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Shiva      April 21, 2015

Beloved Shiva

David Christopher Lewis

April 21, 2015   7:00–7:24 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart

Livingston, Montana

Shiva Delivers His Fire to Dis-Integrate the Not-Self


I AM Shiva! And I come this day for the dis-integration—yes, the de-construction— within the Earth, within civilization and, if you choose, within you of all that is unreal, temporal, evanescent. For it lacks the stuff of divinity, the essence of perfection, the glory of God that Brahma and Vishnu have created and preserved in the integrity of divinity.


Why do I come this day? For this day is an opportunity for you, blessed hearts, to have cleared away from you that which no longer serves your life, your limb, your legacy. And if you would be moved into a new dimensional plane of being, into a higher awareness of self-enlightenment, self-elevation, self-recognition within the Divine, it is imperative that the fire of the Holy Spirit, who I AM, merge with you, blend with the inner fire of your divinity to expand that fire for a new resonance, a new harmony, a new divine glory to appear within you.

You have used the rays of God and the fire of transmutation. I AM that fire of the ultimate transformational process, through which and by which there is clarity from clearing; there is awareness through the process of transmutation. There is born and reborn within you—through the dis-integration of that which is untrue, unreal and unworthy of you, and through the reintegration by the light of Brahma—a new co-creation that moves you beyond the constraints of your limited self into the new day of beauty, harmony and divine joy.


Many feel the heat of the new era dawning and do not yet know how to reconcile that eternal fire within their beings to allow for the sloughing off from their awareness, even from their physical temple, of that which burdens them and brings them low. Well, I come to give you many keys this day, blessed hearts, through what we will be accomplishing within our work for this dissolution of darkness and an instauration of light, light, light where you are.


Do not fear the fire of God, for it will not scorch your true Self, that which is real within you. Do not fear anything! For when you live in fear, the joy of love cannot perform its perfect work within your life nor can the transmutative fires perform their surgery, their miracle manifestation of divine magic within you. When you are able to withstand the fire of transformational change some way every day and allow this sacred process to bring about your reintegration in God, then that which you accept becomes permanent. That which you now receive and allow to manifest within your life becomes a part of the new glory of your true Selfhood.


Many fear change, and yet change is the only constant in the universe, save love and light. Therefore when you accept change as a positive alchemicalization of light within you, you live in love; you live in that light whereby God represents within your flowfield the sacred, the holy, the purposeful, the integrated and benign God-good.

          Assess each morning and before you retire what it is you that would glean from what the heavens and the divine ones offer to you as opportunity for self-transcendence, divine growth, spiritual evolution. When you are in the accepting mode of the fire of God within your life, within your realm of being, I am there with you to guide you through the process of this dis-integration of the nihilistic self, this de-construction of the not-you, the untethered self.

Yes, when you live on the periphery of God, you are untethered to Reality. Therefore, as I serve on the nine o'clock line of God-reality, I am there as you enter the equation of water moving into earth, of the emotional manifesting into the physical, to help you realize that which arises through this process of condensation, of mater-realization within your world and your life. And if you can enjoy the process, whereby God becomes more real and clear within your life through your loving awareness, through your constancy and dedication to holy purpose, then the fire of Shiva will live on through you. And you will also know Brahma and Vishnu in this triangle of light, in this triad of perfectionment and divine glory within your own threefold flame.

           Yes, I am love—the love of disintegration of darkness—even as Brahma is the power of creation and Vishnu is the wisdom of preservation. When you are in the quickened state of Self-realization through the balance of these three divine processes, you procession to a new star of being. And you see all the divine gods and goddesses, shining in their brilliance, who are moving heaven and earth for you and with you on behalf of your life's victorious and magical experience and manifestation.

Now the ray that I send to each of your hearts bursts into a fire deep within your soul, if you choose to accept it, so that you may feel and allow it to burn away the dross of the past, even as you accept the glow of the future within the Now. Yes, dearest ones, when you are fiery in your determination to accept the fire of God within your being and to manifest your own fiery nature, we live deep within your soul. And you may know a new brilliance, a new auric presence, a new divine light shining through your every thought, word, deed and emanation as we revolve throughout the cosmos and perform that which, even in seeming destruction or annihilation, is the alchemy of love.


Many understand that all processes have their purpose. For you see decay in nature ultimately resulting in the creation of a new foundation, for the seeding of new gardens of light, new glories within a new Earth manifesting on behalf of the Divine Mother for her weaving of light through her children. Some ask, where is the Divine Mother in the triad of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva in this process? And I say, blessed ones, that she is everywhere, for the Shakti of each of us is involved in the Omega aspect of our work at all levels of beingness. And when you truly cognize and understand how the Divine Mother manifests through us, in divine polarity with that divine triad, you will see the trinity within the Earth manifesting in compliance with cosmic law to bring about the harmonization—as Above, so below—of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva here within your realm. Meditate on Gautama's thoughtform and you may perceive our work in heaven, even as it is upon Earth through our Shaktis.


Now, blessed ones, the gift of fire that I bear may carve away, in many realms, layers and layers and many more layers of veils of maya. And if you can withstand—through the use of the violet fire, the call to Astrea and even your jumping Shivas with me—the integrative and restorative fires that first result in the deconstruction of evil, or the energy veil, then what you will see arising, as the phoenix from the ashes, will be more majestic, will be truer to the original blueprint of perfection and divine glory. For out of the ashes of the destruction of civilizations that have decried God and hid their face from the light of the Sun arises the new culture of the Mother, the new civilization of the Sun in its midst.


If you are worthy by being ready for the Solar radiation of divine wisdom in your midst, for what Vishnu employs within all of his guises—Ram, Ram, Ram—nullifying untruth and revealing the All, then, blessed ones, I will also be there to assist him and his Shakti in the next round of that work of beauty.

Now a word on meditation. You may discover within mind something of your Self. And as you may behold me in the image of Nataraj, realize that within this dance I am in perfect meditation upon the entire process of creation, preservation and disintegration, in balance. As you meditate in your services and in your private time, consider inviting me to augment that which you are attempting to accomplish by letting go of any preconceived matrices that would not allow the Lords of Life to manifest their results through your work. And as you receive, first, Shiva and then Brahma and Vishnu in your midst, in your meditation, you will find a heightened clarity of consciousness, a more serene experience, and even the divine and miraculous manifesting right within your auric flowfield, whereby your higher mind assimilates you, your Divine Self absorbs you into the higher Reality that you seek in these times of silence and inner peace.

          You see, it is not so much about you reaching up or attaining to something higher, better or more serene. It is about allowing God to be where you are and condense within the flowfield of your being light, the brilliance of godliness, a new sensitivity of perception and holiness. Meditation is all about surrender through the sacred process that has been called sublimation, whereby you are literally subsumed into the Divine by letting go of the not-self. Therefore be quickened in this process! Be awakened by the light. Be moved only by the Solar Lords in your stillness. And when they open your eyes to the higher reality of Spirit, you may be surprised who and what you will see, what your new perceptive awareness will bring into focus, into greater clarity of consciousness.

          Be ready for me through the breath of the Spirit, for within that sacred breath there is fire; there is God-desire, as desirelessness, in its ultimate state of love. Shiva I AM. Shiva I remain. Shiva I will be for you when you require a little kick on your path, a goad to return to oneness and joy.

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