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Archangels of the Five Secret Rays      December 20, 2014

Beloved Archangels of the Five Crystal Rays
David Christopher Lewis
December 20, 2014   10:01 ̶ 10:21 am PST
The Twelve Archangels Resurrect the Temple Fountains of Lemuria
2014 Winter Solstice Event
Vista, California

The Archangels of the Five Crystal Rays Bless Us with Their Crystal Frequencies

David:  Here we go. Get the bowl. [A singing crystal bowl was played during this HeartStream.]

We are here to bless you. We are here to grace you with and in divine light, and we shine the crystal frequencies first within your five centers and then throughout your being. Receive them, O precious ones, with reverence and your understanding of their transformative power. Each is a quintessence from the heart of God that is individual for you in the way that you can receive it. It is specific for your needs, your wholeness and your virtuous life.

Let fly all desire now, even for spirituality, and simply be in the presence of the infinite light of the Infinite One through the figure-eight flow—as Above, so below—within and without and all about.

These frequencies of the five and the ten are yours as nourishment for your soul. Would you transcend your former self, blessed ones? [Audience responds: “Yes.”] We provide the impetus, the spiritual light and the ether. We uncrystallize your former matrices from you now. Live in the midst, for a moment, of timelessness and spacelessness, free to soar, to be. And only when you are ready, return in consciousness to your form and feel the new you crystallizing in a higher form, a more resplendent and virtuous one. Simply be who you are, #ff0000 from the vantage point of men in this world, redefined from the vantage point of God, who has already and always existed within you as your true nature, as your Divine Self.

[The Archangels tone and chant:]

Let go, let go, let go
Let God, let God, let God
Let go, let go, let go
Let God, let God, let God


Now we open the five fountains of light—Africa, Asia, Europe, the Americas, the Pacific Islands of Australia. And these temple fountains now are flowing and receiving within the Earth the crystal-ray frequencies from our abodes, secret in nature, sublime in formlessness. And the Mother light of Mu is upon Earth again. A new Lemurian foundation of true Motherhood manifests through you, O souls of the Mother light.

[The Archangels tone:]


Now I withdraw from you all pain, anxiety, distress and all the stresses of life on Earth, and these are processed, transmuted, reshaped, reformed, compacted. And I blaze forth the light frequencies to rekindle within you an awareness of God as crystal light. Now our angels—the five—place within your hands, each one, a sacred offering as a gift and token of our love. You may take it to your heart, and as it is dissolved within your soul and being, you are transformed.

Breathe deeply now, blessed ones, and feel the restoration of your integrity, your wholeness, your whole beingness in God. Your spines are realigned; your chakras are now blessed and in order. There is a new spin to you as a God Self-realized One.

We time travel to eternity to partake of pure light in the Great Central Sun. Harmony is the byword of the Now; purity is our resource of light. Drink in the essence of the Great Central Sun now into yourselves. [The archangels inhale and exhale deeply.]

In 144 dimensions of being, we place engrams of God-consciousness and Solar awareness within your subtle bodies for the stabilization of your God-identity and for the alchemy of transformative change to manifest for eternity within you.

[The Archangels and audience chant and tone together for a few minutes:]


Now as we perform cosmic surgery within you, there is the reenfiring of synaptic flashes of God-consciousness within your Higher Mind for you to be able to cognize light, light, light within your temple. Visualize now a new mind replacing your human mind and your brain free of all darkness, shadow and nihilistic thought. We impress new divine radiances into your physical brain, blessed ones, which becomes truly more crystalline now. And there is a flowering of your divinity through your Higher Mind, through the nerve centers of your electronic body. And a new hush and presence of beingness is yours to experience in your daily meditations from this day forward, which may be more crystalline and add a new level of awareness.

Meditate; do not medicate. For we are the true medication of light.

[The Archangels and audience tone together:]


Now we return from the Great Central Sun on a light and sound ray and alight here again and enter our temples tangibly.

[The Archangels and audience tone together:]


Peace, peace, peace.

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