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Jesus      August 09, 2015

Beloved Jesus Meditation
David Christopher Lewis
August 9, 2015   10:12 ̶ 10:28 am PDT
Saint Germain Returns
Mount Shasta, California

Jesus's Holy City Meditation

Now we are stepping into the Holy City with Jesus and Magda, who are addressing us personally, each one, welcoming us. They have garments of scintillating white and golden and purple light. Both have crowns on their heads, symbolizing the King of Kings and the Queen of Queens, as they reign within the Holy City, side by side on a great throne, as the embodiment of the living Christ—male and female twin flames.

The light blazing from the Holy City is magnificent. And in our etheric bodies we experience the awesomeness of the presence of thousands of angels, angel bands, angel choirs who support what the Holy City is, represents and manifests on behalf of all evolutions of light—both for this world and many worlds—because the name of Jesus, Issa, Yeshua is known throughout our solar system and beyond, as is that of his beloved Magda.

In our meditation upon the Holy City, they take us to many gardens and divine edifices composed of crystal and almost translucent marble. We see what have been called the streets paved in gold. And these are seen this way because of the light, the golden light, that issues from these avenues upon which we walk—gently, victoriously, with heads held high and humbly in the very presence of so great a light.

This is the Holy City today as it exists. And Jesus shows us, with Magda, much of the co-creative activity that is manifesting by holy brothers and sisters ascended and higher initiates unascended who witness to the truth, the way and the life of the living Christos as it is objectified and as it shines forth within the Holy City. This manifest reality is there as an iconic goal for all cities upon Earth. And the retreats of the Universal Great White Brotherhood in the etheric octaves, with seven major larger cities, represent the true cultures that should be manifesting upon this Earth through the various races of people who are destined to objectify what those rays, or races, represent of the Christ consciousness.

Within the Holy City we swoon in the ecstatic bliss of pure beingness in light as we are raised vibrationally to the most sublime state of being that we have ever felt in the very living presence of the Divine, and that divine light manifests through the great ascended beings, cosmic ones—even the Elohim, whose presence is felt energetically. We observe what is transpiring in a number of sacred rooms as we are ushered gently through them, observing what great ascended masters, under the direction of the chohans and the manus, are involved in as they precipitate through their awareness greater truth and opportunities for mankind to rise into the culture of the Divine Mother as it is destined to manifest upon Earth.

We see and feel the great radiation poured out through devotion of so many who pray unceasingly unto the One God, praising the name I AM THAT I AM and singing with the choirs of angels as they attune their voices, their hearts, their chakras to the great crystalline frequencies that we hear in cosmic tonalities vibrating in the atmosphere—both at subtle levels, almost behind the normal hearing range, and yet felt deeply within the soul. At times we see an angel band taking off to answer the collective prayers of mankind and rushing here and there to fulfill God's will, wisdom and love in dynamic ways.

We witness the seven mighty archangels of the seven rainbow rays as they now appear before us in their divine majesty, with blazing pinions of sacred fire emanating from their sacred centers of light—the heart, the throat, the third eye, the crown. And those rays are projected through their extended arms as shafts of light, blazing in all their glory to hallow every space in which they abide and the evolutions who observe them and come into their presence.

We see the seven chohans and their complements standing, also blazing forth those rainbow frequencies that they have chosen to direct into the affairs of mankind to assist them in their directed work and leadership. And the coursing of that fire goes forth as teaching, instruction and divine radiance into the lives of the initiates. Those who know their names pray to them and utilize their teachings for the enlightenment of an age and many evolutions.

We see the manus standing tall as the Atman, man and woman, the ideal of all ages. And we are in awe and bow before the great light that they wield in complete subservience to the One Eternal God and in obeisance to perfection, its glory, its love.

Within this Holy City, elemental life is seen and felt with great refreshment and joy. There are no burdens or sorrows here—only light, happiness and ecstatic joy. Understanding is conveyed telepathically, and the nuances of what is descending from God in the Great Central Sun are seen almost as wisps of light and consciousness that permeate the atmosphere as they sprinkle radiance, beingness unto all life abiding within this realm.

We see the gates of the City Foursquare. We observe the architecture of heaven, and we are raised up in light to know the truth, the way and the life of all avatars who have walked the Earth, called by God to enlighten mankind with their radiance. And we vow within our hearts to do our best to reach up higher each day in work and service, in aspiring to perfection's glory—to love with greater love, to give with greater givingness, to authenticate who we are as sons and daughters of God by the allness of our being in complete unison with the One Eternal Light.

Impressed deep within our souls are new understandings, which we know will, in a time-release manifestation, be offered and proffered unto and through us for our edification, for our instruction, for our advancement on the path. And there are specific guideposts along our path that we have chosen with our cosmic mentors to learn from in order to advance swiftly to fulfill our reason for being and to know the way of the conscious ones who walk humbly in glory and pure presence.

We see the river of life; what it represents is known internally by us. We see the Tree of Life, as John saw it, and observe the gifts, coalesced as fruits of the Spirit, upon that tree. So much is felt, so much is seen, so much is understood in these eternal moments of our oneness with the hearts of Jesus and Magda. And they convey all manner of inner understandings, which we know will blossom and bloom in future days, months and weeks, years and decades as we fulfill our purpose and are impelled higher by God, through love, to reach the summit of our beings.

In this glorious manifestation, we again swoon in the awesomeness of the divine light and feel the cosmic currents pressing deeply within us and embedding sacred formulas of holy alchemy and mindfulnesses that we will embrace in our meditations and spiritual practices in days to come.

God's eternal glory shines upon and within us. And now we feel ourselves not as separate from all that we have experienced—we feel ourselves in the pure unity field of beingness and know what Jesus and Magda truly are, who they are; and our hearts beat as one in this hour.

O God, how great thou art! O God, how great thou art! O God, how great thou art in manifestation throughout the cosmic spheres, the elements, the quintessences and the co-creative universes employed and ideated into glorious manifestation. We sing our praise, even as we are raised in light to know love in all of its glory, in all of its joy, in all of its ecstasy.

This sacred journey and tour of the Holy City now comes to conclusion. We place our hands on our heart in appreciation of the great masters who have stood before us, the angelic choirs and all beings of light. And we return on a flying carpet to Mount Shasta, into our body temples, which are now also refreshed by this experience with a new radiance, a new joy, vitality and well-being.

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