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Clare de Lis      March 20, 2015

Beloved Clare de Lis
David Christopher Lewis
March 20, 2015   10:16–10:43 am MST
Jesus on the New Jerusalem and the New Age
2015 Spring Equinox Meru University Event
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Clare de Lis Takes Us on a Journey to the New Jerusalem

David: There was a wonderful holy family that supported Jesus's mission that included Mary, Martha and Lazarus. We know that Elizabeth Clare Prophet was Martha in a past life. Mary Baker Eddy was Mary, Martha's sister, in a past life, and I've heard that Lazarus later embodied as someone near and dear to many of us who lived in India. All three come today to escort us on a holy journey to the Holy City, the New Jerusalem. They lived in Bethany, and this was a place that Jesus could go to for rest and to regather his spiritual energies for his sacred work in healing and ministering to people.

Bethany itself, etherically, is a type of Holy City, where the imprint of Jesus's radiation, light and love is anchored in a very tangible way. Has anyone here been to Bethany in the Middle East in this life? It would be wonderful if we could all go. However, we'll go there in spirit now, and that will be a portal through which we go to the New Jerusalem.

Our beloved Clare the Lis will be leading us in this experience.

Clare de Lis:

My precious pearls, come with me now in spirit as we rise out of our physical forms, attended by angels of deliverance and escort angels of beloved Lady Leto, to journey to the Holy City in the heaven world. We rise on wings of light safely, serenely, with auras all aglow, smiling as we soar to this kingdom of light, this sacred retreat of oneness.

As we alight near the holy gates, we witness the multifaceted crystalline nature. And we are in awe of what God has created as a gift for his children, as a sacred center of divine activity, as a place of peace, understanding and nurturing love.

We enter now the main gate of the city and walk hand in hand with our escorts, almost floating as we move through the various avenues lined in gold, with crystal of all colors everywhere: within the forms of life, within the temple itself, within many structures that we are shown. These serve many purposes: education and training, prayer and meditation, healing, rest, recuperation and experimentation with alchemy. And we see many gardens, fountains and meditation points, where souls of light ascended abide, co-creating the highest reality that mankind may know in this realm of pure light. We feel the infusion of this divine radiance with every step that we take and are blessed by the graces of God that are shared with us affectionately by all who abide here, who notice our presence and smile lovingly, bow and wave.

There is cosmic understanding between all hearts here. There is true brother/sisterhood abiding here. There is the divine knowledge of the One God and of the many representations of God's being and so many beautiful renderings of creativity, fashioned by hands of light, by artisans of the Spirit who use many modalities for their creative works.

We feel nature itself calling to us, as the intelligence of elemental life everywhere is perfused within the atmosphere, as the grace of God is bestowed from within nature to every life form in a type of adoration that gives glory to God's Presence within every created being, every form and in the formless energy fields all around us.

The Holy City vibrates with divine intelligence and the majesty of co-creativity born of pure love, pure light, pure crystalline fire. We see in one amphitheater, which we now relax within, what is transpiring upon Earth in many planes of being, in all nations and among all peoples, and how angels of the sacred fire respond to prayer, invocation and the meditative callings of souls upon Earth for divine intercession, blessing and grace. We see the miracle light alighting upon Earth in answer to our own inner conversation with God. And we notice all manner of sacred miracles transpiring—some great, some small, yet all facilitated by upturned hearts true to their Source, employing the Divine One to bring peace, presence and love across the world.

The very essences of light garnered within the Holy City are transmitted within the angels' sacred work of bestowing God's energy of love to all mankind. And we notice various initiates, high masters and teachers positioned in all nations upon Earth who facilitate the garnering of peace itself, the opening of light from the Holy City to Earth through their conscious virtuous lives. And we sense what we, each one, have facilitated through our spiritual work in this and past lifetimes, how grace has been bestowed, how truth has been delivered, how co-creativity has woven itself through many streams of awareness in the lives of the intrepid devotees of the Spirit.

O blessed ones, God is great. And when you alight here consciously in your meditation upon the Holy City and you hear the echo of the words of John the Beloved and see what he witnessed, as the angels sing continuously the praise of God at the high altar of beingness you too are buoyed up in an ecstatic state of divine love and you feel adoration for and give obeisance to the One Eternal God.

As we move through various dimensional planes of being based on the vibratory field of the evolutions that abide there, their missions, and the longevity of their beings, trued to the sacred mission of light and love, we notice so many resplendent things and are awed at what the universe is composed of, what we are composed of—the same star-fire substance of love—and we feel reverence for all life. We enjoy this moment of eternality in one another's presence. We see no disparities among ourselves, only the graces that we, each one, facilitate through the love of our hearts bestowed gracefully. And we feel absolutely no sense of distress, pain or suffering, for it has all vanished in this sacred spot of blessedness.

Dearest ones, we know the travails of all living upon Earth. For Earth is a schoolroom where each one works out his or her salvation by moving through an initiatic life, coming to terms with past choices and, hopefully, in a very conscious and loving way deciding to be love, to be godly, to live in light moment by moment. You see, even with all of the spiritual teachings that have been conveyed through many divine masters, avatars and mentors through all ages, the spiritual path basically boils down to this: love God with your entire being; live in light; be integrated in the Presence. And as you enjoy your experience in self-discovery, the cares and burdens of living upon a 3-D world will disappear and you may truly enjoy divine happiness, true love and the majesty of divinity right where you are.

Now the Elohim come in their divine majesty and infuse within the Holy City a cosmic impulse of divine radiance, which in turn is energetically perfused to the Earth where those reincarnated upon it are embodied. And by the grace of God on this day, the first day of spring 2015, the Solar Lords breathe new life into the Earth, into the Northern Hemisphere especially, and there is forgiveness, transmutation, understanding and a great cosmic blessing conveyed through this dispensation of light. O Lords of Creation, thank you for this gift of light. Thank you for life itself—the breath of life, the radiance of the One Eternal God.

Now, blessed ones, your angel escorts bid you to come back to the sacred portal of the main gate to the city. We congregate here, telepathically, say our good-byes to our divine friends in heaven and, with a whoosh and in an instant, we leave and return to our forms upon Earth.

As you integrate what you have experienced in this sacred moment of eternality, deep within your soul the pearl of your being glows. There is a new radiance in your auric field, a new buoyancy all about you. It is truly God's grace, born of God's love for you, each one.

As your Clare de Lis, with Martha and our brother, I bid you adieu now and bow to the light blazing within your hearts and minds and souls and return you to the heart of the Son of God, Jesus—our elder brother, friend and master—for his sacred teachings, for the conveyance of his Christic awareness, for the light that he bears to truly be born within you afresh.

Go in peace, O hearts of fire, and fulfill your sacred mission. For we will be waiting for you on your final journey back to our abode. And when you have fulfilled all, I will bow again to the majesty of your being as you are received here in eternality. It will be a glorious day, even as it is today a glorious day. I love you, my friends.


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