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Jesus      March 26, 2015

Beloved Jesus and beloved Mother Mary
David Christopher Lewis
March 26, 2015   1:30–1:50 pm MDT
Livingston, Montana

Jesus and Mother Mary Grace the Heartfriends of Barcelona with Loving Support

I, Jesus, come with my beloved mother and my beloved father. And on their behalf I share with you my heart, my sacred heart. And in a moment of timelessness I speak to my own, my little saints in Barcelona.

Precious ones, the grace of God lives within your hearts. The radiance of God's being has always been shining within your soul when in moments of deep prayer, meditation and silence you enter the eternal realm of light within you where God exists, where all that is good, beautiful and pure already manifests and shines. For it is God's great pleasure to offer you something of this divine light in your world. And when you abide in humility, in this grace, in this love-fire, I, Jesus, share my sacred heart with you in these precious moments of divine love.

Many of you have been invested in past lifetimes in the work of the Spirit. And in this lifetime you have come to the point on your spiritual journey where all that you feel, all that you experience and even see at times is a part of heaven, is a part of our greater plan to bring the kingdom of God into manifestation upon Earth.

Did you know, blessed ones, that when I gave that prayer to humanity that you call the Lord's Prayer or the Our Father that it was truly a model for all mankind to use to draw down the spiritual substance from the Holy City into the Earth, into their daily practical lives? When you feel these words as true and already manifesting in your life, when you know them from within your heart, mind and soul as you speak them to be already vibrating in truth within your world, then angels of the sacred fire come and enhance and support the ideal that these words represent, their value, their honor. And these angels support you in a very direct way in outpicturing this prayer and these words in a powerful and divine experience.

Now we are moving heaven and Earth into a new age of enlightenment, freedom and divine love. And you, my precious hearts in Spain, are there streaming forth from within your hearts the flame of divine love in so glorious a way that all those evolving in your country may, at the soul level, feel what you feel and experience spiritual support, uplift and grace. During your giving of the weekly Rosary of Divine Quintessence, thousands of angels gather round about you and expand the light that you invoke to bless millions of souls. If you could truly see this occurring, it would bring tears to your eyes, even as the angels whom you call to cherish the words that you speak with love and carry them to the altar of God on your behalf to bless life in so many realms and worlds.

Now my beloved mother, Mary, comes right into the room where you have gathered with her angels of healing and wholeness, and each of you receives the ministration of one of her angels to heal you of past scars in your emotional body. And this angel will work with you for as long as you desire to have her presence in your midst to support you in overcoming all past experiences that have brought you duress, pain and anguish. For the Blessed Mother knows your soul and your heart intimately. And so she comes in this miracle energy field to bless you and to grace you with her healing light, her divine radiance and, if you choose to accept it, with heavenly joy.

You see, blessed ones, the path is no longer the via dolorosa, the sorrowful way. As the light of Aquarius dawns upon the Earth and so many angels are with you supporting you, the flame of happiness and even ecstasy may be yours moment by moment, whereby you may experience God in your midst, angel presences all about you and the divine realms of heaven lowered right into your daily affairs as you live in the pure stream of love.

Now Mary would speak to you a moment, blessed ones.

My precious hearts, I love you; I cherish you just for who you are. Let no one bring you grief of any kind. Let no one diminish who you are or criticize your soul. For God does not in any way demean you. God has always beheld the perfect you, the ideal who you are destined to become. And this immaculate image and blueprint of your true being yet vibrates all around you and within you and is there for you as the perfect image of your true Self. And when you meditate and pray and access this pure stream of beingness, I support you and continue to love you as a true mother loves you.

Some of you may not have been loved by your parents in this life as much as you would have appreciated. I understand. And therefore Joseph, Jesus and I, with beloved Magda, Raphael and Portia, are here to love you as a true family does. We are here to nurture your soul as a heavenly family ever does. And if at any time you feel in any way a lack of love, visualize the Holy Family with you. See us presenting our light-energies to you and feel our intention, our joy, our radiance in your home and in your midst.

Some of you may remember having presented to you at your First Holy Communion a little holy card with an image of an angel, a saint, Jesus or me. If you choose, blessed ones, you may secure one with an image of the Holy Family and keep this little holy card always with you in your purse or wallet. And at any time that you require a little bit of love, a little bit of understanding or more energy, take it out and look at it, press it to your heart or your lips and say a short prayer, and we will immediately be at your side and in your midst to protect and nurture you. Even as Joseph and I nurtured Jesus through his early years, so you all require our loving care. Even as we prayed together as a family, so you too, as a greater family of friends, of heartfriends, when in prayer are supported by us, nurtured by us, loved by us.

Gracious ones, it has been our pleasure to bestow this day something of heaven's radiance to you through this HeartStream. And as you prepare each month to receive a new one through David, we pray that others may gather in your midst to feel this loving support. We pray that one day even the room in which you are gathered now will not be large enough to accommodate the souls who will hear our messages. For you see, this is a modern-day visitation. It is an opportunity for quickening and awakening, even for healing—first of your soul and spirit, then of your mind and emotions, and, lastly, your physical body temple. We begin with the important part of you, and when your soul is realigned and truly nurtured, all else will come into wholeness, my beloved holy friends, my tender and beloved ones.

Oh, God is great. Oh, the light that we access from the realms of heaven are truly miraculous. And all shall be fulfilled through our saints upon Earth, the humble and pure ones whose hearts reside within my heart, whose lives are now protected and sealed by this action of light and grace.

I AM your Mary. Remember always that you are loved. And as you live in this love, you will always feel the presence of angels, divine masters, the precious elementals and those of heaven who love you so.

Bye-bye for now, my gracious hearts. Keep the peace within your homes and we shall return unto you very soon. We thank you.

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