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David Lewis      May 29, 2016

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
May 29, 2016   9:07 ̶ 9:30 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana 

El Morya on Preparation and Attunement and Orgonites

Good morning, everyone. God bless you on this wonderful Sunday. I pray that each and every one of you is well, that you are making progress on your spiritual path and that you are delivering the goods to the world that you are destined to provide through the gifts and graces of your supercharged, superconscious life.

El Morya is sponsoring our sharing this morning for a number of reasons. He desired for me to talk a little bit about preparation and attunement. Recently I went to a number of concerts. At one of them in Livingston there was a gentleman who was playing an instrument that has sixteen or more strings. And during the middle of the concert he had to retune his instrument and it took quite some time. It was a little frustrating for the audience because I it took about eight to ten minutes for him to tune this thing. So one of the other musicians, a violinist, said, “Well, it takes about the same amount of time for him to tune that as it does for a fine lady to get ready to go out in the evening.” So maybe his instrument was the fine lady also.

Anyway, spiritually speaking, our preparation is so crucial for our spiritual work. And what is that preparation? For many of us it is arising early and bathing or showering; it is doing our exercises; it is doing our pranic breathing; it is doing our solar gazing and meditation. Fine-tuning the inner aspects of our being and consciousness provides us a resource of purity so that when we engage in whatever our work is, it can be forthright, it can be God-directed, it can be infused with and charged by the light, the energy, the Presence of the Holy Spirit.

We know that preparation is all-important. Musical instruments must be tuned before performances and sometimes during. The voice has to be tuned before an opera, and there is a whole repertoire of exercises that great singers use to tune up their voices to get ready for a major delivery. I believe that this life, for many of us, is one of preparation as a springboard to eternity. We are tuning and retuning, refining and transmuting, constantly purifying and even straining at times to get rid of the excess, the baggage, the darkness, the blockages while we accept more and more of the light, the radiance, the grace, the power, the magnanimity of God.

As we prepare for our final destiny and sacred work, remember that this is a process; you don't do it all in one day. It's an ongoing affair, a divine affair with God. It is something that you simply have to engage in again and again so that you can maintain that state of equilibrium, of spiritual authenticity, of attunement, which is at-one-ment.

We prepare in many, many ways. We prepare for trips by making our reservation and checking everything before we leave and packing our bags. And if we are traveling by vehicle, we may have the vehicle checked out and the tire pressure checked, the engine checked, the fluids checked, everything checked. The same is true for airline flights. You have the individuals who check this and check that, mechanics, and, of course, the pilots themselves have to go through a huge process of checking everything so that they can ensure the safety of the trip and their passengers.

Well, we came into this lifetime fully prepared for our mission by our divine sponsors, the great masters, our personal guardian angels and those who met with us in our souls and kind of mapped out and planned this lifetime—what we would accomplish, what we would have to overcome, the negative propensities that we would have to let go of and transmute, and the positive virtues that we would, by God's grace, be able to utilize in our spiritual work. And even though we may have prepared in many, many ways, when that day came when we entered the womb of our mother and then came out of her womb into the air, into this life, it was kind of daunting, kind of traumatic. And yet here we are. Many of us are in our elder years, and yet the preparation still goes on. We still have to work, work, work to prepare and refine and transmute more and more.

As we do our preparation, some of it becomes easier. Yes, it becomes routine, and yet at times there are things that are inspired upon us that require us to look at things with new eyes, to observe things with a different lens, to experience and feel things from a different vantage point. So we must be ready for God through our preparation so that hopefully, if we take Preparation H (the H stands for heaven and not the other place—not that I believe that there is that other place, for most people), we're going to go to heaven. However, if you don't do your preparation in the right way, you may have to go to what some have called purgatory for a while to transmute more, or you may have to return into incarnation to work out all that must be worked out before you can have your full merging with God in eternality.

Our consciousness is important in this process, our consciousness of oneness, so that as we prepare we are listening even as we are doing. We are sensitive even as we are in the emotive field of getting ready to deliver and give and do. By being in the balance of the Tao, in the center of the circle, in the center of the Tao, we can be both in the receptive (or yin) state and in the active, dynamic (or yang) state so that there is a push-pull action of perfect balance and harmony.

Many people who have Type A personalities always desire to be in the giving mode or the domineering mode rather than in the more inner, expressive mode of listening and of receiving. We know some of these people, and they can be pretty intense. I know that at times in the past I've been that way. So I've had to learn as I have aged, and hopefully become wiser, to try to balance this Alpha and Omega within me—the male and female, positive and negative, masculine and feminine—so that even as I am giving, I am also receiving from on high; even as I am receiving from others, I am giving God the glory for any approbation, applause or gratitude that may come my way, because it's all from God, of course.

As you prepare for anything in life, be aware that part of that preparation is listening, is having a listening ear, a listening heart, a listening mind and a listening soul and being in that feminine aspect of your being, which is in the receiving mode. You will tune in and you will have the inspiration that you require so that your preparations will be perfect. If something is anomalous that could be a problem for you, you will receive some sort of impulse to take action, to redirect your course or to maybe go about things in a different way so that God can use you in that day and that way that will be absolutely sublime, wonderful and perfect.

So that is the first subject that El Morya desired me to share. The second is in response to Boyd's recent question about orgonites, which he asked during the session Wednesday evening when Meta came and we were asked to primarily ask questions about healing on behalf of the youth. So maybe his question was okay because it did deal with healing. However, El Morya was the one who desired to share a little bit more about orgonites. I said that evening that I had to study a little bit more, and yet El Morya said: “David, don't even go there. Don't worry about doing all this research. I will just share with heartfriends my perspective on orgonites.”

Boyd asked, first of all, what he could do to make them more powerful, to make them better and better. And the first answer from El Morya is that in anything we do, we always embed our God-consciousness, our superconsciousness, our intention within it. Our motive is number one. When you are preparing to make orgonite and it's in its liquid state, you add elements and components until it eventually gels. And you can embed your God-consciousness, your superconsciousness into it and ask the Divine to place within that substance the frequencies of perfection, grace, harmony, beingness and complete transmutative love. When you are one with God and say your prayer with perfect intention, that vibration is the most important element that you can place within the orgonite.

This is true with our food. The more we place our consciousness upon and within our food and give gratitude for it and bless the hands that prepared it and the elementals and the nature spirits who brought it to us, the greater will be the liveliness, the wonderment and the healing faculties, qualities and virtues within that food. How many of us have sometimes just grabbed something, a sandwich, and started downing it without really making a conscious effort to thank the Divine and to bless it? And so we see the results; we may have a little indigestion later. So number one is our consciousness. And we can actually embed our vibration, as well as God's vibration, God's energy, in anything by simply asking and making a call. And it is so by our belief, by our faith, by our acceptance.

Now, in the liquid state that the orgonite is in until it gels and solidifies, there is an amazing alchemy of the transformation of this substance from the liquid state to the more matter or kind of leaden, or rock, or physical state. Even though we may put crystals and little shavings of metals in there, the liquid holds and is the carrier for the energetic, positronic and magnetic qualities that are within the metals. And as this liquid solidifies, it holds those metals, the crystals and the frequencies that they are radiating to the Earth in this kind of a diamond-crystal liquid form that makes them very powerful and energetic. Part of the magic of these substances is that this liquid state allows there to be the exciting of the liquid so that when it gels into a more physical form, like a crystal, it still holds within the space of that solid substance some of the components of that liquid-crystal state.

El Morya says that if you could look at it objectively the universe itself is really like a giant drop of water. We are all liquid-crystal beings. Science knows this and yet we don't utilize the crystal nature of our own being to do our spiritual work as we could.

So when the elementals have created metals within the earth and we utilize them within this substance, which is temporarily kind of a liquid substance, we are in this collaboration with the same energetic state that the universe is in—that we were also created within—this liquid-crystal state. If you could step outside of the universe and look at it from a higher perspective, you would actually see that the universe looks like a beautiful teardrop from the eye of the Divine Mother. We hear the terms universes and multiverses now. Well, maybe the universe or the cosmos is composed of many universes or multiverses that are all these little teardrops from the Divine Mother.

In terms of understanding scientifically why the orgonites work, I'm not being shown by El Morya the details on this. Do we have to totally understand electricity to know that it works when we flip on a switch? We believe, we trust, we have faith that the light will go on as long as the wires are there and they're attached from the source and then to the output. No, we may or may not have studied much about electricity, yet we know that it works; we know that energy and electrons flow.

What El Morya is showing me now is that the electronic nature that is embedded within the orgonites is such that it taps into the superconducting frequencies that are part of the etheric plane. And it actually draws ether into the physical and utilizes that ether, the fifth element, within this state, this interesting state that is within the orgonite. By utilizing the five elements, including the ether, which is embedded within the orgonites, this allows there to be a transformation beyond the four elements. This is what he's showing me.

In our closing invocation in our prayer book, we call to the five elements: earth, air, fire, water and ether. And it's very important that we say ether because we are co-creators in this etheric, or ether, state of being and blueprint of our true being. And when we coalesce earth, air, fire, water and ether in our prayers and calls, they actually manifest in the physical and they ascend simultaneously.

There is an interesting action of the ether that manifests through our calls through our dispensation of The Hearts Center, which is unique from other dispensations that didn't utilize the understanding of ether itself. There are the terms ethereal, ether and etheric. We think of the etheric as the fire body. Well, really the etheric is beyond the fire body. We have earth, water, air and fire, related to the physical, emotional, mental and etheric planes. We really should say physical, emotional, mental. And we may have to use a different term than etheric to talk about the fire body, because the etheric is really beyond the fire—it is the fifth element. I don't know that we will formally change all of our teaching on this at this point. However, this really is a little bit of a correction from what we've heard in the past: earth, water, air, fire and then ether. So physical, emotional, mental. You may say memory and then etheric. You could say memory for fire. However, I think there is even a term that we can use beyond the memory body.

Boyd, I hope this helps to answer a little bit of your question. And you are invited, if you'd like, to share in the future a little bit more from your own study of this topic and also your experimentation. El Morya is very keen on us having these chemtrail busters, very large orgonites, in every Hearts Center and Heartfriends Group around the world. So El Morya is assigning us—and probably through Boyd—to ensure that this happens within the next three months. We must have these chemtrail-buster orgonites everywhere where we have a broadcast, where we have a Hearts Center, where we have a temple, where we have a Heartfriends Group.

When we have these in place and every one of them is done, there will be a special service and El Morya will be there to activate and energize these with his frequency, with a power that is absolutely dynamic. I'm asking for a love offering today, now, for the general fund to help us with meeting the costs of securing the materials that are required to make these very wonderful, spiritually infused chemtrail-busting orgonites. And you can have local collections to help defray the costs so that when Boyd either gives you the instruction on how to make them or we make them and ship them to you, they are done very efficiently, very wonderfully and so that you have the right proportion of a superconductive crystal within it, as well as the electrodes and the metal pipes and others things that are required for this.

So this is an assignment from El Morya. I think the reason that Meta didn't answer your question, Boyd, is because he desired to save this announcement for today. And so three months from today—would that be August 29?—we have to have them all in place. So we'll see what happens come early September in terms of transformational change, at least in the areas that we live, as we deal with chemtrails and other influences from within the atmosphere—HAARP, et cetera.

So that is what El Morya desired for me to share today. I'm so grateful for each and every one of you. You can go online now if you'd like and donate as Alice Tucker plays a final song. And I propose that you sing the one to the melody of Pomp and Circumstance, the song to El Morya. It's not Hail to the Chief, the other one. And this is kind of nice because a lot of youth will be hearing this music, if they haven't already, during their graduation. Pomp and Circumstance is often played at graduations. So guess who's there at all these graduations when that music is played? None other than El Morya. Maybe that's not conscious language. El Morya is the one.

So God bless you. Thank you so much. Have a wonderful day and we'll talk to you, hopefully, tomorrow. Bye-bye.

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