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Amitabha      December 19, 2015

Beloved Amitabha
David Christopher Lewis
December 19, 2015   11:31-11:44 am MST
A Winter Solstice Retreat with the Five Dhyani Buddhas
Tucson, Arizona 

Amitabha Speaks on Tasting the Divine Nectar of God
and Realizing Our Buddha Nature


I am tasting you now and receiving your essence into my being, each and every one, and absorbing, through this tasting, all of you—the good, the bad, the ugly and especially the divine. I transmute that which I taste that, from one perspective, may be distasteful, yet from my state of being simply is what it is, without judgment. For you see, tasting is an aspect of discrimination, and through my discriminating wisdom, there is the processing, the filtration of all. Through my Buddha being, divine essences flow. And I release through the mouth of the Buddha, who I AM, divine delicacies of nirvanic awareness that, by and through taste, may allow you to sense and feel and understand your own Buddha nature.

In this process of discriminating wisdom's alchemy, you, as a divine scientist, may discern those eternal verities, truths and virtues that will work for you on your path—the Eightfold Path, the Middle Way of the Buddha—that will raise you into that state of beingness that you seek.

Consider each day, dearest ones, before each repast, consciously tasting the divine nectar of God's eternal being within the food that you place upon your tongue and within your mouth. For God is delicious; God is holy. And in assimilating this divine delicacy of God's consciousness of Buddhic awareness, you will have better digestion, and wholeness—body, mind and soul—will ensue within you.

If you masticate with me, in communion with Amitabha, I will refine you in the refiner's fire of eternality. If you chew on the dhamma, study the words of the Buddha, the sutras, and especially the Heart Sutra, and the teachings of Shanti Deva and the mystics of Tibet, including Milarepa—you will have the experience, as we have perfumed it through those embodied upon Earth, of your Buddha nature manifesting consciously in your outer waking consciousness, in addition to your superconscious state of being.

To study the dhamma ultimately means to assimilate eternal truth, the teaching itself as a portal to Self-realization. You have the three jewels: the Buddha, the sangha and the teaching. Each is assimilable through love-wisdom, through compassion's joy. And if you transduce all, if there is the current of light passing through you of the three jewels in balance, you receive the keys to Buddhahood through joy and the understanding of the Eightfold Path.

I spin the karmic wheel now of all of your lives before you. When will you decide to get off of the wheel of rebirth by focusing your attention upon your Buddha nature to Self-realize it? Some of you may in this life, if this is, by determined action, your choice. Yet for many, it may still require reembodiment again and again to overcome attachment and desire, to have the fulfillment of your eternal mission manifest as your Buddha state of being fulfilled.

We, the five Dhyani Buddhas, will continue to spin this wheel for those who are determined to be ensconced in infinite light, infinite light, infinite light. I ray it forth in multidimensions of being through all sentient beings. Some will receive it, accept it and become it soon. For others, it may take millennia—many, many lifetimes—to feel, intuit and become that light.

Find your dharma. Fulfill your dharma through service, through love, through compassion's walk with the Buddhas. OM OM HRIH.

[Amitabha and the audience chant the name Amitabha for forty-five seconds.] HRIH.

I am walking now in consciousness into that temple on the island of Taiwan, radiating light, radiating light, radiating infinite light. I bless every sentient being. I infuse every sentient being with this infinite light.

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