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Jesus      March 20, 2015

David Christopher Lewis Discourse (overshined by Jesus)
March 20, 2015   11:35 ̶ 11:56 am MST

Jesus on the New Jerusalem and the New Age
2015 Spring Equinox Meru University Event
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Jesus's Discourse on the New Jerusalem

This is a discourse inspired by beloved Jesus for all of us. The Holy City, in addition to being a sacred haven of light in the heaven world, which we just experienced in this beautiful meditative journey facilitated by Clare de Lis with Mary and Lazarus, also represents our own body temple. The twelve gates of the Holy City are a mystical representation of many things. They represent our twelve major chakras—the seven major chakras and the five crystal ray chakras combined. There are the twelve disciples of Jesus, the twelve tribes of Israel, the twelve lines around the cosmic clock, the twelve colors of the spectrum—the seven in the rainbow and the five crystal rays, which have more of an invisible type of spectrum that is within the crystal and yet not fully manifest outwardly. There are the twelve signs of the zodiac. We have the mystical number one hundred and forty-four, which is twelve times twelve. The Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov gave a teaching about the twelve portals into our physical body—our two eyes, our two ears, our two nostrils, our mouth, the two breasts, the navel and then the two lower entry points that we all have.

The gates are portals into higher awareness, mystical experience. The chakras themselves are batteries of light for the nurturing of all of our bodies in all dimensions and planes of being—not just physical, not just mental or emotional—all of what we could call our twelve bodies.

You may have had other teachings about the four lower bodies and the three higher bodies in a previous dispensation. As I'm seeing it now through the lens of Jesus's awareness, we could say that we have twelve bodies—the four lower, the four middle and the four higher, or upper. If the four lower are really lower, we should be in our middle ones, at least in consciousness.

We have earth, water, air and fire relating to the physical body; the astral, or emotional, body; the mental body; and then the memory, or fire, body. The four middle bodies are the Christic, the Atmic, the Solar and the causal. And then beyond that are the galactic; the universal; the cosmic; and the final one, which came to me as I was meditating with Jesus, the void.

We talk about the cosmic void in the preambles of some of our prayers. And we've kind of joked about cosmic Boyd, who emerged from the void at one point, as all of us did. So this void is really an unmanifested potential, and yet it's still, in a sense, one of the upper four highest-vibrating bodies.

Now, if Christ is at the right hand of the Father, who is at the left hand of the Father? Anyone?

Participant:  Holy Spirit.

David:  Holy Spirit. In the cosmic clock teachings that we've had in the past, the Father is at the twelve o'clock line, Christ is on the three, Holy Spirit is on the nine. So if you look at it, the right hand of the Father is the Christ; the left hand of the Father is the Holy Spirit; and then, in a sense, below the Father—not in vibration, yet fully integrated as part of that circle—is the Divine Mother.

We know that the Alpha part of the cosmic clock includes Father and Son, and that the Omega half of the cosmic clock includes Mother and Holy Spirit. So really, all along, the Holy Spirit was part of the feminine aspect of God. We now know that the Holy Spirit is feminine, whereas we didn't have that understanding fully before.

The New Jerusalem is an interesting concept because Jerusalem means “new peace.” So the New Jerusalem is the new new peace. So it must really be new, the New Jerusalem. So there is the old Jerusalem on Earth and there is the New Jerusalem, which is descending from heaven, kind of displacing what has been the new peace on Earth with a new new peace.

The Holy City, as described in Revelation, is a cube. A cube has how many sides? Six—four horizontally viewable, and the other two are the top and the bottom. So a cube, if you know your geometry, has six sides. So in a sense, even though we talk about the twelve gates—and you can say that three are viewable around the four faces of the cube—how many points do you have around a cube? Eight points. And the points where there is an intersection of how many lines? Three. Every point, every corner of the cube is an intersection of three lines.

So what are the four faces of the cosmic cube in Revelation? The lion, the man, the calf and the flying eagle. Remember Sanat Kumara's teaching through Elizabeth Clare Prophet in the ruby-ray teachings? Very mystical. They were not all easy to understand. There is a lot of symbology that we can discern. So we have the path of selflessness, service, sacrifice and surrender—the eighth-ray path of integration, the ruby-ray path.

After the eight rays, we have the ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth rays, which are on the eight, nine, ten, and eleven o'clock lines of the cosmic clock. If we segregate what is happening here, we see that the twelve, one, two and three o'clock lines of the clock are the first third of the twelve lines of the cosmic clock. Then we have four, five, six, seven as the second third. And then the final third is eight, nine, ten and eleven. And then we come back to the twelfth.

If you look at the cosmic clock and you look at—starting with the twelve o'clock line, as we do in cosmic astrology as taught by Mother Mary—we start with an earth sign. Then we have an air sign, a water sign and then a fire sign. Capricorn is earth, Aquarius is air, Pisces is water and Aries is fire. And then we repeat that. So Taurus is earth, Gemini is air, Cancer is water and Leo is fire. Then, starting with the eight o'clock line, Virgo is earth, Libra is air, Scorpio is water and Sagittarius is fire.

It's interesting that we are not going in the order of earth, water, air, fire, the way that vibration occurs in the matter planes of being, where the most dense is the earth, the next less dense is water, and less dense than that is air, and then the least dense is fire. Why is it, do you discern, that when the structure of cosmic and regular astrology was manifested that we went from earth to air rather than from earth to water? Has anyone thought about that? Yes.

Participant:  When I first learned about it, I was told that the water comes because you need an atmosphere for the rain to come down. So you have air before water. I was told sun, earth, air, then the water—it's the final of the four.

David:  Sun, earth, air, water. So the sun represents fire.

Participant:  Right.

David:  Sun, earth, air, water. Is that what you said?

Participant:  Yes.

David:  Sun, earth, air, then water. In regular astrology they start with Aries typically, right Raphael? So that is fire. They go sun/Aries, earth/Taurus, air/Gemini, water/Cancer. So that's why they start with fire, see? So I can see what you are saying. In a sense, the sun created all life in our solar system. The earth was created and it required the breaking off of, in a sense, the coalescing of substance from fire into what we call the earth. Then it was taken up into the air and finally water and then life. What evolution says is that life evolved through the water. Whether that's exactly true or not, we understand that life really began with fire, and it actually began before fire with pure light: “Let there be light.”

Now, if you draw the interaction of these matrices on the cosmic clock—let's say, for instance, you start with the nine o'clock line and you go to the three, then down to the six, then up to the twelve and then back to the nine—what are these in astrology? Well, you have cardinal, fixed and mutable, right?

Raphael:  Yes.

David:  So the nine, six, three and twelve are cardinal. So when you connect those in a certain way, you actually make a kind of a figure eight—part of a Maltese Cross—and you can do the same with all the cardinal points. Now, what does this have to do with Jesus, the Holy City, and our body temple, where we started? It's all related because the Holy City is a representation of who we are—as Above, so below. We were created in the image and likeness of God, and God formed within our temple the same structures, in the same matrix as the universe itself is formed.

Now, the universe is not a cube. It's more of a what? An egg. Yet the Holy City is in the form of a cube. Why? Anyone? Raphael, you have to come to a microphone.

Raphael:  Cubes tend to be physical. They tend to manifest as, or represent, a concretization of fire, such as symbolized by the egg or sphere.

David:  So does the egg represent the Mother and the cube the Father?

Raphael:  I would say it was reversed.

David:  The egg represents the Father and the cube the Mother?

Raphael:  From one perspective, yes.

David:  So it's kind of the reverse of what you'd think logically, because the Mother holds the egg, right? Who is the egg? [Audience laughter]

Participant: Symbolically, feminine forms are normally oval shaped, or round. They're containers, womblike, flowerlike. And masculine symbology is sharp, with the corners, and phallic-type symbols like the Washington monument. That's a very masculine form. So a square would have the corners and the sharpness of the masculine mind and that energy of the masculine archetype.

Participant:  Also, when you were speaking about how many points a cube has, the one geometric part you didn't talk about was how many edges it has. A cube has twelve edges.

David:  I was going to say that and I forgot. Thank you. So it does have the twelve edges, and the edges are wherever two points intersect. So it has six faces, or sides. It has twelve edges and it has eight lines.

Participant:  Vertices.

David: Yeah, vertices. Good. We have a mathematician here. So there's a lot of symbology in the cube, and you can take that into consideration when you meditate and go to the Holy City, which I expect that we'll be doing more and more with Jesus as we replay Clare de Lis' beautiful meditative journey and as we study the Book of Revelation, as we try to bring heaven on earth.

            Remember Jesus's prayer, the Our Father: “Thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.” So part of our purpose here is to bring the New Jerusalem into manifestation on earth as it already exists in heaven.

 In the retreats of the Universal Great White Brotherhood, we have two different retreats that have the Temple of the Sun. One is over New York, and where is the other one? Titicaca. Titicaca and New York. So there must be a tie between Titicaca and New York that we may not have yet discerned. The Temple of Illumination. Various temples of illumination around the world are all facilitating the spiritual education and enlightenment of mankind. So the Holy City is a Temple of the Sun too. We experienced that today.

When you were in that sacred space meditating as Clare de Lis was speaking as the spokesperson for her family, of her sister and her brother, did you experience an intensity of the light as if it were a sun? It was phenomenal for me. And I was experiencing it on behalf of all of us from Clare de Lis' perspective as she was escorting us and describing what we were all experiencing. And remember, it's brighter than ten thousand suns, and yet it doesn't burn our eyes, because our eyes are higher vision centers in our etheric body than in the physical, and we can take more light into our retina and not have the fracturing, dissolution or injury of the cells there.

When you meditate on the Holy City and you pray with the prayer that we have in our prayer book, which is one that was taken from the Book of Revelation, number 9.016, you find some very interesting things. So let's turn to 9.016. And I'd like to look at the section specifically that the conductor leads, and we are going to give just the part that the conductor gives.


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