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David Lewis      June 17, 2016

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
June 17, 2016   9:12–9:22 am MDT
2016 Summer Meru University Event
Maitreya Initiates Disciples in the Arts of Mindfulness, Meditation and Mirth: The Buddha of Loving-Kindness Teaches on the Aquarian Path of Love
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Loving-Kindness Is the Key to All Healing and Wholeness

Lord Maitreya is simply a great guy. We tend to look at these ascended beings, these Buddhas, as far more advanced than us. They're dressed immaculately, to perfection, and we're kind of running around in these bodies on this Earth and trying our best to look okay. He is just a laughing, loving, wise mentor, divine friend and initiator all wrapped up into this amazing being. And when you befriend him and when you meditate with him and get to know him, I know you will receive such amazing blessings through his friendship that it will change your life forever.

Imagine, he is the Guru of Jesus the Christ. Now, most Christians would gasp at that because they don't necessarily understand the lineage of the great masters and avatars of East and West. Yet Jesus, being such a phenomenal Son of God and being who changed the course of history and the destiny of this Earth through the love that he brought, was mentored by this great and magnificent Lord Maitreya.

We call him Lord because he has the same mastery, and more, that Jesus had and does. The Lord Jesus, Lord Maitreya—I have given a talk on the lords: the lords of the rays, the chohans, and other lords that we call to, including Lord Gautama Buddha and Lord Kartikeya, Lord Sanat Kumara. This word lord is very interesting. I encourage you to listen to and watch that discourse because I think it was very, very poignant and powerful.

They embody the Law of the Word, Lord—the Christos, the Logos. And they do this magnificently with great self-mastery and great devotion to the One God, the Eternal Light. They only receive this title through humility, through service to mankind, through complete surrender to the will of God, the love of God, the wisdom of God in their lives.

Now, will we ever evolve to the point of having that title? It is up to you to come to the point, through Self-mastery, enlightenment and Self-realization, of complete and total, 100 percent identification with God throughout your being, having no separation between you and the divine light. And when you evolve to this point of pure, total love and oneness with God, maybe God will apply that title and that holy office to you.

Why? For service to life, not so you can “lord it over others.” You can lord it over others in a positive way by being a blessing, by being of service. The greatest among the brethren is the servant of all, as Jesus said.1 I believe that the lords are those who are the greatest servants. They extend their hearts to the widest reaches of the cosmos. They call upon light to bless beings in multidimensions of being, and they extend the courtesies and the radiances of their hearts on behalf of God to every life-form, every lifestream. They emit light, they emote love and they emanate pure conscious energy.

We can take heart from Lord Maitreya's example and do as he does and attempt to pass our initiations, be loving-kindness embodied upon Earth and project from our hearts, from our minds, from our spirits such radiance, joy, divine happiness and peace that every divine being in the cosmos will come to serve us and utilize us as a vessel and a vehicle for the healing of other people—the healing of their souls as well as their temples, the healing of their spirits, their psyches and their emotional bodies as well as just whatever is problematic within their physical forms.

Maitreya is a great healer, and you may not have considered that. What does he heal? Through his loving-kindness he heals the scars, the emotional scars, that are within our subconscious and our psyche that we have experienced from past-life traumas. He does this because loving-kindness is the key to all healing and wholeness. Loving-kindness is the key to all healing and wholeness. You can write that down if you'd like. And if you are a practitioner, remind yourself of this: “My loving-kindness, God's loving-kindness flowing through me, is the key to the healing and wholeness of my clients, my patients, those to whom I was sent to this Earth to serve.”

When you have true loving-kindness flowing through you, there is nothing that cannot be corrected, assuaged and healed, because it is God's grace that performs the alchemy of this scientific aspect of healing; that brings into play the highest resources of Spirit, including new technologies that are even now being released to the Earth through advanced initiates of the sacred fire and very, very highly evolved conscious beings who have, in many cases, volunteered to come to Earth to raise the awareness of people. So if you discover a new healing modality by applying yourself in meditation and prayer to Lord Maitreya to receive certain graces and benefits of the Spirit, utilize this for God-good, for the benefit of sentient beings and apply it daily as a healing oil and unguent for the souls whom you serve and for many more souls whom you may serve on the inner in your finer body as you sleep or meditate, as you leave your body in other-dimensional service.

Many of us have experiences that we may consider as dreams, and yet we know they are more than dreams. They are amazing alchemical remembrances of our work in other planes of being, where we have communed with the masters or we have gone to some dark place and done certain work. When you have this memory, write it down in your personal journal or diary so that you will remember just how great God is working through you. Others don't have to know all about your inner spiritual life. And yet if you record it and then eventually, either posthumously or even in your later years, publish your sacred works and your sacred life, it can be an example for others. I know that many of you have had just amazing, amazing inner experiences. So please consider recording them so that they can benefit sentient beings.

Can you imagine if we had had the true history of Jesus the Christ instead of just what's in the Bible, with the scientific explanation of what he did spiritually in all of his healings, with his own words illumining this understanding? I think that if true Christianity had been taught to people from infancy on in the churches of Christendom throughout the world, it would have allowed for a golden age to already be on Earth.

So maybe we will leave our legacy in a way that others can be inspired by it so that they can move higher on their path and evolve more quickly, pass their initiations more easily and transcend limitations wondrously, beautifully, with great grace and aplomb. When I think of grace and aplomb, I would like to just stick my thumb in that plum and have it. [laughter] I like that word aplomb—and I love plums.

Let us sing another wonderful song to Lord Maitreya. It's number 137, “O Lord Maitreya,” on a beautiful video.

1. See Matthew 20:26–28, 23:11; Mark 9:35, 10:44; Luke 22:26.

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