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David Lewis      January 09, 2015

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
January 9, 2015 9:11–9:30 am MST
Livingston, Montana

Transforming Our World through the Power of Our Beings as Sons and Daughters of God

             We, together, in this age, at this time are experiencing planetary transformation, unending change and conflict. And much of this is deliberate in terms of what certain forces are attempting to bring about and to purvey in their quest for power, control, money, et cetera. Likewise and simultaneously, the law of the universe—the Law of the One, the Law of the Circle—is ultimately in control and dictating the way events are outplayed, because no human being can escape the law of cause and effect. And though some would attempt to foist their will upon the masses, upon mankind's consciousness, ultimately it is the will of God, divine reason, the Word, the Logos and the creative fire within the sons and daughters of God, as the true administrators of the light throughout the cosmos, that will dictate the end result of all that is transpiring, both during this cycle and ultimately during all cycles.

             Now, mankind, all of us, have free will and we can choose to either invest our energies in the holy will of God or something other than that, which typically leads to a dead end. So all those who attempt to persuade us to believe something or to act in certain ways, all those who are influencing our minds through any form of manipulation or human measures will ultimately come to the realization that their efforts are fruitless, because only that which is within the circle of God's divine influence, true beingness, oneness and Presence can last, can be forever, can be permanent.

             What we can do now is to emanate the permanency of our true beingness to assist the Lords of Life, the Lords of Karma, the Lords of Form, the Lords Individuality, the Lords of Creation in bringing about a beautiful, new, harmonious divine world. When we engage and are involved in the alchemy of the emerging Golden-Crystal Age through our consciousness wed to the Divine, then we are active participants. And in that engagement on a daily and moment-by-moment basis, we become the arbiters of the true destiny of light on this Earth, and we take the reins of God-power by our free will from those who are attempting, through human power, to dominate, to dictate and to deny the light to the sons and daughters of God upon Earth. When we do this work consciously and invest our hearts, minds and wills—which have been vouchsafed to us so that we may engage in assisting true planetary transformation to occur, a true Solar civilization to emerge and true oneness among all peoples to manifest—we know that there is opportunity to bring about a new reality that will be seen tangibly in the affairs of life everywhere.

             The media is the massage. And the media attempts to massage our minds and persuade us to buy, buy, buy and to do, do, do those things that often are not in alignment and in accord with the highest expression of God's holy will. Therefore we must be the message; we must be the new media. And how are we that media? By aligning ourselves with the great Mediator, the Christ consciousness, and dictating through the Word that flows through us the way, the truth and the life of this new age of divine love, freedom, enlightenment and gnosis. This is why these broadcast services are powerful. We are engaged in that Word through the holy breath of God, which moves and flows through us as we speak, as we sing, as we meditate in this new concourse of the Spirit that is rebirthing the Earth now with this new radiance.

             From the beginning of our movement—which is a movement in that we are moving with the Holy Spirit daily, together, as one in consciousness—we have been active co-creators, participants with God. We are not sitting on the sidelines ruing the day and simply beholding what is transpiring all around us and feeling helpless. We are helpful, which is one of the definitions of a Holy Spirit-empowered one. That one is helpful, like the Good Samaritan; that one is giving; that one shares and meets needs and requirements as they occur around him, seeing a need and immediately acting rather than ignoring or allowing others to be the ones to engage or participate.

             As initiates, we initiate action as needs arise. We are mobile; we are fleet of foot; we know that the trek upwards is inconvenient at times; and yet we know that mobility is the sign of the chela, of the initiate. And that mobility is a mobility of consciousness, an agility of mind. It is the ability to act instantaneously when called from within to respond to pain, suffering, anguish, hurt and the cries of humanity, which we as bodhisattvas simply must do because it is in our nature to love, to serve, to give.

             If at any time we feel that events in the world are dominating the scene and creating something that we do not desire to manifest, it's time to go within, intently gather the power of our Presence at our core and thrust forth with some form of action, of word, of presence in a deliberate way to make a difference. The force would have us sense our powerlessness. And by “the force” I don't mean the good Force in the Star Wars movies; I mean the anti-Force, or powers that were.

             Nevermore should we feel that we are powerless. We are great spiritual beings who have the authority, through our words, through our free will, to make a difference and to make our mark upon and within the Earth. If we accept these truths, which I know are ringing very clearly inside of you now as you hear them spoken with the empowerment of the Holy Spirit through me and through all of us, then that power and that sense of responsibility will always provide us joy in knowing that we can make a difference, that we are not powerless, that we are not puny, insignificant human beings in the cosmos. Yes, we know the cosmos is large. Yes, we know that the stars, the solar systems and the galaxies are amazingly huge, and yet God has embedded within us his/her spirit-spark. God has ennobled us to be co-creators, sons and daughters of the Most High so that we can participate in the creation, expand the cosmos through our awareness and co-create new and amazing things through the gifts and talents that we have right within our beings.

             I am honored to be a participant in this alchemy of the age with you, whom I consider to be friends, initiates and adepts-in-the-making. Adepts are those who adopt God in their lives, who adopt an awareness of truth and understand the vital urgency in this hour to make an impact upon the planet through what they emote, what they emanate, what they emit as light, as love, as the virtues of God. Never settle for something less than, when you can have it all. And by “all” I mean God's awareness and love in your life.

             If you feel that you do not have what you require, then discern why you have settled for something less and change your awareness, move into a new field of beingness and realize that all of the resources are all around you and within you and available to you now and not at some distant time or future place or in some fanciful relationship that you have been waiting for for years and decades. The relationship is now between you and the God-fire within your heart. That is the true relationship. When you have another who has the same fire in his or her breast, who resonates with you, then that one will feel it and you will feel it and you can be friends, co-workers or maybe something more—mates, loved ones, wedded both in spirit and in mission.

             The power of your Presence is significant. The power of your word is amazing. The power of your will can transform anything in your life in the twinkling of an eye if you realize the divine intelligence, the divine magnanimity and the divine power that you have within your threefold flame, which is a reflection of the eternal unfed flame, the Maxin light upon the altar of the Most High God in the Great Central Sun. You have apportioned to you a replica of that eternal fire, which burns within your heart and that animates your spirit, your soul. If you can just realize fully the magnanimity of this gift of God, then nothing will stand in your way when you mean business and you share that business in a positive and loving way with the world through your interactions with life, with your surroundings, with the elementals, with nature and especially with yourself.

             A couple days ago I wrote the preface to the advanced alchemy book. I refined it yesterday and I feel pretty good about it. What I did was to go back to the very first HeartStreams I received. The first one was from Jesus on June 7, 2004, and I have it in a plastic sheet inside a binder. I realized after reviewing a number of them that many of these have never been published on our website. And there was one in particular that I found that I had forgotten all about. It was a question to Saint Germain that I asked him in the first month of the masters coming to me back in Paradise Valley in 2004 in my previous home, during my previous marriage. The answer of the Master was amazing, and it had never been published. In fact, all of you, except maybe one or two, have not read or heard any of the messages of Saint Germain that came in the first months and that I put into this preface.

             So this book will be something new for everyone, and I encourage you to pray for us: for me, Claire, our editors and our graphic artists who are working now, or will be soon, on the finalization of this book. I say this to share with you that the love of the Master is present, the power of the Word is magnanimous, and we have what it takes to bring about planetary transformation. Saint Germain is doing this through all of us. You are doing it in loving and beautiful ways, and I honor you, each one, and bless you today.

             In the name of the living God, in the name I AM THAT I AM, be blessed, be sealed, be warmed in the Spirit, refreshed and invigorated in the light-energy of your Divine Self. God bless you. Have an awesome day. Bye-bye.

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