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Melchizedek      November 21, 2014

Beloved Melchizedek Discourse
November 21, 2014   7:53–8:28 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana 

The Law of Integration of Alpha and Omega in Our Being

Many ascended beings are here in honor of the coming of the blessed and beloved Melchizedek into our midst, including the Master Omraam, Peter Deunov, the gracious Jesus the Christ and Kuthumi, as well as the spirit of our beloved Sister Natasha.

Today Melchizedek would teach us of the law of the integration of Alpha and Omega within our beings, within the core of our being, within our hearts, our souls, our minds. The light of Alpha and Omega is at the center of every atom through the action and the essence of the Father-Mother God, which vibrates in balance through the masculine and feminine principle of life itself.

If we desire integration with God as initiates moving into our adeptship, our Christhood, our Buddhahood, we may choose to understand the dynamics and the essentials of this integration process. The integration occurs day by day as we balance the energies of Alpha and Omega within our beings: within every cell and ultimately within every atom. For the light of God cycles through the masculine and feminine polarities, and when they are in balance, the infinite light of God may be restored and fully emblazoned within our beings. The infinity sign is that eight turned on its side, signifying that light of integration in the matter planes, where we live, move and have our being.

All spiritual teachings and truths that we have received have been provided for us to give us an impetus for this light of integration, which culminates in the ascension of our being as integersor integral, or integrated, ones. If we have not found the balance of Alpha and Omega within ourselves, this ascension process may not occur. It is only when we live in the harmony and the peace of this balance of the light of the masculine and feminine within us that we can merge with our Source; that our soul can ascend to blend with the I AM Presence, the great Oversoul, in this alchemy of pure divine love, where the grace of God manifests, where our divinity shines forth and where all spiritual graces and blessings occur and will continue on in infinity, in foreverhood.

During our many incarnations upon Earth we have experienced living in both male and female bodies. And the dynamics of this are such that we learn the feeling, the essence of what both the masculine and feminine principles are in the physical reality as we experience life in this dimensional plane of being. And it is imperative that we understand both dynamics. If we always incarnated only as a man or only as a woman, we would not feel and experience the two polar essences that make up the whole of an integrated androgynous matrix and being. And so our goal is to, in effect, become androgynous in the sense that we balance these polarities, and to understand what the Father-Mother God would have us realize, having coordinated this alchemical process of the “As above, so below experience, where heaven merges with Earth and where Earth ascends to merge with heaven.

The ascension is really the perfect manifestation of the divine polarities in perfect resonance, whereby through the harmonization of the energies of the Father-Mother God within us, we are enlivened and transported into that dimensional experience beyond human understanding, beyond this plane of being into the Pure Land of pure light. When we have the integration of Alpha and Omega within us, our light shines forth immaculately. There is a cleanliness, a purity, a wholeness, a sincerity that comes because we no longer live in duality; we live in the unity field of beingness, the blessed state in which we are one with all life.

What we experience in these planes of duality affords us an opportunity to resolve everything of the two planes, or the two polarities, so that we can understand the dynamics of integration. And if we are polarized one way or the other, then we may not have the sufficiency of light streaming forth from our I AM God Presence, our Solar reality, through our crystal cord to vivify, amplify and accelerate the light of God within us that would allow our soul to be launched forth into the dimensionless planes of pure Spirit and oneness with God.

Now the Master would have me speak on a subject that is important for understanding this dynamic, and that is homosexuality. In the state of Montana in the last few days, a justice made the decision and communicated that same-sex couples may marry. And this same decision is being made throughout the nation by various courts. And, of course, ultimately the Supreme Court will weigh in on this matter. Regardless of what man does through the court system, regardless of whether a nation allows for same-sex marriage, Melchizedek would have us know that as initiates, as those seeking complete union with God, we may choose to know the truth regarding the balance of Alpha and Omega within our beings so that we can choose the righteous use of energy within our body temple to honor the very living Presence of God that vibrates within our temple.

If we are polarized in a way that is not according to the natural cycles of light and life, and if we merge with another in this type of polarization, life is not sustained. There is a suppression of the life-energy field of the ascension itself, of the white light, and there is, in effect, a death spiral begun. Homosexuality is antithetical to nature. It is an affront to the creative process that the Father-Mother God initiated through the process of creation. Sanctioning that which is diametrically opposed to the creative process that the Father-Mother God has established for the cosmos is fraught with the greatest darkness and karma the can come upon humanity.

Therefore a civilization, a people, a nation that lawfully, through their own laws, sanctions this behavior and the principles surrounding it begins to completely crumble and dissolve. And in those areas, in those states and those cities where this activity is both sanctioned and occurs, the death spiral has already begun. The dissolution of the light of Alpha and Omega in every place where this activity occurs creates a blot upon the light body of the Earth and unfortunately begins a process whereby ultimately there will be the collapse of life itself in those areas.

As the masters have shared a number of times to give us an understanding of this teaching, we have within us in our spinal column the light of the ida, the pingala and the sushumna. Right within our own temple we have the ascending currents of Alpha and Omega, if we choose to honor the natural processes of life that occur within us. If we mate with the same sex by mingling the energies of Alpha with Alpha or Omega with Omega, there is not harmony, balance and that which can sustain life. It is antithetical to Alpha and Omega. It is diametrically opposed to creation itself. Therefore when this occurs, it is actually anti-creation; it is the antithesis of creation itself. There can be no light created through this type of union, only darkness.

Melchizedek comes with a warning to humanity and especially to the justice system within this nation, to the peoples that have accepted this type of activity, and he states unequivocally that if you decide to engage in and continue to authorize this type of activity, you will be part and parcel to the dissolution of a civilization, of the opportunity for souls to advance on the path, and you will have the karma of having to dig deep and return to a lifetime where you will have to begin all over again to understand the dynamics of what life is and serve and serve and serve in order to be able to sponsor life. You cannot create life through this type of union. And as co-creators, we spit in the face of God if we engage in this, because we are saying, “I will not engage in your creative process, O Lord. I will attempt to do something that is not what you have authorized or created.”

Now, these may seem like harsh words. Yet understand the dynamics of what life is, of what God has created, and return to the original conception of life itself, with the blending of the Alpha and Omega, the masculine-feminine principles in harmony through love. This is a spiritual teaching; this is what is already understood by our souls before we incarnate in matter. We know that we have the opportunity to balance the Alpha and Omega spirals and energies within our body temple, within our life, within our work.

Those who choose to engage in this activity because it is now acceptable in civilization are fooling themselves; yet they are fooling no one in heaven. And they will learn when they pass on that they will have to return into incarnation and find the wherewithal to balance these energies. Now, having said this, many of us were incarnated in various lifetimes in which we engaged in this activity. And there should be no condemnation whatsoever for those who are engaged in this activity, because we have all most likely done it in our past. God never condemns the soul; however, God illumines our life with the teachings of truth.

Melchizedek is offering an opportunity today through this release of light for us to be repolarized into the dynamic of our true Self. And if you have at any time engaged in this type of activity in past incarnations, grace, mercy and forgiveness are extended and an opportunity to put this permanently aside is offered so that you may embrace the Father-Mother God through God's emissaries upon Earth and through God's true teachings, as extended and expounded through the Universal White Brotherhood, and you may choose life rather than choose death.

Does this mean that we go about and in a very acrimonious way share this teaching and put it in the face of people who choose to engage in this activity? Of course not. We love every soul; we honor everyone's free will as a sentient being living as a son or daughter of God upon Earth. And yet we have to stand for the truth of beingness. We have to understand the dynamics of how a civilization can either fulfill its purpose and destiny of moving into a Solar civilization or corrode and be corrupted by activity that is anti-life. Now, of course there are many other types of anti-life activitiesabortion, war, murder, violence toward women and children or any part of life—and Melchizedek says that many of these types of violence are heinous and even darker than this activity.

Many well-meaning individuals are engaged in homosexual activity because they feel either more male or more female in their form; they resonate with a certain frequency.  And we have to understand the dynamic that everyone is seeking balance, harmony and integration. So without the spiritual teaching to know the difference between what it means to be balanced spiritually, with light flowing through our chakras, our auric field and the Father-Mother currents and polarities in balance within us, people seek to outpicture their feminine potential, their masculine potential in ways that they feel called to. And yet without this teaching, they know not the true path of light.

Every individual that engages continuously by choice in this type of activity must return to the screen of life to harmonize and balance the polarities within themselves. They do not ascend, and in most cases they do not make it to the etheric octaves of light. There are exceptions based on mercy and grace. Most of the individuals engaged in this activity, unfortunately, go to a plane of consciousness after their transition that is like purgatory, and in some cases even darker, where they will receive the teaching and hopefully then make progress so that when they return to the screen of life they can choose the higher walk with God, the blessed way that the masters have always modeled and that the true initiates have taught.

Every day, through our inbreath and outbreath, the beating of our heart, the pulsation of our blood to our cells and the return of that blood to the heart and then to the lungs for refreshment, there is the sacred dynamic of Alpha and Omega ongoing right within our temple. There is the blessed polarity within the atoms of the plus and minus, the protons and electrons, and the seeming friction that may manifest as they repel or are attracted to one another. So when we honor the processes that God has invested within the cosmos, within nature and within ourselves, we honor the Divine within us and we can have restored the totality of our true being, the oneness of who we truly are already in our Solar Presence.

Many may rail against anyone who chooses to speak the truth into the teeth of the lie of homosexuality. And we have to be willing to understand this dynamic because people seek to justify their behavior, their lifestyle. And yet by understanding that there is always compassion, love, understanding, tolerance and forgiveness, we love the individual; we do not sanction the behavior.

A while back, in answer to a question about homosexuality, one master said through me, “Love is love.” And yes, love is love, yet what is love in the highest sense? That is what we must discern. If there are attractions and there is physical activity, is that truly love in its highest essence? There may be an affection for, an affinity between individuals and a respect for and love of that person as a soul, and yet the physical act that happens through homosexuality does not honor God within that individual in the highest sense.

We can choose to respect the God-light that flows within the chakras of the other. And if we are respectful of that, we will not engage in activity that depresses, that abases that light, who is God, within the other. This is a higher form of respect, honor and integrity. And those who attempt to foist a sense of intolerance upon any who speak of this are themselves intolerant and do not understand the spiritual dynamics of the true path of initiation; of those who are moving, as initiates under the canopy and the blessings of the Great White Brotherhood, into the eternal cycles of light in Aquarius toward their Godhood and their union with their Source.

Therefore we must be firm in our stance for truth, yet completely understand the dynamics of living in this plane and love every soul and understand, with patience, eternal forbearance and tolerance, what the soul has been through, what it continues to experience and ultimately what its destiny is.

There is an alien being who came to Earth long ago from another star system who injected the poison of this dynamic of anti-creation into individuals who had turned their face away from God. And from the point that they accepted this type of activity and there was the abasing of the light, the energy, of God within the form, homosexuality upon Earth was born and a spiral of darkness began. We can choose to turn around that spiral, to unwind it through loving-kindness, compassion and pure, divine ruby love. We do it first within our self. We continue to work on ourselves and never judge another. We work on our own Alpha and Omega currents, balancing our lives in every possible way. If we are true initiates, we look neither to the right nor to the left; we look directly into the eyes and face of our divine Father-Mother God and we bless everyone with currents of their love-fires.

I believe that it takes a certain amount of courage to speak about this type of activity today because it is not popular. And I pray that all within our community will be protected from the onslaughts that may arise as a result of the backlash to Melchizedek coming and delivering a ray into the Earth today, on this Friday, November 21, 2014. You may feel a sense of what Melchizedek means to the Earth. He cares for the Earth. He desires to see the Earth free in the light. And therefore it was important for him to come today to deliver this teaching to the souls of mankind. Even if people never hear it outwardly, their souls will receive it, because Melchizedek, like Gautama Buddha, has a tie to the threefold flame of everyone on Earth. And as a God-realized one, without father or mother in the flesh,1 he is the epitome of the perfect balance of Alpha and Omega.

So thank you, beloved Master. Thank you, all, for being here and for anchoring the light through your chakras, your auras, your beings in the highest way that you are able to in order to anchor and to facilitate the light of the Father-Mother God being birthed and rebirthed upon Earth every day. God bless you.

1. See Hebrews 7:1–3.


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