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Magda      March 29, 2015

Beloved Magda
David Christopher Lewis
March 29, 2015   11:37–11:44 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

Magda Blesses Us with a Wave of Christic Love

I, Magda, come now and bless you, each one, waving palms on this Palm Sunday, blessing you with the grace of the Son of God, the light of the Christ, which each of you also emanates from within the Word that you bear on behalf of the Logos within your heart, your mind, your will. I was there on that Palm Sunday and I witnessed the great light of my beloved as he rode on the donkey, as he was acclaimed and as the palms were strewed before him in honor and in deference to the light that he bore us all. 

If you would enter the New Jerusalem, the Holy City, understand that you too, like Jesus, may choose to embody the Christ light within your heart and bear love in a greater effulgence within and during your life in service and ministration to many. That light is born though harmony. It is exercised through the currents of fire that you receive from on high through your crystal cord, vouchsafed to you as that constant source of anointing and blessing.

You see, dearest ones, you may enter the New Jerusalem in consciousness at any time that you choose, simply by attuning with the spirit of the Christ and also riding with elemental life through the sacred gates of the sacred city and alighting within that realm of peace, of love, of true brother/sisterhood. Even as Jesus greets you within the Holy City, so there I am focusing the feminine aspect of God and of the light of the Christ through my being.

Now I extend to many of you who choose to receive it this day a wave of healing light to nurture your chakras, your auras, your being with the sublimity of Christ's Presence in your midst and with the divinity of that radiant field that will move you beyond human concern, the pressures of living on Earth today into the pure field of peace, of inner joy, of beingness, of holiness. Cast into the sacred fire all of your human burdens, cares, worries—worries about your income, your families, how you look, your body temple. Breathe in the light of the Holy Spirit's fire, even as you have already received the fire of Melchizedek this day, and know a mother's love for you. Know surcease from all stress, pain and sorrow. It is all assuaged, and you are washed clean in the spiritual fire and in the new baptism of grace and light.

Go in peace; share your love. Be that true disciple of all that Jesus conveyed with love. For in your discipleship, you honor his mission, our mission, our love. I thank you.

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