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Sanat Kumara      August 06, 2015

Beloved Sanat Kumara
David Christopher Lewis
August 6, 2015   4:39 ̶ 4:43 pm MST
Divine Love Fulfilled through Higher Beingness: Saint Germain and Mighty Victory Return to Mount Shasta
Mount Shasta, California

Sanat Kumara Comes with an Anointing of Love

I, Sanat Kumara, come in this sacred space of love to anoint you with a greater love, which you may know, yet which only comes when all that has suppressed that love within you is no more and you have opened your heart to a greater love born in spirit through the song of the Divine Mother.

We honor Mary this day throughout the heaven world as the feminine mediatrix of light for mankind, one through whom the healing of all may ensue when they understand the true Self within the greater context of Alpha and Omega, Father-Mother, masculine and feminine as one.

Let love pour through you harmoniously. Let love co-create within you a new world, and let that love shine forth so that all may know a new love born in eternality on wings of light and with the breath of babes and the holy avatars.

Come unto me, all ye who desire love, and I will fill you with light.

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