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Ratnasambhava      December 19, 2015

Beloved  Ratnasambhava
David Christopher Lewis

December 19, 2015   10:23 ̶ 10:35 am MST

Awakening Your Higher Crystalline Senses: A Winter Solstice Retreat with the Five Dhyani Buddhas

Tucson, Arizona

Accessing the Fiery Spark within the Crystal of Your Being
and the Aromatic Essence of Your Soul

Dearest Ones,

You all were jewel-born in the beginning of your created Self within the heart of the All-Buddha. This is your nature of perfection.

Visualize the diamond-jewel nature of your eternal beingness now as both impervious to darkness and as accepting of the light that may be reflected and refracted through you, through the crystal of your being, your Buddha nature. From deep within this crystal, at its core, a fiery spark of consciousness abides. This is your awareness that is one with the awareness of the enlightened ones, all Buddhas and bodhisattvas in the Pure Land. Attune to this state of being, access this fiery spark of light in your meditation practice, and feel the divine currents of power, wisdom and love manifesting through this spark, which allow you to live in the eternal Now, within present-moment consciousness.

Now a portion of this fiery spark of light manifests as an aroma of your essence, your beingness, the flavor of your soul. And you may perfume this essence within your own auric field, within the atmosphere of the room in which you abide—your home, your sanctuary, your community. This aroma is the pure essential oil of your Higher Selfhood. Those essential oils that you appreciate and revere may in part be one of a collective of essences that represent you as a son or daughter of God, as a holy one, a saint walking upon the Earth.

When you live in the pure state of pure consciousness with the Buddhas, the frequency of these aromas and the admixture of them within your auric field coalesce in a magnificent representation of your Godhood—the beauty of your being, the hallowed state of who you are as a creative self, one in selflessness with the all-conscious One.

You all enjoy smelling the roses and those aromatic flowers that at times grace your sanctuaries, your homes and the gardens that you grow or visit. As you smell these and take in those fragrances, as divine essences, into your Higher Self, allow them to resonate, to play upon your being and to perfume your inner Self, to bring you peace, divine joy and harmony. The mystics of East and West sometimes swooned in the bliss state of being able to smell these higher aromas. And yet their purpose always is to bless, to grace life, to wash away the cares and the sins of the world, the suffering of sentient beings, the anguish of the dual state of unconsciousness.

When you allow divine fragrances to perfume the atmosphere around you through your devotions to God, through your loving reverence toward all life, through your humility and the blessed state of transcendent piety, you enter into the work of the flowers, the nature of the flowers. You may even, for a time, become that flower and its fragrance in order to feel what God embedded within that flower of the divine nature of him/herself.

Now many Buddhas come and place leis of light around you, as is the custom when you visit the Hawaiian Islands. And these leis of light emit divine fragrances, which some of you may experience in this hour, to bring you joy, surcease from inner struggle and outer struggle, and peace in all things. You see, dearest ones, the joys of higher living, of inner living, truly do overshine the temporary joys that some perceive upon Earth, in their limited states of awareness, as important.

Now I bring you in consciousness to the altar of the great Buddhas in the Pure Land. And you see the flower arrangements around and upon this altar as indicative of the love of many devotees of the Buddha, who have placed, through their devotion, this offering before him. Know, dear hearts, that you are an offering, that you are a flower, that you are an arrangement of light through the virtues that you profess, accept and embody. For every virtue is a petal of light in this cosmic floral arrangement. And the Buddhas emanate through all devotees light and love, compassion and mercy, kindness; and their use of this higher gift of clairalience truly is a blessing to all sentient beings.

Now this aroma circumnavigates the Earth to refresh it in the aroma of love of Kuan Yin, to whom you have prayed this day, and of her bodhisattvas in every nation. There is a healing of struggle; there is wholeness manifest through this transmutative miracle of light; and all are raised in that love of the Divine.

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