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David Lewis      June 18, 2016

David Christopher Lewis Sharing
June 18, 2016   1:10 ̶ 1:13 pm MDT
2016 Summer Solstice Meru University Event
Livingston, Montana

Meru University Sharing

Participant:  Hi. When we were watching the part about the MU class 901, I'd like to tell you that on the last day of that class Jackie just happened to be at my home and they Skyped her and they asked her questions, and it was so lovely. And Jackie said that some, and maybe many, of the people in Spain were with her when she was Mary of Agreda. It was so sweet. So I recorded that in case we wanted to [unintelligible].

David:  I'd like to say also that many of these ladies were temple virgins in different lifetimes back on Atlantis or Lemuria. What I was shown was that the purity of their souls is so great and that they're so sensitive—they have this deep emotional sensitivity.

In those lives they weren't able to do a whole lot in terms of dancing and running around and having fun together. So in this life they can enjoy each other's company. In those lives everything was very restricted and they had rituals. Now it's like, “Hey, I can have fun on the path too!” So it's like they're coming out of, I won't say a shell, but the experience of not having been able to express their feelings as much emotionally. And so there is this catharsis of, “Hah, wow, I can express myself.” And that's true for many of you too. We were in these orders where we had to pray and we couldn't talk about things. In fact, there were many years when you couldn't say anything; you couldn't speak at all. Now it's like, “Hey, I can talk!” So it's a release.

Participant:  Did you notice how youthful the group is?

David:  Yeah.

Participant:  Well, I'd like to let you know that about ten days ago we got an email from __________ and she said, “We got together and we're all helping each other out, and eight of us are coming to Argentina.”

David:  Wow! [applause]

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