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David Lewis      January 05, 2015

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
January 5, 2015   9:00–9:30 am MST
Livingston, Montana

Love Is the Power that Unifies All in True Communities of Light

Good morning, everyone, on this January 5, 2015—1-5-15—an auspicious day. I had requested that we be able to hear from Paramahansa Yogananda on this his birthday, even though we know that he's not an ascended master. He is an unascended master, like Babaji, and Babaji has dictated. So the answer that I received is that I could deliver a message, as if it were from Yogananda, in other words, inspired by him and yet it's still coming through my mind and heart.

Love is the greatest gift that we can give to one another, to God, to the universe, to the creation. And when we truly love, that is when we know God, because God is love. To truly love means to give our essence as we share our love in words, in deeds, in devotions, in praise, in thankfulness, in adulation, in song, in dance. The universe is a love-field of light. The universe is a love-field of light that embraces all creative beings who experience themselves and all through conscious awareness. Without love there would be no conscious awareness, because love is what stimulates feeling, which breeds sentient awareness. Therefore it is incumbent upon us, as we become and desire to become more conscious, to become more loving.

The most conscious ones in the universe are the most loving, because love extends and expands consciousness into any and all domains of being. Love furthers the field of the creation through its ability to expand light. If you desire to be truly a co-creator with God, you have to love God and love what God is invested in, which is the creation and all of his/her creatures. And all creatures are extensions of God's consciousness, God's reality, God's being.

Love, as the greatest power in the universe, is the creative force that brings everything into manifestation, cycling through spirit and matter as one reality. We have heard of the spirit-matter cosmos. Spirit permeates matter; matter is the cup for spirit. God the Father, as Spirit, and God the Mother, as Matter, are interwoven in this great tapestry of light. And light, as love, permeates the creation in this beautiful field of beingness that we experience and can know through love. We can only truly know God and God's creation through pure love. Love brings awareness, which in turn brings wisdom into play in this great playground of the universe that God has created.

However, if we know truly, in that knowingness there is always love present. We can't truly know someone, something without the spirit of love being present. The scripture, especially the Old Testament, uses the term know—“so-and-so knew so-and-so”—and in some cases that meant they knew them through procreation. Well, that procreation occurred through love. So to truly know someone, something, we have to love them. We cannot know someone truly unless we love them.

Jesus's great commandment—“Love one another as I have loved you”1—meant that in that love, that omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent flavor of divinity, we would get to know each other in true brother/sisterhood, in true community, in what a true church is, which is a community of brothers and sisters. When we love one another, we extend God's kingdom through the sacred brother/ sisterhood that we experience with one another.

One of the greatest aspects of our Hearts Center community is that we love and appreciate one another as co-creators, as co-equals in this dynamic of co-creation; that we are invested in the togetherness of co-creating a golden-crystal age through our own talents and gifts. If there is only one or two at the head who are the co-creators, what does this say about the sons and daughters, the children of the One? God invested in mankind the ability to procreate, which is a proto-creation, by joining together man and woman in the sacred bond and union of an experience of solidarity and beingness in which they share the Alpha-Omega currents with one another for a flowering of new life.

And that new life born of love is expressed through this bonding of the Alpha and the Omega currents, through our oneness. And this oneness can occur within ourselves as the masculine and feminine aspects of our self are divinely expressed through our own creative spark. And they can be shared one with another in holy works, in our dharma as we co-create projects, initiatives, events, courses, beautiful offerings through books, DVDs, CDs, visuals. And then we extend that creation to a greater field of awareness of mankind through the media that we utilize: our website, our offerings through the media, Facebook, Twitter, the social media of today as well as by word-of-mouth and through our events, et cetera.

All of this co-creativity can only truly be victorious and fully manifest through the field of the love of our hearts, first focused on the love of the Creator, the love of the Source, the love of the One God. If we have not acknowledged the Creator, the Source, we have missed the boat of what love is all about because we have not gone to the cause of all that is. And so any religion without a scientific understanding of this dynamic of what love is is bereft of an amazing aspect of consciousness. And any science without the spiritual backing and understanding of the causality of all that is through the power and the emanations of love is a quasi-science; it is not true science.

Yogananda merged East and West and he merged science and religion, or true spirituality, in his teaching. And he demonstrated it in his life magnificently through his teaching on the merging of many of the understandings of Hinduism and Christianity—of Krishna and Christ, of the arhats and the masters of the East and the true science of light and living, of the Christian mystic, Jesus, and others of the West.

What we are about in our movement, The Hearts Center, is a demonstration of love. And when we have love backing what we do, first with our love for God and then with our true love of one another through gratitude, appreciation, thankfulness and responsibility—which means the ability to respond to others needs, requests and righteous desires—we can be true Good Samaritans. We can be true first responders to the impulses that emanate betwixt us all, between heart and heart, soul and soul, mind and mind. We can have a true mind meld, without using any force, through the sacred bonding of our minds, as one, with the mind of God. We can have a true melding of our hearts and a communion of our spirits through an understanding of one another through love. And we can have a true bonding of our wills as we move forward as servitors to construct a new temple of light—bridging the ages of Pisces and Aquarius—through what we are co-creating consciously, through the science of Spirit that we are employing in our givingness.

We are building Vaastu temples. We are using permaculture principles locally in order to bring forth the highest of these divine resources for the New Age, through enlightened awareness, to assist lightbearers in finding this teaching, their own truth and a platform for their co-creativity with us.

Yogananda would like us to know that he's a friend of Mark Prophet, now Lanello, and of Clare de Lis. And they have discussed the dynamic of what has transpired in The Summit and various offshoots of The Summit, and in SRF and various offshoots of it through Ananda and other smaller groups. And it's interesting to see how, from their perspective, in a sense it's all good because people are people. They resonate with others of like heart and mind and will, and they will gravitate or move into sub-communities in order to do certain work for the Earth, based on their interpretation, their views, their paradigms. And who's to say that only one approach or one system is the only or the best way? Many people have moved through the stream of the teachings presented by the initiates, going back to Babaji, and before him Krishna, and before Krishna the Logos, or Rama. And many others have moved through the stream of the teachings of the ascended masters in the West through the various dispensations that we are aware of.

So long as we remain in the field of love for one another and for all life, including those who may have a different perspective or seemingly disagree with what we're doing and how we're doing it, we are part of the whole in a positive way and there is no judgment; there is no dualistic matrix that separates us. So long as we love and truly love one another, as Jesus said, we unify all of these various circles of individuals who are true to what they feel and see as the truth and who resonate at a certain vibration and frequency. And there is no judgment that one is better or higher or more refined than another. It simply is what it is.

There are many finding value and truth through all of these various movements, organizations, study systems, subgroups, et cetera, because it's the way that creation works. When a rock goes into a pond, yes, it starts one major ripple, yet in turn that giant ripple begins many other smaller ripples. And they're all on the same pond; there is still one pond. There is still one water source, and so long as we acknowledge that and know that there is one Source from which all comes, then we can avoid some of the pitfalls of judgment and dualism.

Love is the key to our reality. Love is the mode through which we grace the cosmos with our spirit-spark. Love is the platform by which we live, move and have our being in God's awareness. Love is the All-in-all. Love is light expressed through the movement of the heartbeat and the impulses of that beat, which say to all life: “I love you. I am love. I am love. I am love. I am love.” If you listen to your heart, maybe you can hear, at least in English, “I am love. I am love”…thump, thump, thump. And God speaking through your own heartbeat is co-creating anew each day, each moment with you through the sixty or more heartbeats per minute that you are experiencing and the eight to twelve breaths or so that you take each minute—or, if you'd like to slow them down through yogic and pranic breathing, less breaths per minute.

The source of our victory as a community in this year 2015 and beyond will always be the power of our love, our collaborative and communal love. It can be no other way. We can co-create all manner of great marketing strategies, yet if we have not love behind them, they are as naught, as a tinkling cymbal or as sounding brass.2 What empowers those strategies, what vivifies our message, what allows there to be a transcendent release of Spirit within what we are projecting through our website and through our conscious works is always love.

Where there is love, there is healing, there is wholeness. It may take time for that healing and that wholeness to fully be bestowed or take hold within our body temple when we have temporarily experienced the dynamic of what we call illness, pain or disease. Even if our physical temple dissipates, so long as we have love, the spirit moves on in integrity, lives on past and beyond the disintegration, and a new integration occurs by the power of that love-field that we have held by our spirit wed to God.

So for those of you who are aging and concerned about your physical body temple and the time and the place when you may have to lay it down, please have no fear. Please have no fear that you as a sentient being will live on and are still a powerful administrator of the energies vouchsafed to you from the Source to co-create an even more refined and beautiful world and higher reality, which you will jump into at your transition. True initiates have no fear of the future—of their future or of the demise of their cloak, their outer cloak of their body form. Yes, it is a little painful to leave those whom we love, whom we cherish, with whom we have interacted—our families, our closest friends, our co-workers. And yet the Spirit is so much more powerful, and in its amazing ability to transform, it literally transforms us into a new creature.

As I'm speaking, a flock of about sixty geese landed on our property. And I think they're listening to our beloved Yogananda's inspired message.

Thank you so much, all of you. I love you. I am holding each of you in a field of divine love with my birthday buddy, Yogananda. And I am expressing to God thankfulness for your hearts, your fire, your co-creative spirit, the uniqueness who you are as a God-realized one. Thank you so much. Bye-bye.

1. John 13:34.
2. See 1 Corinthians 13:1.


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