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Amoghasiddhi      December 20, 2015

Beloved Amoghasiddhi
David Christopher Lewis
December 20, 2015   10:37 ̶ 10:47 am MST
A Winter Solstice Retreat with the Five Dhyani Buddhas
Tucson, Arizona

Accomplishing All through the All-Accomplishing Wisdom of the Buddha

Through your Buddha nature, you have access to the all-accomplishing wisdom. And you may be with me an almighty conqueror—first of self, then of selfishness and darkness in the world. The power of this all-accomplishing wisdom comes through complete surrender to the Divine One, the All-Buddha. For through surrender, you have access to the all-power, the all-light, the all-wisdom that is within the Buddha's mind and heart and diamond will.

I often work with Vajrasattva, for the diamond will shines brightly through the all-accomplishing wisdom. And it requires that strength and the impeccable virtues outpictured as principle and precept, with virtuosity, for that diamond to appear and for the light through it to shine forth.

I would tell you a story of a great being of light who lived eons ago who sought the means by which to save a planet and her people from destruction. The love, the compassion of this one was so great in the hour of the petition for a means of salvation that that one was raised up by another Solar being into the very presence of the All-Buddha to receive the indestructible light of that diamond will within him. And that one then went forth as a mighty conqueror, impervious to darkness and all that beset his path, to save each and every sentient being evolving on that planet. That one conquered through love; that one conquered through selflessness. And you too, O soul, may do likewise when you enter the diamond-shining mind of the Buddha and access the all-accomplishing wisdom of your adamantine nature, the true you, your Buddha nature.

Is there anything that you desire to accomplish in this life that you have not yet sunk your teeth into and entered into with your will, one with the Divine will? If so, do it. Do not delay, procrastinate or think, through a mindless state, that you do not have the wherewithal. God in you is the wherewithal to accomplish anything, everything that you set your mind and heart to.

You read about other conquerors, others who have accomplished great feats of light or garnered great wealth, either spiritually or materially or both. Yet somehow you still at times live in a lax state of being. Why? You have not accepted the all-accomplishing wisdom of Amoghasiddhi, who I am. Therefore accept me. Invoke me when you enter into any activity, challenge or the dynamism of darkness that besets what you came to this Earth to fulfill. I have enough resources to provide each of you with this all-accomplishing wisdom, you see. For once having tapped into the universal mind and heart of God and the wealth of the All-Buddha state of being, it is my privilege, even my obligation, to provide that resource that you require to accomplish all, to fulfill your dharma.

Let not one of you appear before the Lords of Karma at the conclusion of this life and say that you couldn't do it, that you did not have the wherewithal, the abundance, the training, the education. You have access to all within this all-accomplishing wisdom, and the diamond of its brilliance, within the lotus of your heart. Do you believe this, blessed ones? [Audience responds: “Yes!”] Do you really believe this, blessed ones? [Audience responds: “Yes!”] Some of you have not yet affirmed your belief. [laughter] Therefore revisit the other Dhyani Buddhas' wisdoms and you may one day come to the conclusion that it is better to work with us, as cosmic Buddhas, in order, through alchemy, to fulfill all in great joy.

Let me say this in concluding, that when you are in the mode of being the conqueror, the greatest joy and divine happiness, as a current of sacred fire, moves through you and is the magic of the fulfillment of that wisdom. Those who are not joyous have not experienced this dynamism. Therefore, would you be joyous? [Audience responds: “Yes!”] Then experience it, try it, accept it, invoke it. And then when we gather again, you may share your stories of accomplishment and we will all applaud your overcoming, your victory, by God's grace. Ah, so.

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