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David Lewis      June 07, 2016

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
June 7, 2016   9:00 ̶ 9:30 am MDT

Livingston, Montana

 Reflections on Our Spiritual Community

Good morning, everyone. God bless you and thank you for being with us today on this seventh day of June 2016.

The Holy Spirit is front and center in our lives within our movement of The Hearts Center community. And because we, as a community and as individual initiates of the sacred fire, are empowered by the Holy Spirit, each day we have an opportunity to enter into higher frequencies, to enter into new matrices of light. We can choose to be original in our thinking, in our conceptualization, our ideation of divine ideals and we can be the receptor for these New Blue frequencies from the Great Central Sun, which are absolutely beautiful, which are divine in origin and which allow us to recreate our worlds in joy, in peace, in harmony and within every virtue that originates from the Great Central Sun.

When the Holy Spirit came recently through her representative, the Maha Chohan, she adjured us to pray with the full fervor and fire of our hearts because this is what allows there to be an instantaneous response from heaven. When we feel intensely and intuitively God's light, God's love pouring through our chakras, our being, this is when the greatest facilitation of personal and planetary transformation manifests. If we are doing what we are doing in a rote way, then we are not the receptor for this fully charged light-energy in the field that we are co-creating together in our services. Therefore the Master, as I recall, said that it would be better if we gave a prayer one time with full God-power, intention, focused love and light than to be repetitive and that there could come a time in our Hearts Center when we would change and rely less upon the more ritualistic aspects of these services and more upon intent, focused fervor and loving prayer.

So I'm again reminding our broadcasters to consider this dynamic, and please do not lapse into the state where the light is really not emanating in its completeness and totality. Now, it's a little bit more difficult for one who is facilitating the service and running everything, including the equipment, to do it all on her or his own. It really requires more than one person. And the Master adjured us quite some time ago that there must be at least two or three in every broadcast center.

So if I feel that a service is not allowing for this higher energy to manifest, I, on behalf of El Morya and other masters, will withdraw from allowing there to be a broadcast with only one person there. And today is an example of this, in that I believe __________ is doing everything on her own. It's really not fair to her to do this on our behalf. So if there is someone who can join her for the Tuesday broadcast, or whenever she does it, please consider this dynamic, getting up early, changing your schedule, allowing for this to manifest, because it is very difficult, believe me, to do everything and to do it well. It's a miracle that she's done what she's done thus far.

So this is not an indictment of __________ in any way. I'm just saying that it really is to our benefit to have two or more gathered in the name of the I AM THAT I AM, in the name of Jesus and all the great masters to allow there to be the greatest release of light.

Truly, this morning I awakened and wrote a poem to Paul the Venetian, which I'd like to read to you. I consider that it would be nice to have a new prayer to beloved Paul in our prayer book because he is a key right now for our movement, for our Creative Arts team. They have worked very, very hard in co-creating all these phenomenal visuals that we have.

So here is my poem-prayer to our beloved Chohan of the Third Ray:

Paul, beloved love-ray Lord, we call upon your star
For beauty to empower each word with courage near and far.
Your mastery of artistry, your kindness, words of love
Inspire us with sincerity to draw forth from above
God's love divine for every soul, compassion born of peace.
To save and raise and make all whole, from burdens now release.

Venusian love is now our way, the culture of the One.

Venetian friend, this is your day to lead us to the Sun.

O Paul, with Lady Beautiful, shine forth the powers of love

Around our world, most magical, your cosmic treasure trove.

Concentric rings of sacred fire of pink and ruby hue

Flash forth by virtue, God-desire to balance yellow-blue.

Let beauty reign forevermore in every realm and home
Compassion, gentleness and more, bless every deva known.
Each sunset, dawn we see your ray, the sky is all aglow.
The purples, pinks and rubies play within Aurora's glow.
Now grace us and inspire us with love-virtues, heaven's way.
Now bless us and enfire us, Paul, with God-love every day.

I would like to personally thank our beloved Paul the Venetian for his co-sponsorship of our movement during this time, which I believe has allowed us to soar in spirit in the way in which we bring forth these fantastic visuals and the images that we illumine the world with on our Web page, through our broadcast, through our rosaries and through our various prayers.

We've heard that 70 percent of the effectiveness of prayers comes from visualization, which is amazing when you consider it. So although we can use our own third eye and tune into the All-Seeing Eye of God as we pray, it really helps to have that ideal, that image of purity and light, of beingness and perfection, which is so crucial to the alchemy of the fulfillment of the words that we speak. In other words, we have to see it first in our mind's eye and use eye-magic for it to be self-realized.

If our minds are wandering, then where is the focus and the locus of light for that light to go, with pinpoint accuracy, to fulfill its destiny in our world? The great ones who have imagined perfection, the great watchers, do this on a constant basis. They are in that mode of the ideal and of idealizing and conceptualizing perfection always. And they retain this inviolate image of each of us, of our world, of our co-creation within their third eye as a step-down transformer of the All-Seeing Eye of God. And we too can choose to do this as we behold perfection.

Cyclopea has been called the Beholder of Perfection. I shared many years ago that the word behold is the holding of beingness through the act of beholding, utilizing the third eye or the All-Seeing Eye of God to fix that perfect vision before us for its fulfillment.

This broadcast today is originating from Los Angeles, and specifically Santa Monica, I believe. And so we can change the broadcast to say Santa Monica because that is exactly where it is coming from, Saint Monica—a great Catholic saint—right on the Pacific Ocean. I was there many times when we lived in the LA area, in the Santa Monica Mountains at what was called Camelot, which was in Calabasas. Calabasas, as some of you know, has had recent fires and they've swept that area and destroyed a number of homes and been problematic for many of the people that live there, including the rich and famous.

It behooves us to continue these broadcasts from Santa Monica on a regular basis to hold the light, to invoke that light and to fan forth throughout the world that great cosmic energy for the holding of the balance of the soul chakra of the United States of America, which Los Angeles is on the western coastline of these United States. It is really a boon to our movement and to California and the Earth for __________ to be there to facilitate these broadcasts.

And so I am encouraging the local heartfriends to consider how to support them physically rather than just being online. If it's at all possible, you may consider one or two or three of you going to support her. That would be wonderful. And then periodically she may be able to take her equipment and travel to __________ in the valley and have a service there to hold the balance in that area, which is also very important.

So just some thoughts from El Morya on this dynamic, because we are always attempting to do better, to expand the reach of our work and service, to influence many more lightbearers. And there are many in the LA and Southern California area. Whenever I travel to California we typically have a pretty good turnout of lightbearers and, of course, of our heartfriends who live there.

Now I'd like to shift a little bit and, on behalf of El Morya, share some concepts of my recollections and thoughts on our movement as a whole in terms of how we are making a difference and what we can do to be even more co-creative in our work.

I have seen how when messengers in previous ascended-master movements are gone, at times they devolve a little bit into ritual—and maybe even dead ritual—using the words that the masters have inspired upon their messengers to an extent that there is not that freshness, that progressive revelation and immediacy of new releases of light, which are essential for the Earth to maintain spiritual stability and harmony.

In my opinion, the greatest opportunity we have in our movement is for this new energy and the light, the love, the teachings of the ascended masters to come forth through a new dispensation. To me, this is the number-one reason why what we are collectively doing is impactful. Many of you have supported this movement either from the beginning or are newly supporting it, and you are actually part of this dispensation. You are part of the reason the masters could initiate a new spiral of light. If it wasn't for your involvement, your causal body, your belief, your acceptance, your faith in the words of the masters, there would be no dispensation. I can be here, and yet there must be ears to hear, hearts to reflect, souls to feel the energies and the light and the spiritual currency that descends from the heart of God for this dispensation to be viable and meaningful.

Through this dispensation and the fact that we have progressive revelation, there are many, many new teachings. First there is the release of light, divine energy and frequencies—the currency of heaven as the currents flow through our chakras, our beings and the Earth itself. And then there is the beautiful teaching that emerges through Meru University through over forty different facilitators and teachers. This teaching at Meru University is so important for the ongoingness of our movement, and the masters have encouraged us all now to consider being those sharers and teachers.

The staff have been called and assigned various topics and subjects to teach in coming months and years. They have been assigned to come up with a syllabus for the class that they will teach, and this assignment is due in about two weeks. So I hope that many of you worked on it last night and will work on it in the future.

Now, some of you who are not the “inner staff,” who are, let's say, the volunteer staff within the United States, have asked for an assignment. If you feel qualified to teach or you feel it's part of your mission to be a presenter, a teacher, a sharer of the teachings of the ascended masters through this dispensation, you can email and ask for an assignment from the Master. Or you can simply commune with your own God Presence and discern what you should be teaching or sharing and then write your syllabus and present it. And the local groups, especially the Heartfriends Groups, The Hearts Centers, can have all kinds of classes going on.

Some of you already have all kinds of classes going on, and some of you already have these book classes and meditation classes. I see this happening more and more and more around the world. And whether you have a smaller group or a larger group, please continue in sharing weekly. Some of you are doing it two or three times a week, or in the case of __________, I think four times a week. He's having metta groups and meditations. This is phenomenal that some of you are able to do this, and I applaud you and the masters applaud your selflessness, your dedication, your constancy.

So think of something new in terms of the way that our teachings can be presented. It doesn't have to be the same way all the time. It can be something very eclectic, something fresh and maybe out of the box. You can have gatherings where you have food together and meals and communion. And then there can be dance, song, all manner of things happening. I've encouraged us, even in Livingston, to utilize our sanctuary, and no one has stepped forward locally to plan events where I can come and teach or you can teach or we can have movies, or whatever.

Where is the commitment locally to do something more than what we've done and the way that we've done it? Do I have to do everything, or is there someone who will take the lead here in Livingston to use this wonderful Sanctuary of the Heart to have all manner of wonderful presentations and sharings? So I'm encouraging those of you locally who are listening today to consider this and to take up your calling and do something more. We all have our busy private lives, and yet I believe that the greatest impact we will make on the Earth is what we do on behalf of the ascended masters through our commitment and recommitment to their greater Solar mission and planetary mission.

We have our Healing Light Retreat, and when you come for the summer class we will have one of our events there with Mother Mary. I believe it's on Sunday. I'm really looking forward to this because I know that great light will be released, great energy will flow as a cosmic infusion for that property, for its mission and for the greater mission of our Hearts Center.

Now, as of today we don't have very many people who have registered to come in person for that event, and I'm a little disappointed, humanly, that we may only have twenty or twenty-four people here. That's really not what the masters desire. I know that many of you have expenses and I understand this dynamic. Please, please consider whether it's at all possible for you to come physically, because there are some things that have to be experienced in the flesh, in person for you to have the greatest release. And what I heard was that people will get a thousandfold more by being there in person. Typically we say 25 percent  more. What is the reason for this 1,000 percent more? I don't know yet. I guess we'll find out when the conference happens.

All I can say is that if only twenty-four people show up, I don't know that we will receive all the dispensations that could come. It may be that we will do certain work and we'll do the best that we can. However, I think that as a movement, as an organization, as a community, we can do better than this for the masters. The summer class is our preeminent annual retreat. And if you can think of Livingston as, at least for now, our Mecca, our Rome, our Constantinople, this is where the rubber meets the road for the release of light.

So much energy descends through the Sanctuary of the Heart and the Retreat of the Buddha of the Diamond Crystal Light, over Mona's and my property for the Anastasia class, and through the Healing Light Retreat. You are truly missing something if you have not been here yet or if you feel that it's better to just stay at home and relax and spare the expense.

I've spoken, the masters have spoken, so enough said on this topic. I just would let you know that it would be wonderful to have as many of you here as is physically possible. And if you haven't made your desire known, please let us know what you require. I would rather that you come and pay less and be here and maybe pay what you can over time than for you to say, “Well, I just don't have the funds now.”

I know that in the past in a previous organization we allowed people to come and pay over time. I would really like us to set up something whereby people are encouraged to be here. Your major expenses are mostly your travel and accommodations rather than just the registration fee, and I understand this. There is a way that we can work together. We can travel together; we can cooperate and collaborate to make it happen for God.

Now, back to some of the major impacts of our movement. In addition to being the vehicle for the masters' light and their teaching, we are a community of the Holy Spirit. And whenever devotees come together and work together, serve together, strive together, there is the action of the Buddha, the sangha and the dharma—the three dots of our oneness—which is very powerful.

We have, through community, a greater opportunity to make an impact on the planet, and we should celebrate community. We should celebrate being together, sharing together, communing together. We, more than any other organization that I've ever been involved in, really have deep love and respect for one another. We really embrace and love one another, as I believe Jesus commanded us to. And in this embracing of each other's gifts, talents, virtues and simply being, we demonstrate that love that is the model for the new-age spiritual community.

So every opportunity that you can wield to be with heartfriends and to do your spiritual work together and then commune together—have meals, be in nature, have fun—is so important, because the Holy Spirit is there; the energy of divine love is employed. And this interaction, community by community, Hearts Center by Hearts Center, Heartfriends Group by Heartfriends Group, builds the antahkarana of light of our movement, of our sacred mandala around the world.

When I see the pictures of those in Barcelona gathered together, I'm just in awe of the love, the light and the fellowship that I feel coming from them. There's the same dynamic in Chile, South Africa and Sweden when they gather, and when I see those in Mount Shasta together during our Monday and Thursday broadcasts. And, by the way, please show yourselves on the videocam once in a while rather than only the visuals that we've co-created, because it's important for the audience watching to see who you are. It's very important. So pan the camera around to show who's there. So you have to dress appropriately and look good, right? [laughs] Be in your Sunday best or your Monday best or your Thursday best. We enjoy seeing you. We hear your voices, yet we don't always see you. So this is an assignment for all broadcasters, to please periodically pan the camera to show the heartfriends. It's important during our events, and we receive many comments about how wonderful it is to see the audience who are gathered physically. Well, let's do this for our broadcasts too.

So community is where I am at. I love community. I was looking for a spiritual community when I was eighteen, a divine university, and I found it at the time. That has changed. We are that community now on behalf of the Holy Spirit, even though there are many spiritual communities. We are at the cutting edge for the ascended masters, for their releases of light through our dispensation.

So thank you, thank you, thank you for being there. Thank you for supporting __________ in Los Angeles, Santa Monica. Thank you for supporting Mount Shasta, Chicago, Minneapolis, Detroit—wherever you are when we have these international broadcasts. It's so important.

God bless you, God bless you, God bless you. Have an awesome day and take care.

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