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Zadkiel      March 03, 2015

Beloved Zadkiel
David Christopher Lewis
March 3, 2015   7:33–7:49 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana 

Lord Zadkiel Blazes Forth the Seventh Ray of Freedom
For the Binding of the Forces of Antichrist in the Earth

I, Zadkiel, stand here in this hour to blaze the light of the seventh ray within you and throughout this Earth!

Blaze forth the light, blaze forth the light, blaze forth the light, blaze forth the light, blaze forth the light, blaze forth the light, blaze forth the light of the seventh ray of pure joy, eternality and freedom!

Dearest ones, freedom today is on the march through the sons and daughters of God. And if you would be in this company, then invoke that light fully in the fire of joy and join me in this joy spirit of seventh-ray audacity to declare and aver, here and now, that freedom is the way of this age and that all that stands in the way of freedom must go and is now gone, gone, gone from the Earth!

Blessed ones, you see the signature of those who have their own sense of truth and what they perceive as the authentic way of the prophet. Yet I say, the way of murder, the way of war, destruction and chaos is not the way of freedom and of the seventh age. And therefore it is imperative that, point/counterpoint, the light of freedom dictate to the nefarious ones that they have no place within this Earth with this attitude of murder. Bind them in the name of Jesus the Christ! Bind them in the name of Astrea and Archangel Michael, the captain of our hosts of light.  Bind them in the name of the Elohim of the first and fourth ray in this hour. 

Now, dearest ones, our legions move here, there and everywhere. And from our home over Cuba, we ray forth the light in 360 degrees to free certain elements of the consciousness of people caught in the web of nihilism, misunderstanding and untruth. Free them, O legions of light! Bind now those who would keep them shackled in an identity and within a matrix of imperfection and ignorance! Bind ignorance in this hour! Bind anti-freedom in this hour! Bind anti-truth in this hour! 

The light of God always prevails, and the beloved Solar Presence is that light! If you say those words with authentic God-power manifesting from your heart, mind and soul, blessed ones, we will be there to deliver the goods, the spiritual fire and that light that is essential for the freedom of souls, for the liberation of that which has been caught within this web of deceit and destruction. Therefore use your fiats. Use the Word, who you are in reality, moment by moment, as you are inspired in order that our legions, our angels of the sacred fire may do their work with effectiveness, with pinpoint accuracy and with the dynamism of that Holy Spirit-empowered flow from on high. 

Bind, bind, bind the Nephilim in the Earth! Bind, bind, bind those interlopers who have inveigled themselves into the true doctrines of the real religions of the Spirit that have been sanctioned by the true prophets, seers, avatars of past ages. Bind now the cause and core of the perversion of Islam in this hour! Bind the cause and core of the nefarious interpretation of scripture through an illicit doctrine that authorizes the use of force in any way to overcome others, to chain them, to murder them.

In this hour, the Four and Twenty Elders again stand and sanction an action of light through the seventh ray, through the action of our legions, blessed hearts. And we go forth and deal directly with those responsible for what you have seen outpicturing in the Earth of late. And there is a conclusiveness to this action. There is the endgame of the Lord manifesting now through cosmic chess moves on the scene here, there and everywhere. And ten thousand angels move into the Middle East, into Crete and into areas where there should be the legions of light physically manifesting through the forces of light. And yet some in this nation stand back and rest, thinking that this is not a threat to freedom here.  I say, blessed ones, that wherever there is murder, wherever there is war, it is a threat to life, to love and to liberty. 

Therefore when you see the Antichrist moving through many individuals in embodiment, challenge it in the name of the I AM THAT I AM and say: “O Zadkiel, O legions of light, deal with this issue now, by the power of the seventh ray of freedom, justice and joy! Bind the forces of darkness now, and liberate those who have been enslaved within this unreality! Awaken and quicken them to a new self-realization of the truth, the way and the life of the seventh age. And, Divine Director, direct the legions of light here, there and everywhere to accomplish the miraculous, to save sentient beings, especially the holy innocents, the women and children and those who have no part in war of any kind.” 

I now extend a radiance of the seventh ray and then, by permission of Archangel Michael, of the blue ray over the entire region of Iraq, Iran, Syria, Israel, Lebanon and the region where death and destruction have occurred, extending to Egypt, Libya, Sudan and into central Africa, where you have seen atrocities that are so ignoble, blessed ones, that we hide our eyes from it. Now there is an action of justice and cosmic judgment that is instantaneous and swift. And the Holy Spirit herself invests the light of God in these areas, both for this action of judgment and for the comfort flame to be upon and within the lives of those impacted and affected by this darkness.

As you give your violet-fire prayers and songs, as you call to Archangel Michael and his legions, we also will respond with our highest offering, initiating spirals of light, saving what may yet be saved and affirming, in a new spirit, the new reality of the seventh age of freedom and enlightenment.

Dearest ones, in your meditations, in your moment-by-moment thoughts and feelings, impress within the Earth the eternal light of peace, understanding, patience and virtue. See, feel and realize fully within you that as you model the life of authentic love, compassion, kindness and beingness, we infuse that radiance in which you live into vast areas of the globe and perfuse it here, there and everywhere for miracles to ensue, for graces to be bestowed, for blessings to occur in the practical lives of thousands and even millions. It is up to you as an initiate to initiate waves of God-consciousness, patterns of perfection and jewels of joy to be bestowed upon life. 

Thank you for your givingness. Thank you for arising early for these morning sessions. For, dearest ones, capturing the light of the sun and sending forth these rays through these services has made a great difference. And it has, I tell you, saved tens of thousands of souls who could have been affected if a greater action of darkness had manifested through the beginnings of a third world war, which, I say, has begun, in a certain sense, within the Earth.

Calm the forces of darkness by the intrepid nature of your vital light-love expressions, and seal the place where evil dwells by invoking that light throughout your day, even in moments when you can utter those fiats. And simply be still and know the I AM THAT I AM within you, and ray forth, consciously, the light into these areas of darkness.

On the heels of so precious a dissertation and an expression of love from the Master Nicholas Roerich, I come on this third day of the month to invest the seventh ray into you and into the Earth for our collective and progressive victory, blessed hearts. Again, thank you, from heaven, for your offerings, for your givingness. You, as an initiate, are making that difference, and we acknowledge it and express our deep gratitude. God bless and keep you in the eternal light of love and freedom forevermore.


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