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Rose of Light      February 12, 2016

Beloved Rose of Light

David Christopher Lewis

February 12, 2016   3:37–3:43 pm PST

Mother Mary Comes in Support of Families, Communities and Nations

2016 Valentine Prayer Vigil

San Diego, California


A Rose-Oil Blessing from the Heart of the Mothers of Heaven


I draw forth light from the Great Central Sun and the roseate oil from the heart of Omega, by her permission, and coalesce it now within the oil presented as a concentration of that love, that attar of virtue. Within this oil that I shall use to bless you, each one, is the essence of God's eternal love for you personally. For there has been the alchemization of that love first within my heart, as an admixture of beingness of who you are in God and who I see and behold you as upon Earth as a loving soul, a gracious spirit, a noble one.

This rose oil is for your protection when at any time you feel the imperil of the world weighing upon your soul; when you sense a disturbance in the force, as it were, or in the flowfield of your life. Let not your heart be troubled, dearest ones, by what is being outplayed in the world around you. Let only the troubling of the waters of your selfhood by the angel of wholeness, Raphael, manifest in your world for a more noble outcome, for a more resolute spirit, for a more virtuous life lived to the glory of God.

This essence from the heart of Omega is now fully embedded within this talisman and now made available during this event for you, each one, as a gift of many Mothers' hearts, of many Solar fields of joy, of many floral offerings of the feminine Spirits of God in the heaven world.

Come forward, then. And as I also bless these talismans, which you may utilize in your homes and upon your altars for the sacred work of love in this age, let that love coalesce through you and around you the love of God in all of its eternality and spiritual fire, in all of its joy and divine fragrance.

I AM your Rose of Light, loving you until the fulfillment of the rose of your own heart's manifest perfection and beauty within the eternal space of God's loving heart. I thank you.

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