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Chamuel      February 12, 2016

Beloved Chamuel
David Christopher Lewis
February 12, 2016   3:49 ̶ 3:54 pm PST
2016 Valentine Prayer Vigil
Mother Mary Comes in Support of Families, Communities and Nations
Vista, California 

Chamuel Charges Us with the Light of Living Love
and Dispels Dark Spirits from beneath the Earth

I AM Chamuel, and I come unannounced to also charge within your aura the light of living love from our altar in our retreat over Saint Louis.

Blaze forth the light of perfect love within these hearts, O God. Blaze forth the light of living love upon the sacred altar of their magnanimous hearts now. Blaze forth the light of living love deep within the secret chamber of the heart, where God abides within them, where love is now and always present and where the eternal love-fire of that spirit-spark of oneness now grows, expands and merges with the heart fires of every ascended being in this moment of holy communion.

You have earned the right to experience this restoration of holy love within you by your love, by your expressiveness, by your givingness, dearest ones. You have wooed me into the sacred chamber of this physical retreat of the Universal White Brotherhood here, near San Diego. Yes, I said the physical retreat. For what else did you think would occur when you come together time and time again to invoke the light, to meditate and pray, to give of your selfhood to the Almighty One? There are many etheric retreats, and yet the physical foci are few where hearts trued to love and pure in their intention and resolve to be godly merge as one for the holy purpose of beingness in presence.

[Chamuel speaks in an unknown tongue for twenty-four seconds.]

I have now dispelled ten thousand dark spirits from beneath the Earth that have played their astral games for too long. They fly away into the light of the sun, nevermore to burden loving hearts, loving souls, virtuous beloveds.

Be the light of God always. Thank you.

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