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Lady Kristine      January 03, 2016

David Christopher Lewis (Overshined by Lady Kristine)
January 3, 2016   9:40 ̶ 10:00 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Lady Kristine's Teaching on Grace for Today

Good morning, everyone. Today's message is sponsored by beloved Lady Kristine, who, as we know, will receive the title Goddess of Grace at a certain point in her evolution, which may be fairly soon.

She would like me to start from the Daily Meditation of the Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov1 because it is very poignant for what she desires to share today. And I hope that you have really meditated upon this beautiful teaching about water. I'll reread it in English now and highlight the last part, which is what she would like me to do.

“When we speak of water, it is extended areas like rivers, lakes and seas that naturally come to mind; yet in nature, water is not necessarily visible. It is present everywhere in the atmosphere in the form of humidity, which, as it condenses, becomes steam, mist, clouds, fog and drops of rain. When it is cold it may solidify and become ice. And when it falls from the sky it can become not only raindrops but delicate snowflakes or hailstones big enough to stun people and demolish crops and roofs.

“Water is therefore an element that assumes different aspects, and by analogy it helps us understand how primordial matter moves alternately through various states, denser or more subtle. And in the same way, our physical body, our soul and spirit are merely different manifestations of a single substance, with no real separation between them.”

Some of us have had the teaching about the four lower bodies and the higher bodies. And for quite some time, this mental construct was one that worked, to a point, for us to understand our nature. Yet with this teaching of the Master, I see that we truly are one being, not compartmentalized or divided into different beings or aspects of our eternal nature with clear demarcations or regional markings.

Lady Kristine says that our soul is a divine essence composed of grace. Our spirit is fashioned by the Creator, as grace, into an unformed matrix that can move and evolve and inhabit any space, any place, any time. Our spirit, as grace, is dimensionless and may perfume any area of the cosmos within the eternal Now. We are literally composed of this primordial matter, as grace, as God's essence, as an infusion of God's eternal being right where we are. And when we understand that as we move through our various incarnations to experience various dimensions and planes of being, that grace that we are can be shared, can be shined forth and emanated, expressed and utilized in creative work, in mindfulness and love.

Grace is a type of mercy, just as mercy is a type of grace. Grace is an extension of God's Presence through our essence, through the individualization of this eternal flame, that we are, which ultimately is beyond the physical matter world. Because after we pass on from our physical incarnation, we remain as an essence, as a spirit, as a soul, as this divine grace. We become a co-creator with God through our freewill experience to express that essence that we are, by God's grace, and that grace moves through an evolutionary cycling of experience that gathers more divine essence unto itself—more light, more creative energy—until it actually merges with the eternal ocean of God's Presence, and yet retains the salt, the flavor, the identity of who we are.

Lady Kristine encourages us to move through our days with grace and aplomb, with harmony, with joy, with resonance toward all, as long as that all is in alignment with the Allness of God. When we understand our nature as souls, as spirits, as this grace, fashioned by the Creator—first as an unformed matrix and then as who we are experiencing God's Presence, God's light, God's love in these matter planes, in the temple in which we live, move and have our being—we understand that this evolutionary journey is a walk with God. It allows that grace who we are to be formative of something more divine, sublime. And our starry nature comes into play as we evolve and gather more of this grace unto ourselves, within ourselves, around ourselves, even as we perfuse it all around us to all life.

As we move through life throughout this year, 2016, gracefully, joyously, with respect and reverence toward all, that grace coalesces around everything that we involve ourselves in with consciousness, to the point where we bring this higher awareness into play through what we do. We create many things through our thoughts, our feelings, our actions, our words; and yet these things, because they have been expressed by grace, become part of the eternal nature of all that is, the universe itself. When we do things consciously, that consciousness embeds itself within what we do to give it long life, even everlasting life, because as we breathe with the Holy Spirit, that breath becomes an infusion, by grace, of our essence into what we co-create. And as God looks upon it and says that it is good, it is divine, it is beautiful, it is harmonious, it is pure, then it is stamped with that approval. And in that stamping, it becomes part of the beautiful nature of all that is.

Now, we don't have to seek God's approval. God already approved of us when he created us. Yet people forget about God, and therefore they don't know that they're already approved and divinely sanctioned to be sons and daughters of God, co-creators. So we remind people that they are, that God has already impressed him/herself within us as our soul, as this grace, fashioned in perfection. And because we are that, and that is our true Self—not just this physical temple separated from that essence—we then realize that we can now sanctify everything because we are already sacred. We can bless everything because we are already blessed. We can co-create at any point, by choice, with God because we are formed of God; our souls are that divine essence composed of grace.

When we are graceful, things seem to miraculously occur. When we say grace before meals, our meals are blessed, impurities are transmuted. And if we eat consciously, what we assimilate becomes part of us, giving us energy and the resources we require for this temple to remain vital, alive, alert and creative. When we extend grace to everyone and everything, we feel that we are a part of them and that they are a part of us, because we know our eternal nature and that everyone is composed of the same divine essence, composed of grace. We connect with grace within every life form. We feel that grace oozing through nature, through the prana that we take in as we breathe consciously, through the energization exercises that we do, the yoga, the tai chi, the qigong, the paneurhythmy, the eurythmy, the gentle dance, the walk with God.

Part of the reason we are doing these energization exercises now as part of our services is to feel that grace, that spiritual light, that energy that already exists everywhere around us, and to contact it and to draw it into ourselves consciously and allow it to give birth within us to perfect health and vitality, because each day upon arising we require this little charge and awakening and quickening. We desire alertness, receptivity and clarity of mind and being. Exercise allows us to draw this pranic light and grace into and through our beings so that we are at our best, our bodies are supple, pliable. And in this cosmic alertness, we tap into every resource that we require in our work and service. We are now more aware due to the increase in sensitivity to the five higher senses that we experienced at our winter solstice conference; we experienced these energies in great measure, with great conductivity, with great joy and reverence.

Grace flows. Grace flows. Grace flows. Meditate on this concept today and, if you can, throughout this year. And allow your essence, your divine essence, which is your soul, which is composed of grace, to flow into what you do, just as a qigong master or an aikido master directs and redirects energy and allows it to accentuate and harmonize everything. Grace is a vehicle for the highest expressions of divinity to manifest in our world. And when grace is front and center and present in our lives, joy is there; love is there; beauty is there; harmony is there; peace is there.

Quite some time ago, Lady Kristine released a series of teachings on grace. And I will rejoice in the day when these are published as a little book of her quips, and the seasonings of her divinely salted being in our world, to give us pause to consider just how important the little things are, the beautiful things are, the resonant things are. When we do stop to smell the flowers; when we do stop to listen to people; when we do allow the coalescing through our auric fields of light throughout the day, and not just in a two-and-a-half-hour session; when we feel this Presence moving through us, aligning us, realigning us, benefiting life, that grace fulfills its purpose through us because God's light, God's energy, God's essences have a purpose, expression, beauty, co-creation.

When we tap into this resource of who we are as a being of grace, a being of light, a being of virtue, I believe that we will rise in consciousness to perform greater alchemies for the spiritual quickening of souls everywhere. What we perfume in the atmosphere, both immediately around us and throughout the world, will be charged with that specific grace that is our antidote to darkness; our answers to the questions of life; and our co-creative effort, which only we as unique divine beings can give.

Grace brings us to the threshold of the infinite sun-fire presence of God. It escorts us, with angelic beings, to that state where we are always being refreshed by love, light and harmony.

So Lady Kristine's prayer for all of us this year is that grace will really be accentuated, come to fruition in our lives, that grace will be a means by which we together as a community throughout this world can express our true, divine Buddha nature, our Divine Mother nature, and that as we together grow and continue in this harmonic stream of God's being, that grace will flow, will flow, will flow with greater ease and joy, and all will be blessed.

Thank you. God bless you, and we will talk again tomorrow. Take care.


1. Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, Daily Meditations (Prosveta, 2016).


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