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Prajnaparamita      December 20, 2015

Beloved Prajnaparamita
David Christopher Lewis
December 20, 2015   8:53 ̶ 9:02 am MST
A Winter Solstice Retreat with the Five Dhyani Buddhas
Tucson, Arizona

Prajnaparamita Places a Single Grain of Rice within Our Palms

I AM Prajnaparamita, the mother of all Buddhas, and this day I ensoul the jewel tree around you and within you. For within this jewel tree are thousands of Buddhas offering their beingness to humanity, their essence to every sentient being.

Each essence is unique, colorful and rich in the affluence of God, in the divinity of sight, sound, color, taste, touch and the frequencies by which and through which you feel, sense and know your own Buddha nature, your own Divine Selfhood in the mystical union of self with the great Self of all that is. Within that Buddha nature of pure consciousness and Solar awareness, you may find me, you may know me. And in that finding and knowing, as your mother of Buddhahood, I will nurture who you are; I will nourish the light that you bear.

The true student of the path assimilates the words of the Guru with deep reflection, whereby, through musing on every aspect of the teaching, that one receives a constant anointing of the self with light. That one receives the very impulses of higher consciousness through the nexus of the heart-mind, the mind-heart beating in unison. And this nexus of consciousness, which is the Buddha state of being, allows you to fully embrace the all-encompassing wisdoms of the Buddhas and the awareness of the Five Dhyani Buddhas as you chant, as you meditate, as you walk in simplicity and virtue with loving-kindness emanating through your heart and the divine will working through your conscious faith and understanding of all divine principles. You enter into the Eightfold Path with full discernment, with total awareness of the Middle Way—its resources, its challenges, its opportunities.

I now place a single grain of rice within your palms, which symbolizes the core essence of your Buddha nature. You may reverently accept this grain now, take it to your mouth and chew on it, dearest ones. It is profoundly concentrated with all aspects of your unique Buddha nature, which I have been meditating upon and nurturing for eons, and which I have seen in past ages you would eventually come to know, to realize. In this knowing and realization of this core reality of your true Selfhood, you find surcease from struggle, true embodied peace, and thereby may be able to assist in the saving of sentient beings in a greater, mindful way because you have become a resource for all the Buddhas and bodhisattvas of heaven and of Prajnaparamita.

As each of you flowers in your true Buddha nature, there is a new divine aroma that the Earth receives from the frequencies of your heart, one with the Eternal heart. And the flavoring of this Earth through these many variegated essences truly is the birth of a new era of freedom, enlightenment, liberation.

I free you from your unreal self this day and lead you to the fount of pure love-wisdom, beloved ones. OM.

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