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Manjushri      May 19, 2015

Beloved Manjushri
David Christopher Lewis
May 19, 2015   8:20 ̶ 8:36 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

Your Personal Spiritual Education through Mentor Devotion

It is folly to attempt to go it alone; it is fruitful to enter the path all one. Your mentor is all-important to your Solar evolution. Your guru is the one whom you may count on and who counts on you to be obedient, rich in light, fruitful in all of your ways. Although your God Presence is your mentor deity, always available, since many of you have not fully heard or discerned the intimations, the vibrations and the mentorings of your Solar Presence, it is essential that most of you know your mentor deity in order to provide the impetus by which and through which you may have a more transcendent inner experience of constant communion with your Source.

The ascended masters, the Buddhas, the divine bodhisattvas are these mentor deities. And when you link up with them, when you coerce them to work with you by a level of purity of heart that moves you beyond the pale of human living into the divine experience of heavenly life, your new life emerges; your aura is suffused with their Presence, their love, their grace; and your mentoring begins and your true spiritual education ensues.

Through ignorance, many defy their true gurus, and this defiance leads to nihilism. By accepting, on a daily and hourly basis, the mentoring of your true guru, you demonstrate that you are willing to be transformed, even resurrected from the dead, from your past ignorance.

Who is your guru? Who are your gurus? If you do not know outwardly through meditation and practice, then discover who they are and discern their methodologies and how their mentoring spirit, guidance and love for you may lead to a great improvement in every aspect of your life—greater discipline, greater harmony, greater inner peace.

The giving of this ritual1 is an exercise in transcendence, is an opportunity to reconnect, is a portal through which you can access greater Buddhic light, greater Buddhic joy, greater Buddhic bliss. Consider every thoughtform within it as a nexus through which God-consciousness may be transmitted, accessed and manifested. If many of these concepts are new to your outer mind, then repeat the ritual until you feel comfortable, to the point where the thoughtforms are alive with meaning and resplendent with energy.

The giving of this mentor devotion daily over a twenty-one-day period will provide for many of you such an increase in Buddhic beingness that you will be amazed how burdens will simply dissolve; how outer cares, anxieties, pressures will be released and disappear; and how a new friendship with the Divine will emerge through the blessings, graces and bestowals that will come to you through greater mindfulness as you gain parity with your own Buddha being in your outer waking consciousness. Mastering the giving of the words is a test in enunciation itself, which requires crystal-ray accuracy. Consider yourself a novice in a certain Buddhic holy order and enter into the equation of this alchemy with reverence, respect for your elders, seeking to understand and then mastering each concept conclusively through personal experience.

The great lamas and teachers of the East understood this science of beingness and made real these ideals within their lives while in silence, in stillness, in meditation. You now have some co-measurement of what it may take, what it will take for you to rise in awareness to perceive as they do, to mindfully work for planetary enlightenment as they do, to rise above the human and enter the gates of the Pure Land.

As your Manjushri, I wield a sword on your behalf, claiming you as a future Buddha-to-be now through mindfulness for the compassionate one, Maitreya. For as many more enter the Buddhic fields of his greater God-consciousness, he may alight here and there within and around the world to perform cosmic magic, loving alchemy on behalf of the multitudes.

This ritual coupled with the bodhisattva prayer2 are two seminal works of light sponsored by me, overshined by more Buddhas than you may imagine, giving rise to the new era, blessing life in every domain.

Om Ah Hum Vajra Guru Padma Siddhi Hum. Padma Sambhava now comes to encourage you, through loving awareness, to be the Buddha where you are each day, to pray with thoughtful caring for all life, to expect miracles, to live within them and within the eye of the jewel of the lotus—manifest peace. OM. OM. OM.

1. The Jewel Tree of Tibet: Mentor Devotion was given prior to the HeartStream by Manjushri. This is an ancient Tibetan Buddhist ritual that professor Robert Thurman translated and published in his book The Jewel Tree of Tibet. This recording includes the full devotional ritual in English for those who resonate with its latent power and choose to use it to assist them in their work of Self-realization and enlightenment.
2. “The Bodhisattva Vision,” prayer 9.008 in The Hearts Center—Prayers, Decrees and Mantras.

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