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Maitreya      June 17, 2016

Beloved Maitreya and Manjushri Discourse

David Christopher Lewis

June 17, 2016   11:08–11:47 am MDT
2016 Summer Solstice Meru Event
The Buddha of Loving-Kindness Teaches on the Aquarian Path of Love

Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart

Livingston, Montana


The Art of Mindfulness and Presence


The art of mindfulness and presence is all about joy. If your meditation is one in which you are too focused on the mind—the human mind, the dry mental cogitation of that which is born of the ego—you will not truly experience the totality of beingness in God, of the Buddhas.

The art of mindfulness and presence is all about the inner music of your soul and dancing with the Divine. Imaginative listening, co-creative thinking and inspirational beingness add color to your meditation, add movement to your meditation, allow your Higher Self to move through you and the light to soar through you to new cosmic heights. The art of mindfulness and presence allows there to be music moving through all veils of consciousness so that ultimately what is left is pure light-energy, pure consciousness—undefiled, beautiful and in harmony with the Divine.

Some people become very moody in meditation because of the way in which they consider things through the mind. Mindfulness is a mind full of God and the emptying of the mind of all that is less than God in order to support, uphold and enter into that universal expression of Solar joy and beingness that Maitreya and Manjushri exemplify in their Buddha nature.

We each have a Buddha nature that is unique to us. It can be modeled somewhat on our examples of the various Buddhas. Yet to make it real for us, it must include the co-creativity of ourselves within God's eternal joy-fire flame of love and wisdom. So as you consider your Buddha nature and how it is unique, how it is specific based on your evolutionary journey, allow the creativity of your Higher Self to move through you as you are in that silent state of presence. In the simplicity that arises from within when you let go of outer things, close your eyes and enter into the breath of the Holy Spirit, which facilitates stillness. You will find in the stillness, after a while, the most dynamic form of movement and the greatest artistry of Self as your Higher Self embellishes within you and ensconces around you light and every aspect of joy, which can be yours if you allow it.

Every meditation can be an experience and a joyful awakening into God's eternal Presence. And if you are in the true wakeful state of Buddhic beingness, allowing your higher mind to move through you, this displaces the lesser mind, with all of its efforts to do this, to do that, to be somebody else or to be something that you aren't yet. You already are this Buddha nature; it has existed within you forever. And arising into it and experiencing it through joy is the art of mindfulness and presence.

Light coalesces within you the Buddhic fruits of higher beingness. And that light restores unto you and within you every aspect of your true nature, your Buddha nature, which is like the drawing back of soul parts from distant areas of the globe. Your Buddha nature can be complete when every soul part is returned unto you by love, by the magnet of your heart in love with God. And as these parts return and are reintegrated within you, your Buddha nature shines forth in all its glory. Your star, your radiant star of Presence, shines and emanates great, great frequencies of light and waves and patterns of perfection, geometric forms that exemplify what a true Buddha nature is.

When you are sitting under your own bo tree, Bodhi tree, which may symbolize the crystal cord rising unto your God Presence, there can be a distribution of light through that crystal cord into the nexus of your being—through your mind, through your heart, and unto your soul—for a raising of consciousness. And new impressions from that tree of life of your Higher Self may descend, and the fruits of the Spirit will be accessible to you again and again and again.

No, my friends, meditation is not a stolid and a very empty practice devoid of light, color, sound, richness, texture and the glories of heaven. It is replete with these. And so you may have to change modes in your understanding of what meditation is to allow the art of meditation to take hold of you, to recreate you in a higher image and likeness. If you find that your practice is stultified and you can't be wakeful, you're falling asleep, get up, move around, go outside in nature, breathe deeply or have your meditation practice in nature. Engage in walking meditation, gardening meditation, doing-dishes meditation, riding-bike meditation, playing-with-children meditation; for you may incorporate the art of mindfulness and the science of your Presence into each of these.

A true meditation practice through the art of mindfulness and presence brings one to a fount of divine glory and a higher field of beingness every time you engage and enter into it. Love is the key and should be at the center of your meditation practice because, again, if you become too mental, constructing all kinds of things only through your mind and the heart is not engaged, your meditation is not artful, heartful. Therefore allow the artistry of heaven to find its coursing through your heart in meditation and allow your practice to begin anew to restore you to a heart-centered state of beingness, of presence, of glory, of divine splendor.

Now, how do you bring what you receive in meditation into your active daily life and make it real? That's the crux of the meditation practice and where the art of mindfulness and presence meets practicality, daily life. You draw forth from your time of stillness the essence of God-good that God places naturally and beautifully within your heart, within your mind. And you consider again and again, as you move through your day, the central point of beingness so that you can live from and through your heart in balance and harmony. If you find any reactivity encroaching upon your harmony, breathe deeply, enter the Metta state for a moment and ask Lord Maitreya and Manjushri to reestablish the currency of the Spirit to flow through you. And then say the words that edify and bring peace and joy rather than ones that are reactive.

If you find that you lapse into a state of fantasy about the future, about some relationship that doesn't exist—at least in reality—or some fancy that really has no mooring in the Presence of God, let go of it, dissipate it, dissolve it by a ray of light and return to the nexus of focus and disciplined awareness. You'd be amazed to see the fantasies that occur in the minds of chelas and initiates who do not remain tethered to their Presence, focused upon the light, virtuous in their thoughts, feelings and words. Speaking negatively of anyone, even a political figure, brings the karma of that speech back to you at some point. Therefore it's best to avoid speaking words that denigrate anyone, anything, because the return current of that pattern will find its mooring within your aura, within your life, and you may not desire the results of that return.

Speaking beautifully of God, of others—as we just did in these sharings about heartfriends—brings the beloved aspect of God's friendship, God's beingness within us into play. You all felt the joy and the leaping of the flame within you when laughter was expressed. Well, consider that laughter, as an outer expression of joy, can be your natural state when you are always looking for that point of presence within any given situation to bring joy into the equation of it rather than to bring the dour, the sour, the dull, the decrepit, the dank, the dark of it into outer expression.

If chelas would shift just a little bit more into the positivity of cosmic, positronic, dynamic beingness, then the joy flame of the Eternal would descend into their hearts and excite them into Buddhic awareness! Therefore at times it requires the lightning of the mind of God to dispel the darkness that has beset the auras of initiates. And the fire of heaven comes to burn away the dross and to bring light, light, light, love, love, love and the artistry of color, texture, sound, radiance and beingness into play.

If you feel sleepy during your day, assess why this is. What are you not willing to be awakened unto? Is it only a matter of age or the fact that you didn't have enough sleep last night that puts you into this state of nonwakefulness, sleepiness? Is it a nonacceptance of light pouring through you to keep you tethered to reality? The first thing to do if you're sleepy is to move and get the energies stirred within your being, moving within you. This is why exercise and certain routines of exercise are important, as is right diet—avoiding heavy meats and flesh food, things that weigh you down, including too much sugar, or any sugar at all. Sugar itself stimulates for a moment certain excitotoxins within your system, and yet after the quick high, it brings you back down to a lower state than before you had it. And it is be difficult to rise out of that in a natural way, and so you require another stimulant and another stimulant—coffee, sugar, coffee, sugar, coffee, sugar, coffee, cream and sugar.

Well, think of the cosmic stimulant of God's love that can be yours simply for the asking through pure desire. And that cosmic stimulant is greater and more powerful than any caffeine, any sugar of any form. It will move through you and excite within you that which is pure, reverent, dynamic, holy and full of what you truly desire in your heart to beseech God for and to accept.

The more sugar intake you've had in your life, the more you require exercise and the storming of the ramparts of heaven through exercise, meditation, stillness, beingness. Maitreya is showing me your inner bodies, those of you who have a sugar habit, a coffee habit and other habits. And he is sending a ray into those habits and into those dark crystalline structures within your being that have beset you because of your habits. And if you choose to have these dissolved today, it can be done in the twinkling of an eye. Yet you must then choose a higher walk and a better disciplined path to let go of these temptations of taste, temporary delights of the palate. The temporary delights of the palate will result in mood swings, up and down, all around. And then you wonder why you can't retain the memory of what someone just told you about who they are. Your mind is not clear, and that lack of clarity is a lack of mindfulness.

Those of you who can easily recall what the other just said to you about who they are and what they've done are those who have practiced the art of mindfulness and presence and the loquacious speech of the guardians of the Word and those who speak of love and peace and beauty and harmony. So if you find these little fits and starts and lapses in memory, the synaptic connections can be refired by the light of Maitreya, Manjushri, by uttering words and mantras of beauty, peace, harmony and joy and calling back unto your mind those higher mindful expressions of your true divine nature, your Buddhic being.

“Once a student, always a student,” Maitreya says. Yet some would prefer not to be a student. Why? Why do they flee from study—the study of beingness, the study of truth, the study of divine wisdom and the true teachings of East and West? They know that if they study, then they will be required to apply what they learn and make it real through the wisdom teachings. And so they think that if they simply don't study, they won't be responsible for the truth that they will access. Ignorance is no excuse; and ignoring study will bring you to the point of desperation, where you know you require more to know, to be, to do, to fathom. Yet you'd rather lapse into pleasure, going this way and that way and entering into and exiting all kinds of relationships that are temporarily tantalizing. Yet ultimately, where do they lead? They lead you back to you. You haven't self-discovered who you are to the point where the main relationship is that of you and God.

The primary purpose is oneness. And any outer yoking of your heart to another should only facilitate a greater depth of beingness and understanding of who you are in God and with God. Those of you who constantly seek to have recognition from others or acceptance of your personality from others, why do you do this? Why are you constantly entreating others' personalities to respect your personality when you can go directly to the crux of the matter and to divine individuality of your Presence and seek only to love and honor and respect the Divine within others and the Divine within yourself?

True initiates love and accept everyone as a Buddhic being. They don't have to have the outer displays of any sort of egoic expressions to honor a human personality. They look to the divine individuality within you as the real you, and they would rather honor and accentuate and accept and beatify that—your true nature.

So let go of this temporal attachment to form and all the things that you do and even your human creativity, and accept the divine creativity of beingness, the beauty of your essence, which has always been there beyond the outer manifestation of who you are. The true masters and initiates look at you as if you were already accepting of your divine nature and the beauty of your soul. And they hold that field of love for you until you can love yourself enough to accept your true nature and put beneath your feet the ego, with all of its desires and attachments, wants and senses of lack.

Your true nature is beautiful, magnificent; and each and every one of you has the same co-equal magnificence of your Buddha nature. Though unique, each one is equally magnificent. Enjoy one another's Buddha nature and the outer expressions of the personality that are just what and how this Buddha nature manifests in the matter planes of being. It's okay to accept and to enjoy others' personhoods. It's only when you become too attached and say, “This is me, and I will hold this away from you—I'm not going to allow you to experience this part of me because its mine,” that you live in the veil of illusion. There is no “mine” and “me” in divine individuality. There is only I AM, we, our, the collective of oneness and the universal Buddhic state of beingness.

The intimacy of your communion with God in your meditation practice allows the art of mindfulness and presence to perfect you—the inner you, not the outer you—to realign you with your true Source, recondition you and rehomogenize you into the divine essence of your true nature. Look within to self-discover, to rediscover who you are in your meditation practice and allow the light to illumine the deepest recesses of your subconscious and unconscious and draw out of them those dark spirits, demons, discarnates, whatever. And just allow them to go into the light. Tell them to go into the light. Release them to go into the light and allow them to be displaced, replaced with virtues, light, color, holiness, presence.

Your heart should be burning now with a new love for God during this event. You should already have been accelerated into a new level of awareness. And each day and each hour of this event will be an opportunity to accelerate and to hold that acceleration, to expand that acceleration so that when you leave this temple of light in Livingston and return to your homes, being a new creature in Christ and Buddha and the Divine Mother, you will be able to sustain more of what you have gained. And you can feed on that and feed on the collective light that we have co-generated together in our prayers, decrees, songs, mantras, dancing and fun. And the memory of it and the blessings of it will be restorative again and again. And you can enter, through mindfulness, into the true crystal memory of how hallowed this time was and how sacred this communion together was and is.

The reason we come together in physical proximity with one another is to blend the resources of our Buddha natures, to co-create a greater collective Buddha nature that will expand throughout the world to bless life, to free life, to liberate sentient beings. And every act of conscious love and wise choice liberates a soul who is tied to you through karma, through dharma, through past life interactions. Every victory you have in a given day, week, month or year counts for many who can then be victorious because they look to your spirit, your soul for their inspiration on the inner, though they may not know it on the outer. And you may not know who they are on the outer. And yet occasionally you meet these souls who are beloveds of yours, and when you have restored the inner and the outer memory of your loving friendships and divine relationships and spiritual brother/sisterhoods, you can enjoy the dynamic of this victorious state of friendship and collaboration.

Others may attempt to deny you. You do not have to let them affect you. Others may speak ill of you. Those words have no power when you are empowered by the holy Word of God. Others may besmirch your image unto and before others. Yet the divine image and likeness of God in which you were created in the beginning still resides within your being and manifests within the innermost levels of presence. And this is what you can hold before them when they challenge you and when they besmirch you: “God lives within me; God lives within you. There is nothing else but God, save God, and I AM God's son/God's daughter now and evermore. And I live, move and have my being in that state of reality, presence, alchemy and joy.”

When you are excited about God daily, seeking God in everything, yearning for God through every moment of your life, God does hear and respond and feel that seeking, that yearning, that love—it is a cosmic law. And when God comes unto you in response to your yearning, your inner desire, your love and your friendship, the yoking of your hearts and being with this reality, which is so majestic and powerful, allows there to be the most amazing friendship, belovedness between you, as one. And there is no longer any division or separateness. You live, move and have your being in the light, who is God. You enjoy God's Presence throughout your day. You sing to God, you pray to God, you speak to God. You simply love, love, love God. And then your meditations become an opportunity to simply be artful and expressive of true mindfulness and presence through love.

Your moments of intimacy with God grow and expand and nurture your soul. Your soul requires nurturing. How? Through divine self-love. Your soul requires upliftment. How? Through study, collaboration with heartfriends and other lightworkers and lightbearers, lightsharers and awakened ones. Your soul requires bathing in the pool of God's love each day in some way to restore unto you that immaculate perception of yourself, which allows you to truly love yourself and others as you love God.

When you take your morning or evening shower or bath, allow there to be, simultaneous with the cleansing of your outer form, the release and the cleansing of everything and the return to God's Spirit, God's love and light. During those three to ten minutes—and maybe longer if you linger a little longer in the enjoyment of a hot bath or a long, long shower—let there to be the flowing through you of that light of the Divine Mother, which the water represents. In other words, it's not just working on your outer form; it's working deep within you at a soul level, coursing through you, cleansing and washing you free from all density, desire, darkness. Breathe deeply when you shower and bathe, and feel the Mother's love working through the water, externally and internally.

There is a ritual of the bathing of the Buddha, which represents something deeper than maybe what we have even fathomed to date. Yet let the Buddha that we bathe first be ourselves, and consciously accept that you are Buddha, that you have a Buddha nature and that you are worthy to be bathed by yourself. Why? Because God loves you. God is love and you are love. Therefore you are always worthy. You are always worthy to receive and to experience God's love. Remember this, and every burden can be transmuted, every pain can be dissolved and every form of suffering can be diminished, transmuted, released. You are worthy to know, to experience God's love.

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