauty, glory and the divine that you behold in others. And you can maintain your state of higher awareness when you are in that state of beholding perfection in all life.

If you choose to denigrate another in thought, feeling or in words, God forbid, then guess what? The return current of that negativity comes back to you and influences and affects the harmonic state that you would like to maintain. And therefore you dip down into a lower vibration. That's why it's important not to criticize or condemn bosses, those of other political persuasions and people who give you problems or even challenge what you consider to be your spiritual essence and who you are.

We can hold the field of beauty and perfection for all of life. And by doing this we are raised; we are subsumed into God; we coalesce through our beings and around and within us an ever-expanding auric field of holy quintessences, graced by the Holy Spirit, which then bring us blessing after blessing after blessing. If you desire blessings from heaven, you must first originate the seed ideation of that blessing through your awareness and project it and enfire it with your love, with your light, with your being. And then the return current of what you seed the co-creation with—either with others you collaborate with or on your own in the sacredness of your own inner communion with God—will always return unto you, gathering the momentum of the fire of heaven with it to then provide the most amazing blessings of Spirit.

Everything that we produce within our Hearts Center movement is beautiful. Why? Because the consciousness of the co-creators, our creative staff, is embedded within these creations as they utilize their inspiration and collaborate to produce these amazing alchemical works. And their essence lives on through their co-creations. Their consciousness, one with God, in the moments when they are toiling somewhat in the flesh and yet maintaining the joy of the co-creative process allows there to be coalesced within their co-creations—in collaboration with angels and ascended masters—the most beautiful harmonic frequencies. These are embedded in what we co-create and they will be maintained so long as we appreciate them and utilize them as talismans for our own spiritual work.

You draw upon the causal-body essences of the Creative Arts team and Boyd and Nancy and all of our wonderful staff. And guess what? Your prayer essences are also inscribed and etched within these co-creative projects and works because you have prayed for our staff. And so your energy is also coalesced within these things—they are living, vital things. This prayer book that was presented unto you free by The Hearts Center community and movement for coming to this event (and those of you who tithe will also receive it) is composed of the collaborative energy, love, beingness and inner stillness of each of you because you love God, because you love prayer. And in your prayers, you are one with God.

The primary purpose of prayer is union with God in these moments of intimate communion with your source of all light and love. If you have any motive other than union with God and love of God in your prayers, reconsider why you pray. It's not just to do rituals, or to do this number or that number of some prayer or song. Yes, we have the rituals, which we enliven with new energy each time we engage in them, and yet the purpose of all this is love, love, love, union, union, union with God.

Where is God within us? Where is God everywhere? Where is God within every life-form, especially those with whom we collaborate and cooperate, whom we adore as our brothers and sisters because they are godly? We love each other so much. We feel that love flowing in these events because we know that love is the key to our victory, individually and collectively, and for the planet, the solar system, the galaxy and the universe. And because we coalesce so much love in what we do, we are buoyed up, we are joyous, we are truly happy. And all of that happiness, buoyancy and gratitude arises from the inner stillness of our union with God.

Oneness with God is so beautiful. When you feel God's Presence within you, it grows as you rededicate and consecrate each hour of your life in some way to the works of Spirit, to the blessings of the Holy Spirit, to the graces of the ascended masters, angels, archangels and divine beings. When you consecrate and reconsecrate yourself daily to the holy purposes of service, ministration, brother/sisterhood and givingness, this consecration itself then qualifies everything that you do with the sanctity, harmony and inner peace of that inner stillness, of who you are as a God-being deep within your soul and heart. 

You feel the vital energy of these words because I know they originate from the Divine. They originate from your own Divine Source. These words are expressing themselves as springs and waters of life, and these waters of life are flowing through you, each one, now. And these waters of life are washing you clean, unburdening you and lifting you in new spiritual light-energy fields. At each conference we have, the field that we walk in will be more rarefied, will be more glorious, will be more divine because collectively we are co-creating these higher fields in which we together will walk and collaborate and communicate.

So each of these new fields of awareness is like a stepping stone to heaven. They are crystalline in nature. They're glorious; they're beautiful. And if we move together as one, then we step up, up, up the spiral staircase of light to the heaven world, and it is amazing to see the progression of our collective evolution in light. It's amazing to behold how each of you is glowing during these services. And I see the glowing inner nature of your being as you access, through inner stillness, the more rarefied elements of your true Buddha nature.

The mysteries of creation are being revealed unto you. The higher discoveries of Spirit are ever being offered unto you to see, to behold, to experience, to know. And these deeper mysteries are there for the asking. It's not something we have to grasp or grope at or clutch onto. God offers these mysteries, these higher truths, these wisdom teachings to us every moment of every day if we are there, ready to receive and accept them into our life, into our consciousness, into our higher minds. And then glorying and reveling in these beautiful, ecstatic, illumining, mindful revelations, we give glory to God for each new idea, expression, wonderment and co-creation that comes to us.

The power of the Word can recreate you any moment you choose, so long as you say those words with cosmic intention, joy, harmony and reverence. The co-creative power that you wield as a son or daughter of God can co-create universes. Do you believe this? [Audience responds: “Yes!”] Then utilize the keys to the power of the spoken word daily to incarnate within this matter plane, consciousness, world the highest essences of who you are as God Self-realized beings.

We don't ask enough, yet we don't accept and receive enough. And those of you who have issues with money, with abundance, are not asking and holding the field for that asking by accepting and receiving it with great joy. And so you clutch here and you clutch there and you wonder where the next dollar is coming from to pay for this or that bill. Release all that, and accept your divine grace and abundance. It is your natural state of being to live abundantly in God's eternal Presence, to have all that you humanly and divinely need. Every need can be instantaneously precipitated when you accept God fully within you as present and center in your life and you believe, through faith, that God will provide it. Providence is there. Providence is here.

The providing factors of a fruitful and opulent life originate from the wellspring of beingness deep within your heart. And if you don't have what you require, generate and regenerate more love, because love will co-create abundance. It is a universal law. Love will generate and regenerate the abundant stream of awareness that your require.

“I will give you the keys,” Maitreya says. You must turn those keys in the lock to open the door and receive the effulgent blessings. You must do the inner work through belief, acceptance, faith, trust in God so that the greatest gifts will flow unto you continuously. And in that flow, there is the return of gratitude that maintains the flow. If you do not have enough, then express gratitude for what you have, which is much more than most people upon Earth have. And if you think you require this or that thing, think again. Think only of God, and then what you truly require will alight within your world. An angel will bring it to you. The mystical, miraculous and mysterious ways of God will be revealed, and all will be well.

The art of meditation and stillness is the sacred art of living in the Presence, within the Great Silence that can be found within the heart. We don't seek God somewhere in a distant universe; we realize that the universe is within us. The source of everything is within us—true mindfulness is within us; true stillness is within us. And going within and being joyful, being happy with who we are right now—without worry or anxiety about our body, how we look or anything—captures the essence of our true godliness within our awareness of our Self so that we can be expressive of it.

Since some of you are dozing off, we're going to stretch. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! [Audience says with David:] I AM awake! I AM awake! I AM awake! I AM awake! I AM awake! I AM awake! I AM awake! I AM awake! OK. How can you be asleep when Maitreya is here trying to wake you up even more? [laughter] What did you have for breakfast? [laughter] What didn't you have for breakfast, in my case?

Inner stillness is a gift of Spirit to you to experience yourself as God. And when you experience yourself as God—of course in a humble way and not in an egotistical way—then God lives, moves and has his/her being within you. And the flow is there and the light is there. And the glow of that light will perfume itself through your aura to bless everyone with the grace of your being, the harmony of your soul, the joyfulness of your spirit, the integrity of your Buddha nature. I live, move and have my being in the integrity of my Buddha nature. Let's say it. [Participants say with David:] “I live, move and have my being in the integrity of my Buddha nature! I live, move and have my being in the integrity of my Buddha nature! I live, move and have my being in the integrity of my Buddha nature!”

What is that integrity? It is the integration of everything that is divine about you, deep within you so that you live in the wholeness state of perfected, pure, loving beingness—perfected, pure, loving beingness. I AM perfected, pure, loving beingness! [Participants say with David:] “I AM perfected, pure, loving beingness! I AM perfected, pure, loving beingness!” You can make your own I AM statements throughout the day as you're moving through life. Either say them outwardly if no one's there to be weirded out, or say them silently in your heart to be expressive of the beauty of your eternal nature.

This morning I watered many, many, many plants at the direction of my beautiful wife, who is gone and usually does it. And I noticed the response of the plants to my loving care of watering them. It was as if they were smiling back at me and saying: “Thank you for the water of life. It was kind of hot yesterday, David, and we appreciate the water so we don't have to wilt in the heat of the afternoon sun.” And then the bunny greeted me in the backyard and looked me straight in the eye and said, “What are you going to do to me?” I said, “I am going to love you. Just stay away from the fresh greens in our garden. There are plenty of greens in the backyard to partake of without decimating what we require for our food.”

I used the rain water from our barrels. I walked out with about fifteen five-gallon buckets at 5:30 in the morning as the sun was rising. And it was such a wonderful experience to commune with the water, with the sun, with the Earth, with the fresh air and the clear blue sky, which had just a few beautiful white clouds. Is this heaven or what? And I was singing in my soul of how God would love you today, of how the Holy Spirit would come and enliven you and enrich you with whatever words would be inspired upon me and inspired within you. And I simply surrendered more of my human self so that I could be a better instrument to serve you and love you. And I found little points of darkness within. And so I gave the prayer over and over: I love you. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.

And I saw past lifetimes when I did things that weren't so great, and I released them to the universe and I asked for forgiveness. And I asked to be clearer, holier, purer so that whatever words came would edify and glorify God. And I felt the Holy Spirit as I walked barefoot on the grass and the tingle through the soles of my feet, up through my legs, into my heart and out my arms. And I was in wonderment of the awe of living a natural life here in Montana, of how grateful I am for each of you, for this beautiful property, for the opportunity to serve and to glorify God and to simply be love.

All of this brought me to an ecstatic state, and I almost didn't want to leave that state. And yet I knew I had to go shower and get ready to be here. I just felt like communing with God in this love state. And then I saw each of you as a flower and the glory of your soul, and I drew forth from the universal the inspiration from the flower of who you are. And this is what inspires me day after day to rise early, to do my prayer work, my rituals, my exercises and to be disciplined on the path all these years in this lifetime—so that I can be of greatest service to you and to mankind.

It's the little things and the inner stillnessess that we access when we reflect on God that bring us to the graces of heaven, which can always be ours. It's those little moments of the intimacy of this deep communion with Spirit as we do simple things: wash the dishes, do the laundry, clean and sweep, make our beds, fold our clothes, prepare our clothes for the next day and then do our ablutions, brush our teeth. It allows us to experience God through each of these simple, graceful acts so that somehow the Spirit can find concourse through us and also find concourse through other life-forms who require support and love, cherishment and nourishment.

When we nurture ourselves by being godly, every life is also nourished, because we are interconnected with all life. Think on this. When we nurture ourselves with love and self-appreciation in the higher way, that godliness flows to every life-form. Nature feels it, the angels feel it and they smile, and their smile brings us inner happiness.

I am sending love now to everyone who has received a blessing at our booths at our expos to refresh them in that invigorating light-energy of what they experienced in that moment when a master came and overshined me and them, sometimes a number of masters, and graced them with the light. And I am projecting, and you are with me in projecting, love and light to everyone who has read one of our books, who has seen one of our videos on YouTube or through our website, who has experienced something of their inner Higher Self through what we offer through this movement.

And I am refreshing, with you, your communities, your homes, your vehicles, your body temples, your sanctuaries. And I'm asking this day for a special blessing upon all of our gracious givers, our broadcasters. And El Morya is saying that every broadcaster who broadcasts regularly is invited to come to every event free of charge, with no registration fee, because they give and give and give and give week after week and month after month. And their givingness is a Z factor of blessedness that should be returned unto them as the free gift of coming to our events and Meru University courses. If they desire to offer something, fine; it could be counted as a donation and be tax deductible. Yet these are the givers and givers and givers, even as many of you give and tithe.

The reason we tithe is enlightened self-interest, because we know that when we give and make that commitment to tithe, God is going to give us back all this wealth of blessings. And yet some fear that the tithe will mean they won't have enough in their life. They're looking at it from the wrong perspective. The greatest and highest perspective of givingness and tithing is that you seek to tap into the wealth of heaven and access it by giving something. And that givingness allows a little plug to be tapped into heaven's abundance, and then the angels turn the tap and that abundance flows back to you, you see? The science and the alchemy of tithing is all about creating these little plugs that have a tap on them, which then stream to you to return the blessings that you give. It's not about The Hearts Center or about me requiring something or even our budgets. It's not about worrying about the future. It's all about tapping into the glory of heaven, the wonderment of the all-abundance of the divine worlds. So when we speak about abundance, let us always speak of it from the vantage point of tapping into heaven's grace.

We've renamed our fundraising team the soul-raising team, because we're not going to be focused on money, money, money, budgets, budgets, budgets. It's all about providing resources to beautiful heartfriends in the world so that they are inspired and their givingness provides the resources for us to co-create more and more wonderful co-creations, infused with this energy of our collective beingness. This is why we do what we do. We don't do it for personal glory. We always consecrate it, dedicate it.

And I would like to formally place this Rosary of Divine Quintessence on the altar, which I didn't do yesterday. We consecrate it to the Divine, to its holy purpose to inspire people to be in their Presence, to commune with angels and to receive these blessings.

The art of meditation and stillness is something we can discern with the Holy Spirit more and more every day in the intimacy of our communion, wherever that communion is. Don't worry about setting aside a full hour to meditate. If you do and you go places in consciousness, fantastic! Take five minutes here, ten minutes there throughout your day to just stop what you're doing and give glory to God, to praise God, to sing a song, to walk in nature, to call up a friend and tell them that you love them and ask how they're doing, to appreciate someone on the street.

Yesterday I saw a young gal who's going into tenth grade, who is a great friend of my daughter, Valerie, working at Mark's In and Out. If you saw me there, I wasn't buying a burger. I do admit, I bought a veggie burger. And I said, “Avery, (her name is Avery) you are beautiful!” And it may have embarrassed her a little bit, being a teenager. I think she enjoyed being told she's beautiful by an older, white-haired guy. And then they chose her to bring the meal to me. So I think it worked, not that I was expecting anything. How often do we tell someone that they are beautiful and get away with it in this culture? Maybe we'll be thought of as strange, weird, eccentric or a sexual predator, God forbid! Maybe sometimes we just say it internally and we don't speak it outwardly, and that may be better socially. And let's say it, let's reflect it, let's mean it. And remember that the souls, the spirits of those who outwardly don't appear so handsome, cute, beautiful or pretty are just as pretty and beautiful as any other person's—sometimes more so because those people may be more humble about their human looks.

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