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Afra      January 31, 2016

David Christopher Lewis Darshan (Overshined by Afra)
January 31, 2016   8:00 ̶ 10:10 am MST
Livingston, Montana

Darshan with Afra
On the Divine Destiny of Africa, How Non-Africans Can Help the Oppressed,
How to Transmute the Records of Slavery, How to Close the Divide
between Law Enforcement and African-Americans,
How to Deal with Gang Violence, Drug Abuse, Poverty and Homelessness

Good morning, everyone. God bless you and thank you, Phil and Barbara, for being open and willing to allowing this darshan to occur now rather than later. A situation arose in my life where I have to deal with something in a very timely way this afternoon when I had planned to be at the Afra broadcast from 2:00–4:00 and give a darshan from 3:00–4:00 Mountain Time today.

 Very early this morning Afra came to me and offered me the opportunity to ask him questions on behalf of all of us. So I have seven questions, which I will ask in order, and I hope that we can finish all of them. And if not, then we'll keep what he's not able to answer in full for a later time.

 First of all, beloved Mighty I AM Presence, we call for the Electronic Presence of beloved Ascended Master Afra to be over us, over me, over everyone in our community, to shine forth the light of freedom, soulfulness, brotherhood and love so that we can be truly edified in your words, in your wisdom teaching, in the harmony and peace that you exhibit for the planet; so that we can all come up higher and assist our Earth and her people in expanding the light within their hearts and in growing and evolving on our spiritual journey.

Question: What is the divine destiny of Africa and her peoples? A similar question was asked, I believe, in the Afra book,1 yet I pray that he will answer this in a new light today.

 The divine destiny of Africa and her peoples is composed of the fulfillment of the individual destiny of each enlightened and spiritually free and Self-realized individual who also collaborates with, cooperates with and comes together in communion with others of like mind and heart to ennoble the race, and to bring forward civilization in a new light of Solar joy, divine radiance, ecstatic love for all beings and the integrity that comes when every lifestream is revered, respected, appreciated, acknowledged.

A culture possessing this divine destiny emerges when more enlightened beings and teachers come forth and do the work within all communities to raise the consciousness of the people. This begins first with the youth and then, as those youth progress into their more mature years, with every soul. In this way, that wisdom teaching—borne from an early age within the souls, hearts and minds of conscious people—provides the impetus for the advancement of cultures in a higher walk with God and a more intimate communion with the saints above, with the ascended masters, with those who honor these cultures and their roots, and with all individuals who have passed through them and evolved through them. At the same time, the people embrace the highest of what civilization on Earth as a whole has to offer.

Education, of course, is a key component in providing this impetus for self-mastery, Self-realization and enlightenment. A culture that does not allow the most lowly and humble of peoples to be educated and does not provide for them this opportunity is ignorant in the ways of God, whereby every soul matters and every individual created in God's image and likeness has value and divine self-worth. And all can have an impact and make a great difference in the Earth through their gifts, talents and the boons that their souls bring to the Earth through their causal bodies—the beautiful momentums from past incarnations and what, in this particular life, they have chosen to outpicture through the givingness of self.

When each individual within a culture embraces that culture and offers something to it of self, of those gifts and talents, then the entire culture is raised up. And when there are missing elements to that culture because people are not given the opportunity, through education, to Self-realize who they are, then there are spots and there are holes within the greater fabric of that culture. It begins within families, with every individual being acknowledged, appreciated, valued, validated, loved, held, touched, cherished.

When there is the union of father and mother and a strong family unit, within that unit a matrix of light is born whereby the initial education of an incoming soul may ensue. The advancement of that soul is obvious and is seen through what that soul experiences—first within the family unit and then within a school system that gives glory to God and allows every individual to give his or her gifts to acknowledge the Creator him/herself and to spend time in nature, because nature is the greatest classroom that exists.

We should allow children to spend time outside, rather than only inside in buildings. They have to experience God in themselves as a part of and within nature. Therefore the natural order that God has created, as the great schoolroom of life itself, has to come to the forefront. Schools must embrace the fact that every child is born within nature, is a part of God's eternal nature and may Self-realize his or her Buddha and divine feminine nature within the natural world. When children are disenfranchised from their environment, their surroundings and the light, the life and the love that God has embedded within the natural world, of course things begin to break down, because they do not have those wonderful and creative elements that they, and all of us, feel in nature to play upon their souls, to work upon their beings so that they can become Self-realized individuals.

Africa, as a whole, is and has been in the past a civilization in which people have been very tied to and involved in living in the natural order. So even as education ensues and we learn the highest that mankind, as a whole, has to offer through an educational system, it has to involve knowing ourselves within nature, knowing our bodies, feeling deeply our essence as a part of a greater whole. The divine destiny of Africa and her peoples depends upon our respect for Mother Earth, our honoring of Mother Earth, because the Mother aspect of God has been put down, diminished, downtrodden and hidden from the souls of all of us. Our soul is a feminine aspect of the Divine. When we feel our soul, when we experience our soul, we are experiencing the feminine part of ourselves, our intuition. And this inner sense of conscience and presence, when employed through our lives, helps to build and rebuild a true civilization, a true culture of light, love, brother/sisterhood.

When all cultures and all peoples—people by people, culture by culture, nation by nation—interact and blend and become more of one people around the world and, ultimately, are no-nation, where all embrace their diversity within their unity, we will find that the true civilization emerges naturally. It is not something we have to force, demand or engage in violence to outpicture.

True cultures of beauty, harmony, peace and understanding emerge through the wisdom of elders that is passed down through generations through stories, tales, fables and sharings around a fire in a circle, in a classroom of light. We must have the elders of all civilizations tell their stories, share their wisdom with the youth and with all generations, because this is where the youth learn the principles and values that will allow them to Self-realize who they are in the context of true divine attainment.

Everyone's divine destiny is a blueprint of light. And every culture and people has a blueprint of light that they may tap into and meditate upon, invoke and attempt in some way to outpicture through their lives lived to the glory of the Creator and in gratitude for life itself, opportunity itself and freedom itself. Freedom—freedom of opportunity, freedom through the equality of opportunity—is a mandate from heaven so that cultures and individuals can Self-realize who they are, come to grips with their own past, their own karma and realize their dharma and resolve ancient issues, patterns and proclivities.

When we, individual by individual, resolve our psychology, when we grow through this intimate spirit that connects all of us as one people, one culture, one body of beingness around the world, then we see the raising up of all peoples, because when one is raised up, all are raised up. When one is enlightened, all receive the impetus of that light of the enlightened one—the Buddha in our midst; the Divine Mother, who means so much to all of her children, whom she loves dearly. We can be proponents of this divine destiny, each of us, by being responsible and accountable for our own actions. We cannot change others, per se, yet we can raise others by raising up who we are.

We don't change the world through violence, because violence ultimately generates more violence and reactivity. The nonviolent yet powerful man or woman of the era and the age is the one who demonstrates—through divine courage and inner harmony—the sanctity of the soul and the audacity of true daring; and who is willing to endure everything on behalf of his or her people, his or her culture, his or her family. There will be yet upon Earth in this generation, and maybe for a few generations, misunderstanding of diversity within the greater unity. And until we can all come to grips with this requirement of reverence for life, there yet may be reactivity, violence and war.

Each of us is the solution to this when we overcome within ourselves our reactivity toward anything and everything through a nondual state, when we overcome all division within ourselves. Our divine destiny is wrapped up inside of the unity field of beingness, which we can become, we can manifest, we can project through our aura and which we can bathe the Earth in daily through a practice of silence, meditation, prayer, stillness and, ultimately, oneness in our eternal Presence. That is the answer to the first question.

Afra is saying that there's more. The divine destiny will result in a culture that is magnanimous and whose people, through their Self-realization and creativity, bring forth all manner of amazing inventions. They come together, through cooperation and collaboration, to improve the environment, to improve the situation for all peoples, whereby everyone is raised up because those who have more give to the poor—they offer themselves to the needy, to the less fortunate, and to those who come into life, by their past karmic choices, with less than what many have.

It is incumbent upon those who have to offer more to the have-nots. We don't rely on governments to do this, although there can be put into motion, by the conscious choices of peoples within a society, the means whereby resources are provided for the less fortunate in an appropriate way—not mandated by taxation, yet offered by the freewill choice of peoples to give to various organizations that are set up specifically to help the disadvantaged, the needy, the less fortunate.

The divine destiny of Africa and her peoples is a part of the greater destiny of the world, planet Earth as a whole. When Africa Self-realizes by both going back to the spiritual roots of who she is and ascending in consciousness to the top of the tree—from the roots to the stalk, the stem, the trunk of the tree, into the branches, into the flowering elements of that beautiful tree of life—then we'll see, through this flowering of that culture, an interactivity with all cultures, the birth within the African people of this new field of energy, this new creativity, which will be offered to the world as a whole. And people everywhere will feel a new soulfulness, will feel the new spirit that Afra himself emanates as the true brother/sisterhood of oneness—diversity within unity.

This culture will be something magnificent, an example of what exists in the heaven world, in the etheric octaves of light. Many people who have had near-death experiences have seen, felt and beheld this and have desired not to leave, because it is all about love, oneness, true peace and divine prosperity. You will see wars cease, violence abate, division among peoples disappear when true brother/sisterhood is embraced through this culture of diversification within the unity field of beingness. When this destiny is realized, first within self and then within the greater whole, it will bring about such an amazing Solar radiance upon the Earth that many people will be awakened—as if in the twinkling of an eye—to Spirit, to higher truth, to new thought, to the divine nurturing that comes from within and from above. And they will feel this impetus of light and experience the inner joy of their creative Self and higher being.

I am seeing teeming life, teeming cultures—like the most beautiful type of Epcot experience—everywhere upon Earth, where you can move among peoples of all cultures without fear of reprisal. You simply instantly understand and feel the maturity of the soul of all cultures. You experience the diversity, and yet you are amazed and have an aha experience when you find that there are many characteristics of different cultures that are very similar, though, of course, different—colored differently, created differently, expressed differently. Yet they all emerge out of the same root of beingness, of oneness, of harmony and peace. When all feel this expression of diversity within the greater unity and the inner and outer sense of brother/sisterhood, it's as if every moment becomes precious because you are one with all life. You feel that oneness with every sentient being; you experience that unity field of beingness by maintaining that presence, maintaining that state of grace and blessedness within the eternal Now.

Africa has much to offer, and her peoples are people of the soul. They are so soulful that when you are in their presence you feel supported, loved, cherished, appreciated. Often it is the child that provides the greatest amount of light, love, respect, peace and harmony. And this light within the eyes of the children will shine forth in the African cultures and provide such an amazing distillation of Spirit itself that when people are in the presence of their great light, they will simply give their best, be their best, offer their highest and be true to the divine principles and values of who they know they are in reality and not anything less. So the children will lead us into this divine destiny, the children of light, the children born today and in future generations who have no impurities within their souls because they have come to Earth to teach mankind the way of true brother/sisterhood, true light. They engender this by the naturalness of their beings, by the simplicity of their souls within the greater context of the Oversoul of the Creator him/herself.

Question: What does a true soulful culture look like?

I think much of this question has been answered already. When people know, first of all, that they have a soul and they try to be soulful—in other words, they try to be natural in soulfulness—they naturally give of themselves to others. There is an offering of self to the greater whole. There is a beingness through that soulfulness that builds that culture, person by person, in a beautiful, harmonic way. Yes, there are elders who teach us the ancient wisdom teachings and the mores of a true civilization founded upon truth, freedom, integrity, brother/sisterhood, justice and equality. Yet even with what the elders have to offer, the soul of the child is looked upon as the most pristine, new energy of God that comes to Earth, which is to be honored, revered and allowed to emerge.

In a true soulful culture there is no abortion, because every life form is allowed to express, from before infancy on. We will not have a true soulful culture upon Earth until abortion is let go of as a means for population control or birth control or because, unfortunately, parents have abundance in their lives and children are looked upon as being a burden or, in cases of divorced couples, there is only a single parent taking care of the child.

A true soulful culture embraces the unborn—as well the toddler and children of all ages—because the soul is most present and front and center in the new being who has arrived upon Earth, fresh from heaven. That is when the highest concentration of soulfulness in the individual can be felt, because that one has no impurities, hasn't been polluted or malformed by the downward aspects of civilization that that one enters. By embracing the child, a true soulful culture embraces the protection of the child and the mother as well as the upliftment of women and girls of all ages and mothers-to-be. Parenthood is taught in this culture and people are prepared for parenting rather than just thrown into it by a culture that allows there to be sexual relations without an understanding—first through teaching and example—of all of its dynamics and consequences when it comes to the parents' responsibility giving birth to and raising a child appropriately.

In true cultures that are soulful, the children naturally see, by their parents' example, how a family should treat each other—with love, honor and a spirit of acceptance of each individual—and how every child is embraced as authentic, important and necessary to the culture of the Earth, the society and the family.

When new life is embraced through the spirit of acceptance, that new life gives birth to something more beautiful and sublime within that family. When we suppress life, when we abort life, we are aborting ourselves and our ability to grow through the fresh energy of the new lifestreams who are attempting to come into incarnation and who can provide us with something great of their light, their energy, their creativity. The suppression of souls coming into incarnation is the most heinous crime and act that we can perform because it aborts our own Selfhood and our own ability, through what the child has to offer, to have greater oneness, greater light and greater opportunity for Self-realization. And the same is true for the entire culture of the world as well.

Question: What can people of non-African descent do to help those who are feeling oppressed by the cultures that they are now living within?

I think that this is true in the United States of America as well as many other cultures where people of African descent—African-Americans or people of African descent of various nations—feel that they are not honored, respected or that their culture has been decimated, et cetera. So what can we of non-African descent do to help those people?

First, we realize that we are all of the same Father-Mother God, that we were all created in the same image and likeness. None of us is better, brighter or has an edge on the other. There is an underlying current within certain cultures that says that people of African descent are less than, that they are not as smart, not as able to do this or do that, which is absolutely false. In fact, people of African descent often, through their soulfulness, have a greater ability to cognize the soul, to feel soulfulness and, through their self-mastery of the violet chakra of the soul, to engage in amazing alchemical feats and creativity. People of other ancestry have to realize that we are all brothers and sisters—we all are one. The underlying acceptance and belief in this itself creates a new ambiance of oneness. So that is first and foremost.

We don't attempt to do for those of African descent what they know that they have the ability to do for themselves. If you just do something for someone else, that person will ultimately resent you for doing it, because you are saying, “You don't have the ability to do it.” Therefore when you have more to give, teaching and being an example is the way rather than doing it for someone. Providing resources, methodologies and opportunities is the way. Showing the way, teaching men to fish rather than giving them a fish, teaching children of all ages how to do things, providing better education and opportunities is the way.

Unleash the power within others by accepting and honoring them for who they are; by allowing them to be different within this diverse culture, which is part of a greater unity, of the world itself; and by embracing the beauty and the harmony of the soul within all. It begins with education. Education is involved at every level. When people are educated in a righteous way, in a providential way, they will naturally have the wherewithal to rise in their economic status, in their jobs, in their professions, in their chosen fields of endeavor, their vocations, and they will provide amazing alchemical offerings to the culture, to the people, as has already been said.

Respect and reverence for one another must be deep, must be true, must be real. That respect means that we do not denigrate through language. We do not denigrate even through inner thoughts or feelings that are not verbalized, though are still within us. We must root out, through the freedom of our own soul, every aspect of ourselves that enslaves who we are so that we are free. And then, through the internal freedom of who we are, we allow that freedom to perfume itself and perfuse itself into our culture and embrace every individual.

We don't have to be so much in the mode of showing or demonstrating all of this in an outer way. It is who we are through our integrated self, our authentic self that allows that essence to broadcast to all peoples that we are respectful, loving and kind. We model a Christic, a Buddhic life of oneness, harmony and peace. We can befriend others by talking to them, getting to know them, embracing them for who they are and honoring their culture through learning about it, reading about it. Read the great works of African-American authors. See what they offer through the media, through films and the great films of the ages. Listen to the discourses and teachings of those who have professed, through their lives lived in authenticity, new truths that we can embrace, that we, as people of all cultures, can embrace. Allow the soulfulness to grip you that those of African-American cultures and of African descent everywhere have mastered, and let it become a part of you. To know a people, we have to at least learn about their culture. We can't have blinders on and just think that we can know someone and their ancestry and culture without studying it, reading about it and allowing it to wash upon our souls so that we can embrace it for what it is.

The great leaders of various cultures who have risen to the top of their cultures in self-mastery, education, business and all types of endeavors can give back to their communities by providing resources for the less advantaged. Non-African people can give to societies and to organizations that allow African-American people and people of African descent in all nations to be educated, to have opportunities, to grow by their own efforts. You don't necessarily give someone a house or a car or this or that thing if they haven't earned it by their own work. You give them opportunity. You coach them and provide resources, and then they do it themselves. This is the way of the initiatic path. It's the way of the blooming and blossoming adept. If we are given too much, we do not appreciate what we are given. If we have to strive for what we attain and earn it by our own effort, we can retain it through that effort and we appreciate it more.

Question: What are some ways to fully transmute the records of slavery and help peoples of African descent move beyond any sense of injustice that they may have from the past actions of their oppressors and enslavers?

We can use the gift of the violet light on a daily basis, in some aspect of its sacred action, to work on these records as they exist today as a scar in and upon the soul and in the soul records of people, and as they exist in the disparity in business opportunity, in education, et cetera. And we can feel, through the light of the violet ray, this transmutation going on, first within our own soul and then effused into every aspect of life—law enforcement, education, economics and business opportunities, whereby those who are trained, capable and have the qualifications can have jobs on par with others in their society and there is parity in employment wages. Often cultures look down upon people of certain ancestry and these are not given these opportunities. So we must allow that to be transmuted so that there is equality of opportunity.

When we traveled to parts of Africa a few years ago, we went to places, especially in Ghana, where the slaves entered the slave traders' ships to go across the Atlantic to various nations, including America and islands in the Caribbean, et cetera. We worked with the violet light and with the Ho'oponopono prayer to transmute these records and the pain, the suffering, the anguish, the fear, the anxiety and the blight upon the soul. We can work on this again and again, because even though certain aspects of those records have been cleared, there is still a scar upon the group soul, the cultural soul, the race soul of people. And this transmutation will be going on for quite some time until everyone feels free of it, when there is no disparity in educational and business opportunities between all peoples and there is justice, freedom and integrity in law enforcement.

Using the gift of the violet light to work its alchemy of transmutation of past scars and the pain and suffering of the slaves, as well as people who have been enslaved in all cultures, must be ongoing. And when we ask for the violet light to transmute the “cause, effect, record and memory,” of these conditions, we will no longer even remember from past lives if we have been slaves, slaveholders or those who enslaved others in any way.

We all have aspects of ourselves that we keep enslaved in a matrix of illusion, maya. When we work on these day after day, there is a thinning of the veil between the reality on Earth and the true reality of the heaven world, in the etheric planes of pure light, so that we can then behold God, in a sense, face to face. We can see into the reality of higher octaves and behold what is true, what is everlasting, what is universal and beautiful and divine. When we behold God and what is godly, how can we live as man again or in a less-than consciousness that is not giving, forgiving, loving, integrated and whole? We have to live in that integrity once we behold the perfectionment of heaven.

Those who have had near-death experiences are changed when they come back; they are transformed. They often have certain higher spiritual gifts, or what we call psychic powers. And why do they have these? In order to give of them and to offer their service to humanity through love, through teaching, through showing the way and demonstrating what heaven is like.

So we have to transmute more and more of this Earth so that Earth becomes more divine and heavenly—heaven. “Thy kingdom come…on Earth as it is in heaven.”2 We have to transmute what is untoward within the Earth, what is unrighteous within the Earth, what is enslaving within the Earth and within ourselves in order to accommodate what is more rich in Spirit, enlivened in the ways of God, more beautiful and harmonious, which, when embraced and fulfilled in our lives, gives birth to this higher and more beautiful culture.

Question: How may the divide between law enforcement (police) and African-Americans be closed so all may live without fear, the sense of oppression, violence and retaliation?

 Communication is always key, and leaders of African-American communities can meet with leaders of law enforcement to map out strategies for greater communication. We've heard of body cams and we've heard of attempts to use force that's not deadly. I'm seeing from many ascended masters within the Karmic Board, as well as from Afra, that it is truly a culture of woe that allows for a police force to use deadly force to counteract crime. We have the technology to disable, to stun someone into submission who is engaged in violent acts, murders, crimes of all kinds without killing them. And yet police forces around the world use deadly bullets. Why is this, when we have the technology, like the technology in Star Trek, where they put the phaser on stun.

We have the wherewithal, the technology to do this. Why does law enforcement still use guns that kill when we could disable someone? This is something that has to be looked at. Businesses that can provide these technologies would be appreciated and utilized by law enforcement everywhere. The last resort, of course, is to kill someone. A culture that allows this to occur is really a wayward and backward civilization and culture. Abiding by the commandment “Thou shall not kill” should be the standard at all levels of our society—in what we eat, the way we act, the way we comport ourselves with one another, especially in law enforcement and with our police forces. Defense is preeminent over offense. If you have proper defense, you never have to be the attacker. You can defend yourself with aikido-type techniques without killing or permanently maiming someone.

Now, I am seeing from a higher sense that there are exceptions to this rule in which deadly force is used with such retaliatory violence and intense force that the only means of completely outwitting it is to project rays that could result in the demise of someone who is acting in a satanic and a very Hitler-like way. Yet that is the exception upon Earth. Great initiates have lived upon Earth who had the ability to completely stun and disable individuals and crowds of people by the power of their will, by their attainment. We should study how they were able to secure these powers, these righteous powers, to utilize the power of God to disable without completely eradicating or killing life, and we should utilize these technologies.

You may have even heard of UFOs that were able to immobilize people. I've read stories of them putting a ray on you and you just can't move. These technologies exist, and if they're used in a righteous way and not a perverse way, they can at least allow enforcement agencies to incarcerate people for eventual rehabilitation with merciful and just means rather than simply putting them away for life to rot in prison.

So there is always the gentler way, which we can embrace using the highest technologies that are available, and ultimately spiritual technology. And when you have a culture of divine love around the world, when people live the law of beingness and oneness, you will not require a police force at all. However, temporarily upon Earth, in our culture today, we require this. Yet as we all Self-realize, grow and become who we truly are, these police forces and armies will disappear naturally and gradually. And we will move toward the time when everyone will be under their own vine and fig tree, authenticated by the reality of who they are as a God being, as a true soul, a man or woman of light, a son or daughter of God. And in this true culture, all the police forces and law enforcement agents will have to find new jobs. People will have to develop other creative talents.

Question: What can be done about gang violence, drug abuse, poverty and economic disparity that often seems to be at play in some of our inner cities, in the ghettos and in the slums?

Part of this has already been answered by the Master when we spoke of those with greater means giving back to their communities. All of these rock stars, movie stars, sports stars who make millions should be giving back to the cultures out of which they arose. Oftentimes many of these came out of the ghettos or out of the inner cities.

Look at the life of beloved Oprah Winfrey and what she has done—a young girl who was abused and who is now one of the most amazing people on Earth. Whether or not you agree with her policies or her political persuasion, what she has done to raise people up out of a sense of injustice and a sense of being downtrodden, and what she has done culturally and economically for thousands and millions of people and schools in Africa is amazing. So follow Oprah's lead, those of you with greater means. Sports stars who have millions, give back. And there are many of you who do. You must give back to the world; it is the universal law of the tithe. You give back to God, or to the Divine, ten percent of what you earn. And when you give back in whatever way you give back, you receive more and it multiplies. In that givingness, you can help people overcome the limitations that they feel within themselves, that make them enter gangs, engage in violence, or feel that because of their economic disparity they have to steal or engage in other acts of crime.

When people come from whole families, are trained appropriately, educated honestly and with integrity, and have examples of parents who live integrated lives, they will not do what some do. And of course we have to get to the root of drugs, crime and abuse through education, rooting out their cause and core, and eliminating their proliferation, though not by war—a war on crime, a war on drugs. It must be done through love. Righteous indignation must come forth as an inner resolve to root out these problems and to communicate with other cultures and other nations to take the ax to the root of the problem. If we are only working on the periphery, we will never get to the cause and core of the problem. We have to go to the core and cut out that root.

Question: How can we help the homeless and mentally challenged who are often in these situations that result in their entering into drug abuse, et cetera, and being very poor?

Again, we have to provide the resources to bring people out of these situations, to train them, to provide the means for them to come out of their oppressed states, not through prisons necessarily—through education. These resources can be provided primarily through private organizations, religious organizations and partially through governmental agencies.

That's all we have time for today. We got through the seven questions, although the last one wasn't really answered at length. Thank you so much for listening. This darshan can be replayed, if requested or desired, during the Afra vigil today between 2:00 and 4:00 pm Mountain Time, at 3:00 pm if you'd like, if it is made available. And it will be available in the replay of the whole service. You just go to the last hour of the two-hour broadcast today.

Thank you, beloved Phil and Barbara, in Dallas. Much love to you both. Thank you, heartfriends everywhere, for listening. And I look forward to this transcript being a part of our second volume of Afra's teachings on soulfulness and love, brotherhood and freedom. Take care. God bless you. Have a great Sunday. Bye-bye.


1. David Christopher Lewis, Living a Soulful Life: Afra's New Teaching on Love, Brotherhood, and Freedom (Meru Press, 2015).
2. Matthew 6:10.

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