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David Lewis      June 18, 2016

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
June 18, 2016   6:49 ̶ 7:06 pm MDT
2016 Summer Solstice MU Event
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Wave Blessing and Teaching

During our expos I've been very privileged to provide what the masters call a wave blessing to people who come. And as part of their blessing, the masters charge each person with the wave patterns. So Maitreya would like me to do a little of this right now, and those who are sensitive may be able to feel it. And if you are not, that's okay.

This is a golden wave today with kind of a deep, deep violet-purple surrounding it. And it is to energize within you higher quintessences of Spirit so that as you move through life and perform alchemy and as you use the spiritual teachings that you receive from the ascended masters and through any sponsored spiritual teacher, from both this and past lives, you can really accelerate these waves.

Now, you can all wave. And you may be able to feel pouring through you, in your chakras, healing light, conscious awareness, presence and even a divine blessing for any life-form that you choose to wave at or toward or with. Think of all the creatures in the oceans and how they move—they all move in a wave pattern. Think of the birds and how they're constantly waving as they fly. Think of worms and eels and salamanders and snakes and how they move through an undulating current. The greatest swimmers, the Olympic swimmers are masters at waves, right? And then there are surfers, like Michael the surfer—they love waves.

Why do surfers love waves so much? Because they catch the wave and ride with the wave into the shore. And if they have full mastery of their body temple and balance and harmony, they are able to ride all the way out without wiping out. When we are in Hawaii, we can do this wave. The hula dancers understood waves and they can feel the currents.

This is even more powerful than the last one. Can you feel that? So we're tapping into the ancient cultures of the Mother through waves.

So when you wave at someone that you love, what happens? There's an energetic love-light released of appreciation, maybe of sorrow if you are parting, but just love. I'm just super energized by doing that.

Maitreya says that loving-kindness flows on waves. And you can imagine as you're emanating light that it's going out not just in a direct stream, although that could work too. The waves are very, very powerful. So in your meditation practice, he's saying to consider the point of emanation being your crown chakra, your heart, even your base chakra and your throat, your third eye—whatever you'd like to use in a given moment or all of them simultaneously, and even your higher chakras—and see waves going forth. And allow those waves to extend out into infinity and then return, bouncing off the walls of the Cosmic Egg and returning to you, to loved ones, to everyone that comes in their pathway. And these waves are consciousness. They're carriers for any virtue, any conscious divine thought, ideal, and especially harmony and peace.

Peace is one of the greatest waves that the Earth requires now and it is a very, very powerful wave. And when you project peace to the world, when you send it on a wave, it has a more powerful effect than just sending a thought or an idea as kind of a will-o'-the-wisp.

When Jesus walked on the waters, he walked on the waves too, right? He had the mastery of all these frequencies and waves whereby he could align his vibration with the vibration and the level of frequency of the water and not dip down below it. He knew the science of waves, which he learned from his time in Tibet and India.

We can learn much more about waves. We heard yesterday in that wonderful video that these frequencies are carried on waves. I've got to meet that guy from South Africa. He's an enlightened being, a Christed being. I love him, as I love you all too.

Let us now give the Rosary of Divine Quintessence and notice how David Keil has beautifully, beautifully rendered, utilizing a kind of kaleidoscopic tool, these undulating currents, waves, patterns and the crystalline nature of them, as well as what they facilitate and what they represent. These are very, very powerful. And as we continue to make videos in the future, the masters have asked that we use these types of visuals because they carry the crystal-ray patterns and the higher quintessences of Spirit.

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