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Vairochana      December 18, 2015

Beloved Vairochana
David Christopher Lewis
December 18, 2015   10:34–10:45 am MST
A Winter Solstice Retreat with the Five Dhyani Buddhas
Tucson, Arizona 

Vairochana Speaks on Being a True Visionary and Becoming Our Divine Reality

I AM the radiating one in your midst with the all-pervading wisdom of that dharmakaya, available to you through mindfulness, which is clairvoyance within the all-encompassing universal mind of God.

Mindfulness, blessed hearts, brings you to the core of your reality, to the shining fount of your divinity. And as you focus the lens of your consciousness so that the light of your Presence may shine forth through you, that light itself will perform the alchemy that eventuates in higher vision. For true visionaries do not see through a glass darkly; they see God face-to-face with the eternal light manifest in that seeing. And the substance of their seeing brings clarity into view. For that substance is reality cognized, divinity understood, oneness perceived and felt, beingness known fully within.

You see, the purpose of clairvoyance is to see beyond the veil into this pure state of being and, having seen and felt what that is, to then realize it by ingesting it, assimilating it, becoming it fully. Many clairvoyants dance around what they see, fearful of the becoming process; for in that becoming, the lesser self is dissolved, states of illusory living have no more meaning, purpose or functionality.

Desire to see God only to become one with God. For when your true vision proceeds illuminatively before you, it leads the way for the cosmic ray to fuse you with God in this imaginative and cosmic moment wherein you are aligned with your Source, blended with that reality, finalized into this state of being where perception becomes being, every sense function is subsumed into the purity and the anointing, by grace, of your spirit, now one with the Eternal Spirit. You feel the all-pervading One pervasive within you, even as you rise in consciousness to perfume the cosmos with your all-pervasive essence.

Buddhahood is the attainment of the great anointing of you by wisdom's fire. Buddhahood is a blessed state of being that is mindfulness in its highest form. And all of this is possible through the Ten Perfections, the Eightfold Path that you walk in that wisdom state, in that aligned mode, true to your Source, one with the All-Buddha.

You may have a future class in which you study and assimilate the Ten Perfections, the paramitas, dearest ones. And we will return with many other Buddhas to perform the alchemy inherent within the experience of the assimilation of these Ten Perfections. You see, when you are in the paramitas, you are on par with God as a co-equal in light.

Now I wash you with wisdom's fire, with compassion's grace, with the Buddha's love. And as some of you may have or will perform the ritual of the washing of the Buddha consciously, you may feel this washing of yourself as you wash other. For other and self are one; Buddha and you are one. OM OM OM.

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