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Jesus      December 05, 2014

Beloved Jesus
David Christopher Lewis
December 5, 2014   8:27–8:41 am MST

Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Jesus Admonishes Us to Look to Our Own Hearts to Understand
the Way, the Truth and the Life and to Make the Teachings Real

I, Jesus, come to be with you, the heartfriends of Scandinavia who have gathered to witness the way, the truth and the life of the ascended masters, their teachings, their divine power manifest, their love expressed. I have ever walked in the way of light, and I adjure you also to walk in it.

I have taught you the true teachings of the Great White Brotherhood in ages past in my incarnation in the Holy Land, in India and now through progressive revelation as it appears in your midst, as it revivifies you in the new radiance that is yours to receive today on behalf of your life, your heart, your truth. These teachings, when accepted and put into practice daily, will yield the desired results of your union with God if you choose the way of heart-centeredness and mindfulness, if you choose to truly know yourself as God knows you and chooses to live through you.

Your life may be fulfilled daily through that which the Spirit is always attempting to co-create through your freewill experience. If you choose light and the higher walk with God, then you will have it, for your choice manifests in the reality in which you live. If you choose to know the way, the truth and the life, then I will shine that light upon your path, I will give you the teaching whereby you will know the truth and I will energize your life in ways magical and mysterious and practical for today.

You have read the scriptures. You have attempted to intuit the inner meaning of many of my messages given in the past and now. The Holy Spirit is always the key for the unfolding of your greater understanding of what I would convey through your own Christ consciousness to you now. And when you yoke your heart to God through the power and amplitude of the Holy Spirit's manifest grace, there is the delivery to you of that powerful energy that will allow you to overcome any limitation, to be victorious in any situation, to truly fulfill who you are, your mission, your livelihood, your dharma.

Are you lively stones1 in what we are building as the new edifice of the crystal city upon Earth, dearest ones? Are you alive in God, and would you continue to be enlivened by the new graces, new frequencies of Aquarius that are dawning in the world today? If so, look no further than your own heart to understand the way, the truth and the life. For there God resides eternally within you as that spirit-spark of beingness, the threefold flame vouchsafed to you as a son or daughter of the One God.

Yes, you may study our teachings sponsored through a number of activities, and yet ultimately, dearest ones, the study must be transmuted into Self-realization; the seeking must translate into finding and being. The striving will be stilled as you rise to the fount of your own Selfhood in God, where you may always be enriched by that light essence, by the fire divine, the flow of the Mother, the Spirit's rebirthing grace.

As your Jesus, I am invested in many ways throughout the world through the lives of the righteous who pray, who offer their hearts to God in some way daily or even weekly. I am invested at many levels of consciousness, and no one may judge another and say that his or her way is the best or better way. It is simply a way, and there are many ways, though all lead to the same fount of eternal light and Divine Presence. So long as you are proceeding with love in your hearts toward God and the God flame within, you will reach your destiny. And though some have accelerated through a greater understanding of the mystical and divine teachings of the Great White Brotherhood, yet a portion of my Christ consciousness is also there within the humble who are not yet fully tutored in the higher and inner teachings reserved for initiates.

Love everyone, emanate love and light to all, be that light, and those who would emulate what you have become will come to you for nourishment, for training, tutoring, teaching, yea, divine learning. Remember that I and the Holy Spirit will present truth unto them if you allow our inspired words to flow through you. Study the invocations given by this one during various services such as this, for you will find how grace is bestowed through the conscious words lovingly shared and intuited through those sacred moments of oneness with God. When you can speak forthrightly, victoriously and kindly, there the power of the Holy Spirit's Presence to transmute, transform and translate is present and available for the alchemy of love's grace to change, to heal and to allow all to coalesce within God's light.

Yes, dearest ones of Scandinavia, join together, hold hands, sing, dance, pray and play with us often. For we would save many more than you can even imagine now by the alchemical elixirs that will reach the lips of those whom you will feed through your compassionate hearts, disinterested lives and loving example.

Yes, blessed hearts, even as I AM the way, the truth and the life, I AM within you. And therefore you, proclaiming the same, may live in my heart as I live within yours. I AM your Jesus, and I seal you in the grace of the Holy Spirit's fire and the light of the Divine Mother's perfect gaze, in the radiance of the Spirit Most Holy, who loves you ever and always for who you are as a son or daughter of the One. Thank you.

1. See 1 Peter 2:5.

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