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Afra      November 01, 2015

Beloved Afra
David Christopher Lewis

November 1, 2015   11:52 am–12:16 pm MST
2015 All Saints' Day Messages
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

A Celebration of Beingness For Eternity Begins

Soul Brothers and Sisters, Friends of Eternity, Lightworkers Who Would Be Guides and Guardians of Freedom for God,

I come to infuse you with my essence on this day; I come cherishing your heart and your soul. And in that cherishment there is born within you on this All Saints' Day, if you choose, a new awareness, through your Presence, of God deep within you.

Some have searched for God on the surface of things through books, organizations, and teachers. These may be helpful, and yet ultimately this search results in your finding the divine light within your own soul as that essence of godliness and the wellspring of light that has been there since the beginning of your being in the very heart of God. When you find this essence, when you fan this flame, when you understand this light and this Presence, there is a new magnanimity born within you. This results in a new life, a virtuous life, one in which every created being is seen, felt, and known as holy brother and sister; one in which there is no division between your self and others; one in which there is the final resolution of duality in unity. And in that field of perfect beingness, brother/sisterhood is won, is experienced, and you simply know that your search has come to an end, and a celebration of beingness for eternity begins.

With the shifts of time and space manifesting now within the Earth, many of you have felt the onset of this dynamic whereby you know that you must go deeper inside your being to feel God's Presence and know this intimacy of communion. You have begun to meditate in earnest; you have begun to access true stillness; you have begun to actually feel your soul. Yet this is only the beginning. If you maintain this state of deep internal connection and knowing, the new you that is born, the new you that is experienced and is rising from the ashes of the phoenix of your former self will show you the way in which to walk and work and be so that God within you may fully emerge.

Many have sought their roots in Africa. They have sought to know, through studying their ancestry, from whence they have come—from what people, land, and culture. I say, the search leads you ever to the Source, the fount of beingness, who is God—before all peoples, lands, and cultures. And though you may claim that you were originally from a certain people or tribe, having found your supposed roots through a genetic line, there is a source far beyond the veils of time and space from which you all emerged in the beginning—the womb of the Cosmic Mother, that true foundation and base of your soul. And when you reach that fount of light and dwell there in communion with the eternal Father/Mother of all, you will find your connection with all life—every culture, every people, all lands, all voices, languages, and essences.

This is what Africa represents as an ancient land, and in our experience of a golden age long past, we find our union within and from this eternal stream. We find our oneness and drink from the same cup and know the same light and source of our soul-ful-ness. If this message could be broadcast to the nations and my words could ring clear and true to all peoples, there could be the resolution of conflict, war, and the sense of separation whereby peoples know not their brother, their sister, their Source, their own inner godliness.

Therefore I commission you, as initiates and soulful ones, to take my words when my tome is released and share them far and wide. Travel, if you must, to the far corners of the globe, even unto the simple villages here and there, beyond what some claim to be civilization, to feel your connectedness, your deeper roots with every being. And in that oneness, looking into the eyes of a child who is clear and bright, you will see reflected an aspect of your own soul, an essence of that original seed of your own being within that one.

Micah has said, “Remember, you are brethren!” and I echo his sentiment and his command. For in this remembering there is a new connectivity, through soulfulness, with every part of life. There is the opportunity for nurturing every individual no matter what his or her station in life or origin through parental lineage. For in the remembering is the oneness. It is a conscious choice to remain centered in the unity field of beingness of brother/sisterhood. When you do this, you emulate me—what and who I represent of the ancient mystery schools and sacred teachings that emerged long ago in Africa and upon other continents—as well as the original lineage of light, the manus and the perfected blueprint of the root races that they bore on behalf of the Elohim.

Work on your core reality; find that center of being who is you. Leave the surface of a life of meaninglessness, of outer activity that serves not the true you and your soul. When you know your soul, you must be true to yourself. There is no other way. And when you feel the soul of another as a holy soul brother or sister, this sensing and knowing breeds a new-world consciousness of eternal union in God.

I envision a new world now before us as fulfilled in this light, in this love, in this freedom, in this brother/sisterhood of the Spirit. We are creating a new civil-I-zation, a civil society where reverence for life is a preeminent principle by which all live in an integrated state of blessedness. Can you truly call Earth now a civil-I-zation, with all that is transpiring around the globe—fractionalized peoples and quasi-societies that are at war with one another in their minds, in their feeling worlds, in what they behold and imagine?

Rise to behold the true civilization of light in the heaven world, in the Holy City, and draw down into the Earth that essence, that fire, that aliveness, that flame through your soulfulness, and emanate it out far and wide so that all may feel this true essence of what a civil-I-zation is. As you model it in your own life by living the law of love in action, you will see the changes transpiring throughout the world that you have facilitated by and through your conscious life, by your love, by your harmony and inner peace.

Lanello and the sponsoring masters are awaiting the conclusion and fulfillment of certain projects and assignments for dispensations to be granted that will allow for greater abundance, greater mater-realization of your dreams and goals into physicality. Work while ye have the light and the voice of unity in your midst. Work while ye have the vessel through which we may speak, radiate our light, and enfire humanity. Do not shirk work, yet balance all in a new harmonic state, where grace perfuses your life, joy ever remains present within and around you, and miracles manifest because we claim you as brothers and sisters and support and nurture you hourly with our love, guidance, and cherishment.

One final request, which you may choose to fulfill, if you dare: the giving again of the monthly twenty-four-hour cascading vigil, near the first of the month if possible. For you see, blessed ones, the grand infusion that manifests by your collective alchemical word is life changing for many and suffuses the Earth and its atmosphere with our grace, our intercessory love, our mediatorship in wooing many to the fount of all God-good. As you plan and execute with love, so it is, and all are refreshed in the new wine of the Spirit, which may be drunk to the fullest and assimilated.

I AM your Afra. My love perfumes the cosmos, and the fire of freedom within my soul is yours evermore to use for divine alchemy, with my brother Saint Germain, for the victory of the light and the victory of eternal brotherhood. I thank you.

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