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Gautama Buddha      December 18, 2015

Beloved Gautama Buddha
David Christopher Lewis
December 18, 2015   8:57 ̶ 9:04 am MST
Awakening Your Higher Crystalline Senses: A Winter Solstice Retreat
with the Five Dhyani Buddhas
Tucson, Arizona

The Opportunity to Be Reborn into Your Divine Buddhahood

I AM Gautama Buddha, and I alight here in your midst to bring you peace, to bring you joy, to bring you the radiance of stillness, the blessedness of the Great Silence, the integrity of oneness in light.

You are reborn each time you enter through the Great Silence into the eternal stillness of beingness, dearest ones, and in that rebirth you may acclaim your divine Buddhahood with me. For your true essence thereby shines forth and the illumined state of being emerges with a fresh outlook toward all sentient beings, for whom you have compassion, for whom your only desire is liberation and transcendence. And through this desireless state, wed to God and eternality, there moves through you currents of sacred fire, the wisdom teaching of the ages, the ennoblement of your mind and heart, and an infusion of such great warmth and light and radiance that you bound up the mountain of nirvana to the summit peaks of beingness with many Buddhas. And in this blessed state within the Pure Land, you may muse with Morya, Maitreya and even Methuselah. You may merge with Manjushri and the many minds who blaze forth celestial fire with the integrity of their Buddha-blessed state of being. And in this oneness in the higher atmosphere of light, you are quickened and awake with me.

You have come to receive from the five Dhyani Buddhas a new outlook, a new sense of inner holiness and peace. You may progress with them to the diamond-shining mind of God within this all-illumined state of being to the perfectionment of your true Selfhood, to the detached state of pure beingness, if you choose. For in nonattachment, there is a reassessment of all that is toward the true identity, which is nonidentity of self and the all-identity of God.

Through mindfulness, we merge with the Atmos in cosmic spheres of illumined beings. Through silence, we surge to a new world of light.

I brighten your auras and shine them this morning with many quintessential rays of crystal light. And in their new brilliance, as you emerge from the chrysalis of your former self, you may now fly with many tertons to the throne of the All-Buddha to perceive with new eyes your crystalline Self, your divine essence.

Peace, peace, peace.

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