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Goddess of Liberty      August 07, 2015

Beloved Goddess of Liberty
David Christopher Lewis

August 7, 2015   10:03 ̶ 10:25 am PDT

Divine Love Fulfilled through Higher Beingness: Saint Germain and Mighty Victory Return to Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta, California

Hold High the Torch of Divine Love for This Age!

 I hold high the torch of divine love this day here on the West Coast of these United States of America, even as I have held that light, inviolate, of wisdom and the flame of cosmic truth—that which accents the Son of God as the teaching of Divine Presence—in New York Harbor, greeting immigrants from many countries. Blessed ones, I ask you to hold high this torch of divine love for this age, for a new era of divine love to be born now and through the remainder of this cycle of light of your life upon Earth and unto ages dawning for our precious planetary home.

Many see me as an iconic figure representing the light of liberty, freedom and justice for one nation. Yet I say, blessed ones, as a member of the Karmic Board I also hold this torch on behalf of all evolutions upon Earth. And I am often a spokesperson for our message to each soul incarnating upon Terra and also upon their transition when they seek our guidance, our word of comfort when they have fulfilled each particular lifetime and desire to know what is next for them and how they have done in their sacred journey.

Blessed ones, I also stand on the northern border of this nation holding a blue torch of divine faith this day and on the southern border of this great nation holding a white torch of the purity of the Divine Mother. And so you see, this day I stand representing the full matrix of the threefold flame—which is borne within this torch and within your hearts—as well as the light of the Divine Mother, in perfect harmony and balance. For you have seen many souls in this era of late immigrating from the south and from the west. Even as early in the history of these United States the primary immigrants were from Europe, now this nation—as a great melting pot of souls of light from around the world, all nations—is still representing that light of freedom and liberty, still true to her purpose if each of her citizens stands firm in her resolve to be that light of truth, justice and the American I AM Race way.

Yes, blessed hearts, as we together merge our torches—and you may raise them now with me—there is an illumination sent forth of this fire throughout all the fifty states and throughout the world. There is an illumination of the minds of mankind, an illumination of the hearts of mankind, an illumination of the will and the souls of mankind so that each one may come into conformity with their divine purpose, their holy and sacred dharma to be the Buddha, to be the Christ, to be a representative of the Divine Mother while yet in embodiment in this plane.

O precious ones, you seek the answers to that which has been illegal immigration. And I say that there are many answers to this equation, if only the flame of divine love would burn in the hearts of leaders and all those who are making decisions on behalf of those who desire to come to this nation. And there is not always the opportunity for the poor and the wretched and the lonely ones to come. For they have not the resources to secure what they require, even to come legally to this nation. Therefore pray, blessed hearts. Pray for a way for those who are destined to be here to be allowed to come through a faster matrix, legally, and for those who are here illegally to have a course to find the sanctioning of their citizenship over time as they conform to the laws of this land, learn the English language, pay what is essential to support this democratic system within a republic and to give of their talents, their life energies and their sacred honor to support Saint Germain and his divine plan for this nation.

You see, blessed hearts, each and every soul who comes to these shores has something to offer of himself or herself for the great cause of light—eternal freedom upon this Earth. And I say that unless souls aborning in time and space are allowed to be born and abortion is no more such a scourge upon this soil and many lands upon this Earth, you may not have the resources, the talents and the graces for the divine plan of this nation to be fulfilled. Therefore pray for the turning around of this nation and for the sanctification of life again within the law of the land. Pray for a way—through the light of truth, the light of wisdom, the light of eternality—that is beyond what seems to be viable within that which has been established by the Supreme Court. For there is always a way with God. There is always a stream of divine gnosis and beingness that allows for the highest outcome to manifest through the conscious ones.

If you pray and if you accept God's holy will, wisdom and love to manifest through you—through your heart, through your mind and through your will—it is so, blessed hearts, because of that which God has embedded within the threefold flame within your heart. Therefore accept the totality of what that flame represents, even the I AM name etched within that sacred matrix of light deep within you. Accept your God Presence as the vital, living essence of who you are. Accept the reality of your true Self manifesting day by day. And when you are encouraged by us, encouraged by your own Higher Self to go farther, higher and deeper than you have ever dreamed is possible, it will be so by your conscious effort and your oneness with the great arhats and masters of light.

Blessed ones, Saint Germain has a plan and he is gradually unveiling it day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year through those who stand for truth, liberty, justice, harmony and freedom. Are you one whom we can count upon, blessed ones, to anchor that light through your invocations, your prayers and your meditations day after day? [Audience responds: “Yes!”] Thank you for your assent. For I now take the energies that are welling up from within your hearts and I coalesce them as a flaming fire, which I add to the torch that you bear. And this day there is a great power of illumination and of divine love manifesting here on the West Coast and in the East, the North and the South. And there is a burning through of the forces of darkness and the consuming, by the power of the violet-transmuting flame, of that which must go into that fire, of that which is no more acceptable in the lives of Americans worldwide.

Burn through, O sacred fire! Burn through, O sacred fire! Burn through, O sacred fire! Release the light! Release the light! Release the light from the Great Central Sun here and carve away a new pathway of light for lightbearers—North, South, East and West—to find their sacred home in the teachings of the ascended masters and the great ones East and West who have gone before mankind to show the crystal-clear pathway of light.

Yes, the Buddha, the Christ, Krishna and many others have come, and they have presented a clear road and map, dearest ones, for you to walk upon. And if you have clarity of consciousness, with Lady Clarity, you will see this pathway and walk it to the victory of your soul and your eternal destiny.

I am enfiring you with a new light of liberty within the pink fire of love, for love is the way to your cosmic destiny! Love is the direction—north, south, east and west—that you must always follow. And as you follow your heart and as you lead with your heart, I am there impelling you forward, inspiring you to be magnanimous in all ways, with Lanello, and to have the expansion of your heart fires so that that love will take over this planet and bring it into a new diamond-crystal golden age of love, wisdom and power forevermore!

I see it. Do you see it, blessed ones? [Audience responds: “Yes!”] As you visualize it, as you conceive of it in some greater way every day, it is so through your consciousness, through your heart, through your mind, through your will. And therefore you become a golden age right within your auric field as you walk upon this Earth consciously, as you invest the light-energies of your Higher Self in what you do through creativity and through everything that you bring to the table in your discussions, in your representations of light.

Yes, dearest ones, do you know that you, as a son or daughter of God, as a co-creator, have what it takes to launch yourself into the air, to launch yourself into the sun through your consciousness wed to God? You can be anywhere in this universe in an instant, in a flash if you desire to be there with God present with you. And as you ascend in consciousness, as you go here, there and everywhere to shower light upon this Earth, I am there with my cosmic sparklers, with the dynamics of that which you see on the Fourth of July in your fireworks, yet with much, much more, dearest ones. For within those sparklers are cosmic energies twinkling and flashing and delivering those quintessences that are essential for the transmutation of all that is less than perfection and the enlightenment of each one within those cosmic rays.

Why, we within the Great Karmic Board have the mysteries that we desire to reveal unto mankind, and yet you are not quite ready for all of them. And yet here, there and in a few areas on the Internet and within the lives of the mystical and magical ones, we are even now delivering new formulas of light. And Saint Germain is brewing up something cosmically more dynamic than you have ever dreamed of, dearest ones, to deliver to mankind here at Mount Shasta this year, next year and any year that you so desire him to come, by your request, by your invitation. Would you like him to come each year here? [Audience responds: “Yes!”] Then make it so, as Captain Picard said, by delivering the goods through your life, lived to the glory of God; by being true blue to your purpose; by being the violet flame in action, the violet light in reality; by actually coalescing that violet frequency through your bloodstream, through your mind so that you are a living, walking vessel and cosmic energy field of violet-fire freedom, liberty and soulfulness.

Dearest ones, pray for Afra's book. Pray for that tome of light to be delivered by the end of this year, for you will see true brother/sisterhood dawning upon this sphere when those words sublime are manifest in his tome. And when people pick up that book, see his image and realize what these teachings represent for mankind in terms of coming together once again in unity, you will see the dissolving of all racial tensions here, there and everywhere. You will see the dissolving of planetary tension as a whole. For the light of unity, the light of Micah and his beloved Unity will go forth through this tome to redeliver cosmic energies to unify, unify, unify all mankind in the one light of the Eternal One.

Gracious ones, you may lower your torch if you desire. For I know that it is quite something to hold it high for a long period of time—I know something about that! [laughter] Take it to your heart. Feel the burning; feel the fire pouring and coursing through every vessel of your lifestream and charging you with what you require to be the One, with El Morya, for us.

Now I will tell you a little secret about love, for I have meditated upon the flame of divine love for eons. My secret is this, that God is that flame within you. It is the totality of God's quintessence that charges your life with beingness. And if you can feel love for yourself as God feels it for you; if you can intuit each day more of just how God sees, knows and accepts you for who you are, you will never again see or feel or know yourself as less than wonderful, divine, beautiful. If you can have this feeling of love upon arising each morning—charging your day, charging your life—you will begin to have the expansion of so great a love within your life that you will literally ascend daily in leaps and bounds to a new plane of being and maybe even enter our chambers to behold how we represent love for mankind in our decisions and how we accept all, no matter how lowly or great, as God's children, God's beloved ones.

When you can feel that love within your heart and the fire of that love, you will be empowered, enlivened and entrusted with the light of Aquarius, the light of true love, which will burn on past your lifetime unto eternity and illumine many worlds—those that you have walked upon in past incarnations, in other dimensions and universes and the one upon which you walk now. You will be a flower of love giving birth to a new era. And through the flower, the divinity of your soul, peace will again reign upon Earth and all will know the magic Presence of their Solar Selfhood.

I proclaim it, I behold it and I hold that field of divine intention for each of you. And when you come before me and the Karmic Board after this lifetime, as we embrace you as a conquering one, as a victorious soul, you will remember my message and I will smile upon you, and you will know that truly God is great in all and that you are one with God eternally.

O beloved ones, it has been my pleasure to be with you for this moment in timeless and spaceless nowness. Now let us be up and doing, dancing and waltzing, spinning and freeing this Earth in light for the victory of our collective mission to be love, to be love, to be love. I thank you.

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