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Angel of Peace      February 12, 2016

Beloved Angel of Peace
David Christopher Lewis
February 12, 2016   9:08 ̶ 9:13 am PST
2016 Valentine Prayer VigiL
Mother Mary Comes in Support of Families, Communities and Nations
Vista, California

The Angel of Peace Adjures Us to Know Peace at a Deeper Level

I AM the Angel of Peace. As I came to the children of Fatima before the Blessed Mother came, so I am here with you, each one, creating a resonant field of harmony, of inner beauty, of divine splendor, both for your initiatic path and for the Earth as a whole and all evolutions abiding here.

The grace of Mary is descending this day in your midst and around the Earth for the healing of families, communities and nations. That healing ensues primarily from the sacred space of divine love from within the heart as peace abides there, as the all-commanding presence of perfect equipoise manifests its radiance within and around you as an initiate of the sacred fire.

You have called forth peace within and around the Earth. And I say that that peace must first be fully resident within you, within every cell of your being, throughout your consciousness, even in the sacred spaces, not yet fully defined, of who you are as a light being, as a son or daughter of the One Eternal God.

Holy prayer and meditation facilitate the light of peace manifesting in all realms, among all peoples, in every community, in every heart. That light of peace is the answer to every dilemma that you observe within the time-space continuum of these dimensional planes of being. For when peace is present, there can be no dissimulation, no inharmony, no rancor, opposition, duality. You see that within the light of peace, God's Presence is there, co-creating with you the means whereby the perfect expression of your inner harmony manifests, the light waves of God-glory flow, and beingness is felt and known as who you are.

O gracious hearts who have come from near and far to be at the feet of the Cosmic Virgin as she radiates her feminine love to all mankind in this hour, I adjure you to know peace at a deeper and more harmonic level than you have ever known in all of your incarnations and expressions upon Earth. This peace may be accessed through love. This peace may be emanated by devotion and praise, chant and song, the inward smile of your heart upturned toward God and the beauty of your being as you simply express it—as a gentle rose on Valentine's Day does perfume its essence of loveliness to every mother, to every heart on fire for God.

Peace be with you. Peace abide here. Peace, peace, peace.

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