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David Lewis      June 18, 2016

David Christopher Lewis
June 18, 2016   12:55 ̶ 12:59 pm MDT
Livingston, Montana

Sharing after South Africa Heartfriends Presentation

            Thank you Jenny and Ralph and all of you. You are the anchor point for the Universal White Brotherhood in South Africa, which is a major, major center of light. Many of you reembodied from Europe, having been great lightbearers for the Universal White Brotherhood and other initiatic schools and movements. You're like the cream of the crop of lightbearers, especially from Germany, some of you from Great Britain, others who chose to anchor the light in South Africa for many, many reasons—one of which was to have been a focal point for the overturning of apartheid and for the light to be restored to that great, great nation, which is the base chakra of all of Africa, a teeming continent of many, many lightbearers.

As you know, diamonds come from South Africa. Of course there is some concern about that in terms of the way they have been extracted, and it hasn't always been perfect, and the same with gold. This country, rich in mineral resources and rich in spiritual resources, is there for a great balance to be held.

Remember, even Gandhi started a lot of what he did in South Africa. Do you remember that? And if you watch the Gandhi movie with Ben Kingsley playing that role amazingly, you see that a lot of that movement started in South Africa. So there's a lot of light anchored there. And it's such an important and impactful nation and a focus for the Universal White Brotherhood that these lightbearers chose to embody there to hold that focus of light for the Mother light to rise through the entire continent.

And, of course, you know about my embodiment and why I've been to Africa three times, and now I'm going a fourth time. It wasn't really part of our immediate plan, and yet because of this booth that they're going to have and the opportunity to contact many, many souls, our council has approved my going. And there are more alchemies to come forth, which I won't speak of right now.

So thank you [names several names]. All of you are beautiful, beautiful souls. And I'd like to say that there is a lot more that will be happening and that we'll be hearing about from South Africa in the future, because I see this work expanding in great, great increments as our books are made available in these nations and as the continuing work of these very amazing souls continues. So thank you so much.

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