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Buddha of Diamond Crystal Light      January 15, 2015

Beloved Buddha of the Diamond-Crystal Light
David Christopher Lewis
January 15, 2015   8:52–8:55 pm PDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Blessing from the Buddha of the Diamond-Crystal Light

                        Fire of heaven, descend now and embellish within you, around you and throughout this sphere the crystalline-diamond nature of holy radiance and Buddhic awareness. We release from within you streams of cosmic consciousness so that you may access more of your eternal diamond nature, blessed ones. And as you celebrate now and in the future the holiness of community—a community of hearts, minds and wills wed to a holy cause—we the Buddhas are with you. We the Buddhas will continue to inspire you. We the Buddhas will increase the fire from the Central Sun, now manifesting through the Sun of your own being and the totality of who you already are as a God-realized one.

                        When you accept your divinity, we are there in that acceptance. When you feel the divine light, we are there increasing the frequency and the wave patterns of that sacred connectedness with the All-in-all. Virtuous ones, we bless you; we finesse you.¹ And as your holiness increases and you breathe in Spirit fire, we abide in eternity within the crystal-diamond light at the core of your being.

                        Om Mani Padme Hum.

1. Although the word finesse as a verb often has a negative connotation, in this instance the master's meaning is to deliver the delicacy of "fine-ness", virtue, or divine essences akin to grace and virtuosity.

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