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Hilarion      November 04, 2015

Beloved Hilarion
David Christopher Lewis
November 4, 2015   9:19 ̶ 9:30 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Hilarion Blazes the Light of Emerald Wholeness through Us with Lady Francesca

Cherished Heartfriends, Sons and Daughters of Truth, Vision and Wholeness, 

I, Hilarion, come with my beloved, Lady Francesca, to invest within the Earth a ray of emerald light here and within your heart and soul for virtue to expand, for grace to be ennobled and for you to walk in that light of the Christ consciousness and Buddhic awareness, whereby, as an integrated one, you may truly know yourself and live in the integrity of this flame of eternal truth.

When you completed the assignment to publish the words inspired upon David by Lady Francesca on the light of healing and wholeness, she was raised in light to that state of the all-perfection of her being and subsumed into the very living reality of her Divine Presence. And in our subsequent union as twin flames, there has been brought to bear within the Earth and on behalf of the Great White Brotherhood, through the work of the chohans of the rays, a greater energy and light-radiance because of this union.

So, dearest ones, from this day forward, when you call to me as your chohan of the fifth ray, you may include Lady Francesca. For she is indeed the one whom I love as my beloved within the heaven world now, even as I did love her upon Earth. And we will work the works of God, of healing, through this movement, through this dispensation. And you will see in coming months and years the expansion of the emerald ray in ways that may startle you to observe and witness.

The emerald wave that beloved Mother Mary has already begun to utilize in this work will be continued through a number of ascended beings serving also on this ray. And as this light expands and as there is an aggregation of it and the higher frequencies of wholeness that we will add to this divine equation, many will be called to this fount of light. And you will witness the increase in your abundant lives and in the opportunities presented to be of service in many ways to save and nurture sentient beings.

It begins with your heart on fire for God; it begins with you aligned with your purpose. And it increases as you rise in awareness, fully clothed with sacred fire, brimming with light, whereby those higher vibratory emanations flowing through you may support this work of the restoration of wholeness planetary-wide.

As you pray your rosaries, the blessed Mothers of heaven invest much in this healing activity throughout the Earth. For love is the key to the restoration of wholeness at all levels, dearest ones. And when you have the Holy Spirit and the gifts thereof, by God's grace, working and flowing through you, there is an anointing of your spirit, even as you in turn bless others through this anointing. And the Holy Spirit's grace is that which brings about the healing through heaven's modalities wed to those utilized upon Earth to restore each soul to her union with her Source, to bring each one into conformity with cosmic law—the law of grace, truth and beingness.

We now stream forth this emerald light unto every heartfriend who has been true to the path of light in this incarnation by maintaining a constant path of devotion and praise of God, of givingness, of harmony and of succoring souls through their love and heart's fire. The Holy Spirit be upon you this day, O soul! Remember your anointing at the hand of the Maha Chohan and live your truth. For he, as the twin of Pallas Athena, also radiates forth, through his witness of the Holy Spirit's Presence, that light of healing love and truth to a planet and her people.

Now go and be who you truly are in the reality of your Christic and Buddhic Presence. And we, Lady Francesca and I, will be with you in the alchemy of love and the fire of eternal truth. We thank you.


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