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Kuthumi      August 08, 2015

Beloved Kuthumi
David Christopher Lewis
August 8, 2015   10:04 ̶ 10:15 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

Learn the Art of Stillness

I, Kuthumi, come to bring peace here—peace within your soul, peace within your heart, peace at the deepest levels of your being. For, precious hearts, the world requires peace, yet first and foremost you require that peace to abide within you.

The arhats of East and West have modeled a life of peace such that there has been the filtration through the atmosphere of the Earth into this plane such sublime, harmonic frequencies and divine quintessences that they can give rise to—when assimilated by the mind, the soul and the heart—a new godliness, a new understanding, a new intimacy of Spirit, whereby through your oneness with the All, you are subsumed into the very living presence of pure light.

How can you expect to know this level of divine radiation and beingness if you continue in your ways of such noisiness? The noise of the lesser self is as a cacophony to the immortals. And yet we come again and again almost surfeiting you in light so that you may have what we hope will be a greater inner response to that light, which can afford you, through stillness, a greater connection with divinity, a greater oneness with the Oversoul of the Great Spirit.

We the World Teachers are shepherds of your minds, your hearts, your souls. And in this shepherding, we come again and again to deliver unto you keys to understanding truth and divine wisdom. We come with our investments and dispensations, and yet often these are forgotten, dismissed, trampled upon by the untoward and those who know not the distillations of these essences, which we go to great lengths to secure for you.

Precious ones, if you desire greater dispensations, greater releases of light, assimilate those already released—become that teaching. And through a deeper inner understanding of your true nature, you will be able to accommodate the higher harmonic, radiating frequencies of the Great Central Sun, stepped down to you by great divine beings, including the Elohim and the Great Solar Lords, whom we, the chohans and the World Teachers, look to for support and guidance.

O precious gentlemen and ladies of the flame, the golden-robed brothers and sisters are now in your midst to accent that within you which is already sublimely understood to a new level through the harmonics of stillness, which you may move into, ascend into through a daily disciplined life of practicing the presence, of remaining within that sacred space of light through all your days, through all your moments of peacefulness.

Those who progress swiftly on the path are those who can feel deeply God's light, God's love within their souls. And if you have not quite garnered the quotient of energies, the inner understandings and the patience with yourself to accept this level of inner beingness through your disciplines, then I say return to the first steps. Know thyself. Go within and learn what love is composed of; how it originates from the great Cosmic Void, which the Divine Mother—in the unexpressed and undifferentiated warmth of total silence—uses as her cosmic womb to give birth to starry galaxies and vast systems of worlds.

You see, the raised kundalini is a key to bring you to the point of divine mindfulness, where you can enter greater states of stillness and presence. And yet some are still groping for the first level of connectedness on their path. Their minds are volatile; their brains do not stop in cognition of what?—human nonsense and worldly and petty encumbrances.

Therefore step back from yourself and observe the totality of your being, your thoughts, your emotions, what plays upon you and plays out through you. Enter deep and mindful moments with Manjushri, Maitreya and the great Buddhas. Learn this art of stillness.

The investment that I bring unto you, sponsored by the blessed Maha Chohan, is one whereby if you choose a new disciplined path of meditation each day, I will come to provide a greater impetus for your self-mastery. I will initiate you gently with the comfort of my starry being. For we know that some do not respond so well to the perceived harshness of the intensity of the blue and the ruby rays. Therefore, at the inner call of this messenger, I came to be with you in this moment to provide surcease from all distress and to give you my peace.

I AM the peace of love; I AM the love of peace. I AM the peace of the Presence; I AM the presence of peace everywhere. Find me within, and you shall know the grace of the Holy Spirit within that sacred space where God alights within your core, your spirit. I thank you.

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