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David Lewis      March 16, 2016

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
March 16, 2016   10:07 ̶ 10:32 am HST
2016 Maui Prayer Vigil
A Prayer Vigil for Planetary Peace
Maui, Hawaii

The Sacred Practice of Ho'oponopono

This prayer, with the four statements, is a sacred prayer and it brings heaven to earth. “I love you, I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you”: love of the Father God on the 12 o'clock line, love of the Divine Mother on the 6 o'clock line, love of the Christ consciousness in both sons and daughters of God on the 3, and love through the power of the Holy Spirit on the 9.

When we say to God, “I love you,” we are reconnecting with the Divine. You heard in this song about that connection. We establish a strong connection with God whenever we think on God, contemplate God and especially when we love God with our entire being. Remember the first commandment, to love the Lord with your entire heart, mind, strength (or will) and soul.1

There is also truth in those fourfold aspects of divine love—the threefold flame and the love of the Divine Mother, also manifesting in the cosmic cross on the four cardinal points—12, 3, 6 and 9. So we first establish the love of God: “I love you.” Why do we say “I'm sorry” next? Because we are at the 6 o'clock line with the Divine Mother, where we are in humility. We must be in a state of humility to acknowledge that we've erred, done something wrong or hurt someone. Through “I'm sorry,” we recognize that. If you have trouble saying “I am sorry,” knowing that I AM is the name of God, you can just say sorry. Many of us say, “Sorry, I did this.”

So we say, “I love you, I'm sorry (or sorry),” and then we call on the law of forgiveness. We've activated the love fires and then the violet flame through the sorrow, or also the white light of the Mother and then we activate the forgiveness flame, the violet light: “Please forgive me.” And then we say, “Thank you.” Again, we are in that flame of gratitude, which is an aspect of divine love.

It's pink, violet, violet, pink; pink, violet, violet, pink. We are in the space of utilizing the violet light. Many people who do this may or may not know the violet light and the violet flame, and yet they are actually invoking the violet light when they give this prayer. We consciously use it to be in the mercy flame, in the forgiveness flame.

Many divine mothers are invested in this prayer—Kuan Yin, Mother Mary, Prajnaparamita. All Buddha mothers of all universes utilize this, through their disciples who give it, as a means, of entering our planet, our world and investing divine light in it to heal. Remember that the song is called “Heal with Ho'oponopono.”

Another aspect of this alchemy is cleaning, and we heard this in the song. This is the most amazing and simple way that we can spiritually clean ourselves and clean the planet: “I love you, I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you.” You heard from Dr. Hew Len in his teaching that this is all about cleaning, and we are constantly cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. Why? Because everything requires cleaning up on this Earth. We came here, we embodied in order to clean the Earth—clean it up emotionally, clean it up physically, clean up the toxicity and the pollution, clean up the mind-sets of people who have entered into an abhorrent state of being, including us at times when we devolve into lesser states of awareness.

So by acknowledging that we must do this cleaning work on a daily basis, we are in a state of humility, and it brings us great joy to clean. How many people love cleaning? If you don't love to clean, please change your awareness because it is the supernal act of joy to actually release the molecules and atoms and electrons that are caught in the web of illusion by being dark, unwhole or unclean. By cleaning we unleash so much energy. We expend energy to clean and we release energy when we clean ourselves in the cleaning process. And by doing that cleaning, a part of ourselves goes up, in a sense, vibrationally to God again. And in all alchemy, all forgiveness, all mercy work and all healing that utilizes the violet light, aspects of our own self in our lower nature are transmuted and rise back to God, our God Presence, to the Divine within us.

Every time we clean, a part of ourselves is subsumed into the divine light and we become more whole. So the purpose of our cleaning is personal wholeness and planetary wholeness—wholeness on behalf of all sentient beings, all life and wholeness of everything. In one sense, everything is already whole. We are just tapping back into that wholeness and that oneness of which everything is composed and acknowledging it, accepting it and affirming it. And through entering into that state of wholeness again, of our union with the Divine, everything is perfectly cleaned, refreshed, invigorated and made one, and we feel the joy of that experience.

If you don't like the cross concept, you can use the circle concept and just go like this: “I love you, I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you." [David motions with his hands in a circle.] The circle may work for you even more than the cross, or you can use both. You can put the cross within the circle or you can put any sacred symbol that has the four elements—fire, air, water and earth; etheric, mental, emotional, physical; body, soul, mind and spirit—within this matrix of the four submantras within the greater mantra of this prayer.

Dr. Hew Len shares many, many wonderful teachings on the effects of doing this work, saying that we go deeper and deeper into deeper levels of our own awareness and subconscious to clean them out. And every time we observe something in the outer world that we don't appreciate or like, there is a seed of that, a little element of that, inside of ourselves. We work on that, we transmute that, we clean that and then because of the correspondence between that which we observe and what's in us, the alchemy of the greater healing and transformation occurs because we are one. What we place our attention upon with our physical eyes and observe (remember that seeing process is still going on within our brain, within our optic nerve) is also in here [David motions to his heart], in our consciousness. And it can't not be so; it has to be so because of the way that light works, the way that color works and the way that observation occurs.

So if we observe something that we feel is impure, we acknowledge that, we understand the dynamic of what that impurity is that we still retain within ourselves and we go to work on that; we clean it. And magically, through the alchemy of this science of Ho'oponopono, when we truly get to the bottom of that, to the core of that seed and resolve that, consume that, transmute that, what is out there somehow magically disappears and is transmuted. And we don't have to understand mentally how that occurs, why it occurs. We are just in the joy of the experience of beingness by working on ourselves enough so that this alchemy occurs and then the transformation happens.

Do we have to understand how a rose grows in order to appreciate it? Or all the dynamics of why it blooms when it blooms and why it perfuses the beautiful aromas that it does? We just enjoy it. So we don't necessarily have to know the fine details of why the science works. I believe that God, in God's great beingness, allows us to experience life in a childlike state of joy when we surrender the human mind and our human constructs of what we feel reality is. When we can accept that there is a higher reality that's beautiful, amazing and divine, we can live, move and have our being within that reality and have the simple and yet profound childlike experience of feeling the oneness of ourselves with all other sentient beings and with life because we are in the mode of humility, acceptance and transcendence.

Remember, Jesus said that the greatest among you must be the servant of all.2 The more that we are in the mode of being the one who gives, who expresses through service and ministration, the greater the energy we will have vouchsafed to us for the sacred work of Spirit that we came to this Earth to provide and give.

This may seem like a very simple practice that doesn't have a lot of spiritual science backing it, if we just look at those words, those phrases. Yet I can assure you—and the masters assure us—that when you understand the inner dynamics of it, when you actually do the psychological work that's involved in this cleaning on a regular basis and invest yourself in the process to the point that you are self-discovering more of who you are as you resolve within yourself the constructs and things that you've projected outside, you will find that the alchemy of this is actually one of the most profound things that you can do to utilize the violet light, the purifying energies of Spirit through the white light of the Mother and the flame of divine love.

We are constantly invoking love and gratitude, which are in polarity on the cosmic clock—God love and God gratitude. And in this dynamism and the alchemy of these transcendent powerful forces working on and within us, we are alchemically changed. That is the goal. It's not about ultimately healing what is outside of us, though this is what happened with Dr. Hew Len when he helped the prisoners. What he didn't tell you, and what I'm telling you now, is that the transformational work that happened within him was even greater than what he did on behalf of those prisoners to transform them. He went into states of cosmic consciousness and deep harmonic resonance every time he was able to assist another lifestream by freeing them from their own concepts of themselves outside of God. So he became more and more one with God in all of that work as he assisted them.

Those of you who are ministering servants of any kind, reverends, know that the greatest thing that you can do to assist yourself is to serve others. Why? Because you are transformed in that process. And so ultimately it's enlightened self-interest to be of service, to be loving and kind and of a generous heart and of a giving spirit, because the greatest work is the internal work and the benefit that accrues to you as a soul. It makes you more able to be in touch with and one with the Divine.

So every time you offer something of selfhood to another in any form of givingness, there is, by the law of the One, the law of correspondence, the law of continuity, this beautiful alchemy whereby you instantaneously receive light and love as you give. It's just the way the universe works. It's a flow; it's a dance; it's a dance of Shiva; it's the harmonics of Alpha and Omega.

If you can discover the Alpha and Omega within this prayer (on the 12 and 6 o'clock lines of the cosmic clock) and then the Son/Daughter and the Holy Spirit (on the 3 and 9 o'clock lines of the cosmic clock) all in perfect polarity with each other, what do you find in the center of all that? It's the double dorje. You find the nexus of beingness. So, ultimately, every time you finish these prayers—“I love you, I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you”—you come back to that center point of being at the very nexus of the double dorje. Remember that the thoughtform for last year was the double dorje and the Maltese cross spinning in opposite directions, creating a vortex, which was a special field, a torsion field. This is very interesting, and those in higher physics are now talking about this torsion field.

So if we are morphing into a new reality and a higher vibratory field by using the image of the double dorje as we give this prayer, think of that, and think of the Maltese cross. You can actually visualize some of these amazing constructs happening while you are giving this prayer and be at the center of that double dorje and Maltese cross, the center of your being, your heart, one with God. And when you enter that state in the center of the circle, in the center of God's being—and this is where you utter this prayer from—I attest to you that it has cosmic effects on all worlds, in all worlds, upon all life, within every lifestream. Why? Because everyone has a spark of God within them.

What you are doing when you are in the center of your being is you are attuning to the center of every person's being, who is God. And so you are no longer then in the mode of the judgment seat, of observing imperfection and banality outside of yourself. You remain centered in that point of pure perfection, and then you begin to observe the perfection in all life. And pretty soon you are not even cleaning anymore; you're just emanating light.

Ultimately I see that as this prayer evolves in our community and amongst initiates, we will get to the point where, yes, we say the words; however, we are living within the sacred  Word of the Logos and then we almost disassociate from all outer aspects of this science. And what begins to be transmitted through us is pure light. And when you can get to that point where you become a point of emphasis, an expression of light, virtue and love, then you have gotten it. Then you are at the nexus of God's heart and you simply allow that love, that light to flow. And this is the alchemy of all Spirit and all matter. And then you can say with the Christ, who said through Jesus, “All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.”3 He could only say that because of his complete obedience and humility and abject denial of his lesser self and the objective acceptance of his Higher Self, one with God.

So hopefully these keys to the Ho'oponopono experience—and it can be an experience and not just a prayer or a song—will provide us with a greater impetus in our own lives for our Self-elevation in God, as well assist and bless every lifestream for whom we pray through the light that we emanate in this process of enlightened self-interest.

I know that if I went around the room—and we probably don't have time today to do this—each of you who has been using this prayer and this song for months and years now could tell of an experience where you did it and it actually had a profound effect on either a relationship, a situation, a problem or something that really got your goat, that was really bugging you, right? I love what it says in the third verse: “When events come in this world, rub me wrong and I judge them.”

The wonderful gal who wrote this, Loren Pomerantz, really got it. She got the key essences of what the teaching is, what the experience is, because all of us, in our humanness, still at times can become a little impatient or a little reactive or a little bit gnarly in the way that we communicate with loved ones or family or people that don't like what we do with our spirituality, the way that we present ourselves or that we're in the teachings and all this stuff. And so we have to be less gnarly. We have to go inside of the tree, to the core of that tree, and find the divine sap that's flowing up, representing the raising of the kundalini, and be in the state of beingness where we are one with the Divine Mother, we are one with Almighty God.

We come back to the first words of that prayer“I love you”—three of the most powerful words that can be uttered in one phrase, whether we say it to God, to ourselves or to others. “I love you” sets up the beginning of that torsion field. It begins a cosmic emphasis of what that torsion field will result in ultimately, which is our ascension, because without love, there is no ascension. Without love, there is no oneness with God. We have to have love.

So the love at the very beginning, “I love you,” is the initiation of the alchemy of our own ascension by the establishment of such a dynamic flowfield of light and a powerful, powerful vibrational uplift that every time we say it, we literally begin the process of our renewal and the ultimate act of our ascension and oneness with God.

So please, throughout your day say “I love you” as often as you can. Whisper this prayer under your breath, if you choose. Say it while you are walking; sing it in your sleep; wake up to it. How many people have woken up in the morning singing this song? A lot of you. Raise your hands high. For those at home, there are at least a dozen hands raised. You've woken in the morning and you're singing this song. So what were you doing at night? You were doing this cleaning because it has become a part of you. It has become second nature, and I say that it's first nature. We hear that term second nature. I gave a teaching on this a while back. Well, what's your first nature? God.

So I hope that this fulfills your request for a greater understanding about Ho'oponopono, which was made last night—or this morning? This morning. See, the masters are listening.

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