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Jesus      October 28, 2015

Beloved Jesus
David Christopher Lewis
October 28, 2015   6:50–7:05 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana 

Jesus Commands Us to Become the Word


I AM the Word, and you may be the Word where you are when you enter into the Logoic field of beingness in God through your own Christ consciousness, suffused with light, divine radiance and spiritual fire. I, Jesus, come early to infuse you with my essence, to replenish your spirit in that Word. and you may claim with me, “I AM the Word.” For, dearest hearts, when God created all that is in the beginning and sang those supreme words “Let there be light!”1 you were a part of that light, even as I AM that light.

I proclaimed that I AM the light which lighteth every man who cometh into the world.2  If this light lit who you are when you entered into Mater for your realization here, then you too were a part of that original creation of light as the Word. Beloved John the disciple captured the essence of this realization in the first words of his gospel, for he himself had that selfsame understanding, having entered the Word, the Logos and, through his own Christic patterns and Self-realization, merged with that Logoic field.

Now, when you proclaim that you, like me, in my I AM Presence, are that Word, what flows through you as the words that you speak is charged with the Christic emanations of your Divine Presence, that Logoic field of pure light-energy. And as you speak, the words are crystallized in Mater with the fullness of your Christ consciousness. They are precipitated in matter in godly ways because the Word speaks through you; the Word emanates through you; the Word cognizes through your mind, emanates through your heart and is fulfilled in action by the very cosmic law of beingness by which and through which that Word is manifest as light.

Why do I speak of this dynamic this day? It is because, blessed ones, greater light must manifest within this world. You are that light, even as you are that Word. And as you speak your prayers and sing your songs, what flows through you may be more of that light when you enter the field of beingness of your Christ consciousness. What manifests through you as an aspect of that Word in your Self-realized state is indeed empowered by the Logos. And through that empowerment, whereby the Holy Spirit is present within, through and around you, the words grace our Earth with that light of divine love, and all is refreshed in the spiritual quickening and awakening that manifests through you.

“I AM that Word here, there and everywhere throughout the cosmos, for I AM light.” You may say these words, and when you travel in your meditation practice, through mindfulness, you may share that light of the Word who you have become and united with through your mindfulness and heart-centeredness. And in the stillness of your Presence, that Word expands, even as the great I AM expands throughout the cosmos through your co-creativity, through your oneness, through your love.

The mystery of the Word must be studied by initiates if they are to fully perceive who I AM within this awakening process of Self-realization. And this mystery may be found within the I AM name of God as it is expressed within your heart, as the “as Above, so below” maxim is realized, as you crystalize Spirit within matter and materialize all within you. For when you spiritualize Mater within you, you have fulfilled the prayer that I uttered, “Thy kingdom come…on Earth as it is in heaven.”3

Few within the Christian churches of today have fully comprehended the mystery of the Word. Therefore I commission you, O initiates of the sacred fire, to teach them. And yet this teaching must arise from within you as your own Self-realized state of being. For if you only share words, teachings, understandings that others have realized fully, how can there be the empowerment of what you convey by personal experience, by gnosis, by true self-development? Therefore as you speak and before you speak, enter into the mystical union through communion with the Logos, the Christ of you, one with the Christ of me. And in that oneness and in that state of I AM being, I will infuse within you and through you the mind of God, the heart of God, the will of God fulfilled in the virtuosity of the balanced threefold flame and the beauty and harmony of that I AM name.

One word spoken with the power of the Logos manifests instantaneously throughout the cosmos. Whether that word is OM, Amen or I, allow there to be the vibration within it of peace. Allow God to flow through it as you say it, to manifest fully as it vibrates upon and through your vocal cords. Yes, blessed hearts, speak with truth, authenticity within this Self-realized understanding of your own godly nature, the beauty of your soul and spirit, the harmony of your Presence, the glory of your inner being.

[Jesus chants OM three times.]

Empower the OM with your Presence, and all shall be fulfilled within you as light, my precious ones. I thank you.

1. Genesis 1:3.
2. See John 1:9. This scripture quotes Jesus speaking of John the Baptist, however he has revealed that he also spoke these words to his disciples and to the universe on a number of occasions.
3. Matthew 6:10.

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