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David Lewis      February 28, 2016

David Christopher Lewis  Discourse
February 28, 2016   9:30 ̶ 9:59 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Council Updates and Gratitude Sharing

Good morning, everyone. God bless you and thank you for being with us on this Sunday, the second to the last day of the month of February 2016.

Challenged by health issues, we have to go within and dig even deeper to access the God-light within ourselves in order to manifest wholeness, equanimity and be able to move through our lives with grace, harmony and virya. So we gave these prayers today to the Elohim to counteract this curse that has come upon some. I've been told that in a number of states there is this absolutely horrendous flu that is going around, and I pray that heartfriends everywhere will have strong immune systems to withstand it and to counteract its effects.

I believe that those at our booth in L.A. were directly confronted with this astral attack, and fortunately I was not impacted, although many of those surrounding me were. So thank you, those who have borne the weight of this, and I am pledging to do my best to pray for you and to hold this balance so that you don't have to deal with this.

So moving on beyond this, today Lanello, having come from the council chambers of various councils of the Great White Brotherhood—white, of course, not referring to race—brings us a dispensation for the acceleration of consciousness and for the expansion of our movement, specifically due to our obedience to his request to have the 24/7 radio broadcasting via audio. And he, of course, shared his gratitude and appreciation for the staff who made that happen. One person that was not mentioned who was a part of it was Lisa Meechan, and someone at our Friday evening pot fortune in Livingston said—I think it was Dean Anderson—“Thanks, Lisa, for making it happen.” So thank you, Lisa, for all that you did also.

This is an opportunity for us to get the word out, because the words of our prayers, decrees, songs, invocations, HeartStreams, sharings and beautiful music are now able to be streamed out 24/7. And I'm going to just keep plugging this until all get it and we all utilize this opportunity, because it is so fantastic and it really is a game changer for us.

One thing that I'd like to share with you is that our council met yesterday and we elected three new members. Beloved Cheryl Bench is now on the council, and she is also our corporate secretary. So thank you, Cheryl. Beloved Charles Gaefke, husband of Serena Gaefke, whom many of you know, also applied and was approved and is now a council member. And we also have another new council member, Stephen Burckley, who's been kind of my right-hand man in many ways in recent months. He has begun working in our store in Livingston. He went to the very first quarter of Summit University, met Mark Prophet and brings a lot to the table for our movement.

All three of these individuals are amazing souls and spirits; they bring vast causal bodies into play for our movement. Lanello and the sponsoring masters are so ecstatic about this. The shift that they mentioned during the meeting after the election process is so huge that this is really phenomenal. We now have fourteen council members and this council is absolutely fantastic in its makeup, originality and creativity. And I, personally, see great things coming to our movement through the work, the vision and the wonderful joy of each council member.

We have great meetings with a lot of joy, and David Keil always keeps things joyous. And, by the way, he and Cathleen were reelected to the council, so they have new terms. Cathleen was not feeling very well during this meeting, so we send you, Cathleen, all of our love and appreciation for your givingness. We all recognize Cathleen as kind of the energizer bunny of our movement. She's always on the go. I don't think she eats hardly anything to sustain her physical temple, and she's just doing, doing, doing, and we are so grateful for all that you give, Cathleen. So our hearts, thoughts and prayers are with you and Robert at this time, and our support is there as tangibly as we can make it through our love for you, our appreciation for both of you.

So this is a new day, and the shift that has occurred just in the leadership of our movement is tremendous. The masters gave us the lines of the clock that we are all serving on. I felt an energy in my own body temple of late that is amazing, and it began even before the elections, because I knew what the results would be, that all of these three candidates would be approved and that we could move forward with great intent and a great charge of light. So thank you for applying, all of you. Thank you for the work that you do and will be invested in. Thank you for all that you've already given to our movement in terms of your time, your money, your resources, your prayers and just everything about you. We are so grateful.

Another thing that was approved during this meeting is that instead of publishing the second alchemy book this year, we are shifting to publish a book that will include beloved Clare de Lis' thirty-three HeartStreams and at least some semblance of the original thirty-three messages of beloved Lanello, which originated this movement, were the cause and core of it, and which allowed many people to reach us, to find us, some of whom were in The Summit Lighthouse. Also included will be the vision booklet, the message of that vision booklet, about the vision that a disciple had back in 1985, as well as other messages from Clare de Lis, including her most recent message, which is absolutely phenomenal. And then there will be my story about how this movement was born, what I went through, what we all went through together, what is special about our Hearts Center community—how we do things differently, how we empower people, how we engage people in discussions and sharing, how we are all messengers in our own right with our gifts and talents to give, what makes us special as a movement, as an organization. It will also include what we have done spiritually for these eleven years since our founding to bring the light to the planet through all of our broadcasting, through the Afra prayer group on Sundays, through our pilgrimages, through the books that we have published and through all the seventy-plus Meru University courses. In the past I have highlighted many of our collective achievements, and these are awesome. And the masters are very happy with what we've done. Lanello recently said that we are on schedule; we are doing what we've been commissioned to do.

And though at times we seem to feel that there's so much more to be done and we've been given so many assignments, we have done what we've been asked to do, as much as we can, based on our resources, and together we have done tremendous work. This is a collective; it's not one person. It's not me as the spiritual leadership doing it all. We couldn't do anything without all of you, and so thank you, thank you, thank you, all of you who have given, striven and are engaged in conscious living. It really is amazing to see your lives and to commune with you, to meet you personally, to love you, to pray for you, to cherish you day after day, to see who's going to show up at our events and then to embrace you with a hug.

The one thing I noticed, Joyce, that I forgot to tell you about our recent event is that when we went to the Lotus Café in Encinitas, Mother Mary was there, and we were told that Mother Mary would be there. Well, what did she do? Those who weren't there don't know what she did. She went around, through me, and gave short little back massages to everybody. It was very wonderful. And there was one person who commented that this was their favorite part of the entire conference, getting a little back massage from Mother Mary—just a shoulder massage. It didn't last long, but I could feel Mother Mary's love for each person who had come to this event. And just through the touch of her hands through mine, I felt so much love and light going into each of you. And just that personal touch is really what this movement is about in its entirety.

The masters cherish us so much; they love us so much; they are with us through thick and thin, through all of what we are enduring and going through, even challenges like today, with Robert in the hospital. It brings tears to my eyes to know that my holy brother, this guy who is so grounded and anchored in the light and was right at my side for so much of this recent L.A. Expo and right next to me when I was signing books, is in the hospital. It just tears my heart. And Robert, I'm pouring out my heart to you, and I know Lanello is there with you, Mother is there with you and the masters are there supporting your perfect healing.

So I just thought I would share some of these things, because it's important when we have these once-a-month council meetings to share what's hot off the press. And, of course, the new council brings great joy to my heart because in addition to all the already phenomenal people that are serving on our council, we have these new council members. I should mention that Steve Miller has again been reelected as president, that Richard Lorenz has been reelected as vice president, though he didn't feel worthy of that office and felt that someone else could do it. We all told him, Richard, you are doing a great job. Your humility and your spirituality is what authenticates and gives you the mantle to carry this out. And then, of course, Cathleen was reelected as our treasurer. She's done a great job of holding the balance for our finances and being a visionary in many ways. I don't know anyone else in our movement that has so many ideas for what we can do as Cathleen. In one vernacular, she's one of these green-hat people—and green means that you always have these ideas coming. I'm kind of one of those people too. I went to a green-ray quarter, and I've got a lot of ideas. I can't carry them all out personally, and so I engage you in our teams to do them. I think Cathleen has even more ideas than I have. So, Cathleen, we appreciate you so much. And others of you have great ideas that you send in and share with us, so keep them coming. Even if we can't do all of them or we can't do them all immediately, we appreciate your input, your feedback and your suggestions, because they are important.

I am really looking forward to working with Cheryl Bench and Claire Brown, a prophet in her own right. I was going to say Clare Prophet. Some people used to call Elizabeth Clare Prophet “Clare Prophet,” leaving off the Elizabeth. So we have another prophet in our midst—Claire Brown. I'm looking forward to meeting with and working with both of you on this book, because I think it will be a game changer for our movement. We will get our message out about what we are really doing, because a lot of people haven't investigated all that we do. They haven't witnessed what you have witnessed. They haven't seen firsthand or experienced an actual event, a Meru course, a blessing, the power of the word, the power of the masters' Presence and the energy of love and appreciation and gratitude that we have for one another.

One person mentioned recently their love of the appreciation ritual, the gratitude ritual, where we go around in a circular round and say what we appreciate about others. This itself is just a phenomenal sacred ritual that we have engaged in in our movement. It's something that does set us apart from other movements and that maybe other movements can incorporate in what they do. We can be an example of what all spiritual movements can do.

I've shared time and time again how important it is to have women at the top leadership of our spiritual religions and organizations and movements. And, of course, we had Debra Timberlake as our president for four to five years. She did a phenomenal job, and her leadership as one of the three directors, with Claire and Boyd, was absolutely essential to the implementation of the masters' strategies and plans.

So when you have people of this caliber and quality that come forth to serve, and to serve selflessly and give their all—even often without being salaried or paid anything—it is just amazing. And to see the givingness of heartfriends and servitors and Knights and Ladies of the Flame day after day after day is something that brings great joy to my heart. And I feel that I can't go a day without giving a live message, because you are there invoking the light and, in a sense, emanating that message through your own causal bodies, your own heart fires and your love.

There was a time early in the movement when every day I was there leading the service. And then for a while John Fanuzzi was leading when I wasn't able to be there. We were there day after day after day for the first four or five years of this movement, without fail. And then, fortunately, the masters gave us a reprieve and started having broadcasting originate from other centers. This has been Lanello's plan all along, to have these broadcast stations all over the world, and we have them.

Those of you who have done these broadcasts know how the areas that you live in have benefited, how the light has gone forth from your cities and actually held a certain balance spiritually. I can tell you that I know Detroit has benefited from what Helen and Estelle Marie Fehner have done. I know that Austin, Texas, has benefitted from Alice Tucker being there—typically twice a week, every week, week after week for years now. And now Los Angeles and Santa Monica will benefit from her presence there, from where this broadcast is originating. So I guess California required a little boost, and thank you, Alice and Anthony, for being willing to move to the West Coast, even amidst all of the darkness and the light and amidst the craziness and the hustle and the bustle, the noise and the traffic and the high taxes of California. We are with you, we are supporting you and we will be there as much as we can to have events and gatherings of heartfriends—either there in Santa Monica or at Douglas and Lissette's beautiful home, or elsewhere to hold that light and to support the masters' work.

We had a wonderful gathering at Douglas and Lissette's home with fourteen heartfriends, and it was such a wonderful experience. Many people came early and prepared the food, and it was like a feast of light. I think there was so much food that we had food for two or three days after. And Lissette put her whole body into this. Douglas and Cheryl Bench came down from Santa Barbara, and Miriam Harris was there, just glowing, as she always does. And we met a new gal that's been interacting with Douglas and Lissette who is of Belgian descent, a beautiful young gal. And all of you who came from near and far brought great, great love to the table physically. And Terry did all this work to help out with the meal. It just was amazing to see each of you investing your heart, your energy in this equation.

Now, you other heartfriends and heartfriends groups, please come together as often as you can; gather in person. I know many of you do it already. Some of you do it on the phone more than in the flesh. When you can, once a month or whenever you can, please get together, because it is so important to just hold each other, embrace each other, kiss each other, appreciate each other. And this togetherness, this oneness is so important to generate, regenerate and to experience. Don't just do it when I'm around; do it all the time. And invite all the new contacts to come, and they will feel your love. They will experience the joy of our community, because when they meet you in the flesh, personally, they will know who you are and they will feel your light; they will experience your love. It's so important that we have these physical gatherings.

What can I say about Boyd Badten and what he has done for our movement? My love and appreciation for this brother, with his beautiful wife, Nancy, is so deep that I cannot express the totality of my appreciation for your sacrifice—week after week after week, day after day—the countless hours that you put in in sacrificial giving. And I know that for you it's not sacrificial; it's just who you are—it's your life, it's your love, it's your authenticity. I know I'm getting a little teary here, but I know that you all join me in appreciating this holy brother, who the master actually said we can call Master Boyd. And the mastership is his Self-mastery of who he is and his great love and his mindfulness. I could go on and speak of each one of your amazing gifts of the spirit that you have blessed our community with, and maybe I should go around to name every one of you. I probably can't do it in this broadcast, but I'm naming you on the inner, each and every one of you.

Steve Miller, our president, you were heralded in this meeting for how wonderfully you conduct the council meetings, with great equanimity, great poise, great peace and appreciation for each one and for the tenderness of your heart and how wise you are. Richard Lorenz, oh my gosh—this guy is one of the funniest men on the planet. He always has a joke or a limerick ready for us at our meetings and brings so much wisdom to the table too; he has years of wisdom. And he has truly become that teaching through his life lived to the glory of God.

Claire, I don't know what I'd do without you now. I'd like all of you to know how much Claire is working on the South America pilgrimage. This really wasn't her assignment to do and yet it has to be done. And because she speaks fluent Spanish, as well as French and English, she is able to communicate with the people and set things up in the appropriate way, with all the details handled, and there's a lot of work. Paul Haugen used to do all this work for us early on in the movement, for five or six years. He did a phenomenal job with our pilgrimages. Well, this one, Claire, has really taken the lead on, with the help of Lisa Delaney, Joyce and others. Yet without Claire, we just wouldn't have all these details handled. So, Claire, thank you for everything that you are doing for this and for all your other work. You know what you've done, I know what you've done and the masters know what you've done.

Our Creative Arts Team has weathered storms of working with each other. You are amazing. The creative work that you've accomplished in the last few years is absolutely phenomenal. You are my heroes and heroines. Every time I see these visuals on our broadcast and during our events, part of me just ascends in bliss observing what you have coalesced in form, in color, with the sounds of the masters and the songs, et cetera. It's just absolutely phenomenal.

So I guess this is my little appreciation day for our movement, for you heartfriends—those who tithe, those who give selflessly, all of our broadcasters, all of you who are out there sacrificing, giving, striving, yearning for God, trying to be the light, to be your best, to contact God in your meditation, feel the radiation, the light. Joyce, you are also my dear friend. And many of you may not know that Joyce and I worked for years together in The Summit doing registration and working in the Mail Processing Department. And she supervised the file room and department where my mom used to work.

These friendships that we have are lasting and really eternal. And I hope that as you develop friendships with heartfriends that you sustain them and always hold in your heart love and appreciation for the tenderness and amazing spiritual gifts that each of our heartfriends brings to the table. It's absolutely a joy to be of service and to try to represent you to the Great White Brotherhood as they go before cosmic councils to receive dispensations.

So I know that we will get more dispensations and that we will have more funds and resources to do all the things that we have dreamed of doing. We are victorious and we will continue to be victorious. We will plod on and weather every storm, including this onslaught against some of our best servitors that's occurred in the last few days with their health. We will, by God's grace, just keep on invoking that light, manifesting that light, being that light, emanating that light.

            Thank you so much, all of you, for who you are, your gratitude to God and your entire being. So, Alice Tucker, before I lose it even more, I'm going to turn it back over to you. Thank you for being there today. Please give Anthony a big hug for me—the tall man that I love—and thank you so much.

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