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Jesus      April 05, 2015

Beloved Jesus

David Christopher Lewis

April 5, 2015   11:04–11:34 am MDT

Livingston, Montana

Jesus's Easter Message


Dearest Ones, Children of the Sun, Hearts of Gold Who Desire to Live Eternally in the Light of the Presence,


On this Sunday, I come to invest within you, within the Earth and within all those who call to the Christ for intercession light from the Central Sun as the resurrection current, as that fire, that eternal flame that raises all through the nexus of the heart into the highest level of divine beingness that can be known and expressed through one's core identity, one with God.


Many look to me as an example—yea, a savior—and yet, blessed ones, my teaching was always that the light of the Christ is within all sons and daughters of God. For all were created in that same eternal image, the image of perfection, beauty and grace. All were cast forth as light beings into the creation to experience life through free will and invest within that life the energies of consciousness to expand the cosmos, to give birth to new ideations of brightness, joy and beauty.


Consider your soul as a pearl of light. Consider how you, in the same Spirit in which I came forth, may also emerge this day and every day from the tomb of your lower creation into the brightness of the new Solar day—radiant, effulgent in spiritual fire and grace—and bring forth through the nexus of your heart willingly, consciously, lovingly and reverently the beauty of your creative field of beingness as you are aligned by that will, wisdom and love with God's eternal heart.


Consider how this resurrection day, this Easter, is simply an opportunity for you to experience that selfsame resurrection fire that flowed through me on that day and again empowers Christians everywhere to live in the light of the Presence, to know the Christ Spirit within. And I count among those whom I call Christians those who live in the light, no matter what their faith, no matter what they declare as their belief system. If they have allowed the light to reside and to grow within the self, then, blessed ones, they are experiencing what we together are co-creating of a new world birthed in light, raised in the glory of the Divine One.


Truly this day is an opportunity to put aside, through that Ritual of Surrender, all that limits, confines and divides you from God. If you will accept the recreation of yourself, a new renaissance of who you are in God, then your new creative life begins this day on Easter Sunday. And you can live in eternality through each breath, through each heartbeat to experience the allness of God's Presence right where you are. There can be for you renewal of your spirit, refreshment of the coursing of your being through your daily experience—walking with God, talking with God and experiencing the new Logoic life that can be yours by your conscious choice.


Melchizedek has come and will continue to deliver his messages of light, even with a challenge to the soul to grow and to expand awareness into the new day, into the revelatory fields of greater God-beingness that are being provided to this Earth daily through emanations from the Great Central Sun. And these are stepped down through the great Solar Lords unto the sun of this system, and then through the manus and the chohans unto you, each one.


Yes, blessed ones, there is a hierarchy of light. Some would cast aspersions upon it, thinking that they have license to live in their own freewill experience without conforming to the eternal laws of beingness and truly honoring that which God has put in place as the matrix of perfection through an ordered hierarchy of life in higher realms, extending throughout the cosmos.


            You see, when you accept that you are a part of the whole, you honor the whole, even those who have gone before you to guide you on your pathway home to the heart of God. And in this honoring, there is an acceptance that some have modeled that divine life in a greater magnificence, in a greater radiant field than you have done to date, blessed hearts. And so the ascended masters are here; we the World Teachers are with you. And we emanate simultaneously, through the love-wisdom fires from our minds and hearts, a challenge to you to come up higher, to dream a greater dream of beingness, to walk unto and into the Holy City, where you will know light, only light, greater light within your flowfield, your mind, your being.


As the Essene teachings are ready to be delivered unto you in greater measure, consider how the ordered and disciplined life of the initiate is the way in which you may grow into the higher field of divine existence in which we live and move and have our being as ascended beings, blessed hearts. Much has been spoken of late about the disciplines on the path. Some have railed against it, thinking that they would rather be on their own, living their own life and discerning from their own hearts that their way is better than the way of the disciplined ones. Well, blessed hearts, all are free to experience God in the way that they deem is essential and best for them. Yet I can assure you that if you honor the hierarchical approach to accelerating on the path of light through the nexus of these true teachings of the ascended masters, you will make greater progress. You will be able to put aside every sense of self outside of the divine light and you will begin to merge more, on a greater and daily basis, with your true nature and experience that field of joy, that field of light and love that all truly desire, with a pure desire, deep within their hearts.


We are not here to in any way limit you through the disciplined path. Truly it is freeing; it is liberating in the highest sense. For if you would go beyond the constraints and the bounds of this world into higher octaves and know life as we know it, blessed hearts, you would understand the dynamic of freedom in its highest authenticity. You would discern that when you give up, through this process of sacred surrender, certain limiting forces that you have accommodated within your world, you would now have access to greater streams of light, greater divine quintessences, higher energetic forms and matrices and formulas of beingness. And when you truly experience the lightness of your true Self in its power and in its intensity, nothing of that lesser experience will any longer suffice for you, blessed hearts. For you will seek again and again to know God in his/her infinitude, in the greatness of the Presence and in that experience of buoyancy and joy that is beyond human measure and the frailty of your lesser self.


You know that living in the density of human desire pulls you down into duality and the baseness and crassness of that animalistic experience that truly is not for the initiate, the sons and daughters of the One God. Simultaneously, you know that letting go of what you have accommodated, even in your diet and your daily practices, of that density will afford you a new stream of awareness, a new crystal-clarity consciousness that will allow you to rise in your meditation practice more swiftly and easily into the divine worlds, where you may commune with angels, divine beings, ascended masters and the lovely spirits that come to bless you at any hour and when you require it for your higher nurturing, your new spiritual life.


If you at all have trouble, blessed hearts, accessing this divine estate of crystal-clarity consciousness in your meditation practice, then breathe deeply. Let go of your human mind thought patterns and accept the vibrations and the emanations of Aquarius that Lord Maitreya, Gautama, Kuthumi, Omraam and I, with Padma Sambhava and many other Buddhic beings, continue to provide unto humanity through our experience of oneness with God.


Do not allow your attention to be diverted in so many ways, into so many areas of human experience that you are not in alignment with that first law of being—to love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, strength and soul.1 If you study your life and where you place your attention, where your consciousness goes on a moment-by-moment basis, you will find that you have often left the nexus of the eternal Now through the arousal of aspects of your former self, in moments when, through anxiety or pain or human nonsense, you enter a lesser field of beingness. And if you will realign yourself through your consciousness with that Eternal One and love God truly as you have been called to do, you will find a new vibrancy, a new energy that will move you beyond the pale of your human limitations and even your focus upon the lower aspects of your body temple, with its pain and suffering.


By will of your mind, blessed ones, you can conquer all that is less than God-perfection within you. And even as you age and experience in some way the gradual decline of your higher mobility or what you were able to do and accomplish in your youth or in your twenties or thirties, you can still maintain that childlike spirit of grace and gratitude, and in this feel youthful in your heart, vibrant in your mind, elastic in your consciousness and move beyond the constraints of what you often feel when you are no longer so focused upon the divine light.


Why do I share this teaching this day? Because some of you are moving on in your elder years toward the time of your ultimate destiny and calling back to the heart of God. It may not be this month, this year or even this decade. And yet as you prepare for that seminal event of your permanency, your union with God by passing the initiations of the transfiguration, the crucifixion, the resurrection and, finally, the ascension, it is imperative to know that through that oneness, through that love of God, you move through the stream of these testings swiftly—always placing God first, knowing your Source and accommodating that which God would provide for you every moment through the nexus of the Now of your love.


Love was at the core of the resurrection fire that poured through me unto all humanity as I stepped from the grave and rose on that day, fully clothed in light, to nurture my own with these cosmic rays that blazed forth through the ascension fire. Think of what you can do as you invoke the resurrection fire and then consciously send forth these rays unto humanity. Think of how, here and there throughout the world, lilies and lilacs and roses may bloom where you touch the Earth, by your consciousness wed to God, as the resurrection flame gives birth, through seeds of light everywhere, to this new energy of Aquarius.


You see, there are so many ways to use the resurrection fire, blessed ones. It is not something that only has one way of expression, one manner of emanation and delivery. You can be creative in how you express the resurrection currents through your life lived to the glory of God. And many of you are doing so through an understanding of the teachings of permaculture, of gardening, of giving life by planting seed, nurturing it, observing and appreciating it as it blooms and blossoms and becomes the plant that you desire, either for your enjoyment visually or experientially through your meals.


Gracious ones, every springtime there is an empowerment within the Earth through the resurrection current, which comes in wave patterns of light as many cosmic beings breathe new life into your Earth and into your lives, consciously utilizing the resurrection fire. Even the precious elementals feel these impulses and know that it is an imperative for them to both receive them and to extend them through the verdure of nature to humanity. Why, have you noticed coming up out of the earth those green shoots that you so love before the tendrils and the flowers emerge, with their expressive, joyous state of beingness that gives you so much pleasure and divine happiness? Well, you are a flower of God, and as you emerge from the Earth unscathed by your human experience, God appreciates you. God cherishes the vibrancy, the coloration of your auric field, expressing so many virtues and angelic frequencies.


Truly, dearest ones, if you consider yourself like or as a flower of God daily, there can be a greater anointing of all that comes unto and expresses through you to humanity and to the cosmos. And in the feeling that you will house within your chakras, your aura, many will be blessed by your being, by your radiance, by your love.


As your Jesus, yes, I am here to save you day by day if, through a prayerful attitude and a harmonic life of blessed humility, you choose to accept the saving grace that the Christ consciousness extends every moment. Yes, I said on the Mount that the meek will inherit the Earth.2 And these meek ones know themselves in their humility, in their seeming gentility through the power of God that flows through clarity of consciousness, through the crystal-clear chakras, cleaned daily through the use of the currents of light, the violet light and all of the rays in prayer, meditation, fasting and sacred service.


If you could see, truly, the rainbow effect of what you emanate through your joyous prayer services, through your singing and praise, your dancing and your glorious days, you would be in wonderment of how you are co-creating a greater garden, an Edenic garden again upon Earth through your virtuous lives, blessed ones. And in this, you would ever give praise to the Source of all life for the opportunity to be of service, of loving, caring ministration.


Minister to one another through love. Give freely of your gifts when you are called, and even before the calling. Be shepherds and shepherdesses of light to those who look to you as a source of wisdom, of brother/sisterhood and of love.


O my beloved and holy ones, I now bless you. And I raise my crook high into the atmosphere of the Earth as the Good Shepherd this day to emanate waves of Cosmic Christ peace throughout the nations, to call all to harmony, brother/sisterhood and true peace. O mankind, put aside your divisions and that which no longer serves the truth, the way and the life of love. Embrace one another through love; speak words of encouragement. And in this, you become a chosen one because you have chosen the path of light, life and love.


A babe has been born this day upon the Earth, this very day. And that one will transform entire nations through the virtues of God that that one has already and will again express through her own Christic-Buddhic awareness of light, reverence, humility and joy.


Take your cue from the Children of the Sun and live in that light every day in some way. And then as you model the Essene teachings, the Essene disciplines and the Essene way, a new community will be given birth to in days to come that will care for all the incoming avatars who will transform our Earth again into a new Eden, into a planet of charity and love, freedom and peace.


I AM the Prince of Peace—yesterday, today and forever. I give you my peace, I extend my radiance, and I bless you, with my beloved Magda, on this Easter Sunday, my precious friends, my glorious ones. Thank you.

1. See Matthew 22:35–38; Mark 12:28–30; Luke 10:25–27.
2. See Matthew 5:5.


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