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Hope      December 19, 2014

Beloved Hope
David Christopher Lewis
December 19, 2014   3:33 ̶ 3:45 pm PST
The Twelve Archangels Resurrect the Temple Fountains of Lemuria
Vista, California

Archeia Hope Brings the Love of the Divine Mother through the Resurrected Fountains of Light

[Hope sings in an angelic tongue.]

With the breath of the Divine Mothers and all of the archeiai, I, Hope, come to bless you within this fountain, to charge you with the crystalline frequency of divine joy. For in our retreat, there is a sacred room where everything for you is clear. And when you require clarity of consciousness, understanding of the allness of God, I am there charging you with hope and the white-fire ray of the ascension currents of light.

I am there surrounding you with the purity of the Mother's love. I am there heightening for you access to a new intuitive state of being, whereby the divine senses are accessible to your outer-waking awareness; whereby the instrumentality of higher beingness may be known and experienced from deep within your soul; whereby the wedding of your true soulful spirit with the great I AM occurs in moments of cosmic connectivity when you transcend form and formlessness and enter the pure state, the breathless state of sentient beingness in the very presence of the All-Encompassing One.

Yes, gracious ones, the love of the Mothers of heaven is here for you in each of the fountains of light that we are rekindling and revivifying by the dispensation of the great Solar Lords, who have come to reinvest within the Earth all that is God-good for the salvation of mankind and of the Earth itself. Oh, how you have been torn away from the Earth Mother in so many ways during the cycle of the Kali Yuga when you have left off of knowing the intimacy of your connection with the Divine Mother through your experience on Mother Earth.

Through these fountains we restore a major aspect of the Motherland of Lemuria within the atmosphere and the etheric and mental planes of the Earth. And there is now new opportunity for many to access beingness through being wed to the Mother's divine apron strings. Why, you may even come into our kitchen in our retreat, where we lovingly prepare elixirs for the souls of humanity, where we alchemize light in a number of mystical ways for our own, and where those who pray and offer their hearts in service to humanity receive certain graces and blessings from our abode.

Yes, dearest ones, heaven is not so different from Earth in many respects. It is simply lighter and more concentrated in the light-energies of the Sun Presence of the All-Knowing One. Therefore from within this fountain, I draw forth now a spiral of light, like the great spiral nebula, and I twirl and I whirl and I swirl around you, each one, through your auric field this radiance of pure Mother light-energy. It is for a greater quickening and awakening of your soul in this moment of time and space that you are experiencing upon Earth, so that in the sanctity of your true Self you may know only God, only light, only love.

You see, the purpose of each of these fountains is for the rekindling of new conscious awareness within our own. It is for the strengthening of every particle and photonic essence within you and to glorify God within your entire temple of light—from the tiniest microcosmic particle to the magnanimity of your Higher Self, in all of its divine glory—as you are ascending and incrementally evolving into a star-fire being of eternal light.

Yes, dearest ones, we breathe new light into you. Therefore breathe deeply now and each day, even for a few moments, to partake of these cosmic essences within these fountains of the Mother, the Divine Mother, who comes again and again to nurture you, to inspire you, to free you from the impositions of darkness and to awaken you always into the light of the new day.

[Hope sings in an angelic tongue.]

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