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Akshobhya      December 18, 2015

Beloved Akshobhya
David Christopher Lewis
December 18, 2015   11:47 ̶ 11:58 am MST
Awakening Your Higher Crystalline Senses
Tucson, Arizona

Listen, Obey, Become!

Akshobhya Infuses the Crystal-Clear Hearing State of Being
throughout The Hearts Center Movement

Do you hear what I hear reverently speaking to your soul—a voice sublime, a voice divine? This higher faculty has always been available to each of you, for God loves you and has ever communicated to you through that inner voice. There comes a time on the spiritual path when you would rather listen fully than ignore, and in this listening there is a divine glistening of light whereby ignorance is banished, whereby wisdom emerges, whereby truth is brought to bear through the voice of God unto you. And when you add the ingredient of obedience to that voice, which often is a gentle yet firm command, then Buddhic beingness ensues through that obedience. For the All-Buddha is the obedient one within you and within all.

You may have noticed on the cosmic clock that vision is in polarity with obedience. I say that obedience is also in polarity with clear hearing, for there is a procession from obedience to both clairaudience and clairvoyance. And this procession is manifested through the grace of beingness, the line of perfection, the strong cable that tethers you first to reality, then to vision, then to victory.

I am innate mirror-like wisdom to those invested in the Buddhic path, and I am unshakeable and immovable in my resolve to raise you to the perfections of renunciation and wisdom, to the state of bliss. One of the purposes of meditation is to develop heightened hearing. Many voices may be discerned in your silence practice, and yet the greater voice must be attended to—the deeper voice, resonant with your heart, obeyed.

Knowing that the third ear is not somewhere in your head, that it is closer to your heart, is the key, dearest ones, to discerning that higher and deeper voice. And the positioning of this ear between the heart and the head gives you pause to consider heart-centered mindfulness, the heart-mind connection, as key to developing the discerning ear.

Yes, you become dear to God when you use your discerning ear to endear God by your love, by your attention, by your focused presence and awareness of the truth, the way and the life of a bodhisattva becoming a Buddha.

I infuse throughout this greater community of The Hearts Center movement the crystal-clear hearing state of being within your inner ear so that all may have that state of clarity of consciousness, whereby each one may rise into the Buddha state of compassionate knowing by the mirror-like wisdom of Akshobhya.

[Akshobhya chants for 33 seconds in an unknown tongue.]

This investment now is real within you as you accept a heightened clairaudient state of hearing. Listen, obey, become. This is my trifold command to the initiate: listen, obey, become.

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