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Manus of the Root Races      November 07, 2014

Manus of the Root Races
David Christopher Lewis
November 7, 2014   6:57–7:06 am MST
Livingston, Montana

The Manus Come in Support of Lord Himalaya for the Upcoming Inner Stillness Class

Beloved Fiery Hearts,

We the manus of the seventh, sixth and fifth root races alight within your midst this day—the Divine Director, the God and Goddess Meru, and Vaivasvata Manu—to present to you the manu of the fourth root race, the Lord Himalaya himself. For it is imperative that you are prepared in body, soul and mind for the upcoming release of this great master during the Meru University course on inner stillness beginning this weekend.

O, if you knew the power invested by God within the manus of the ages, that which we hold inviolate in light for each soul incarnating in time and space to work out her salvation within these matter planes of being, you would understand the dynamics of living as godly ones and investing the full portion of your own God-identity in fulfilling your mission for the victory of light within this sphere on behalf of all life waves incarnating here.

Precious ones, we will attend this course along with the blessed Master Kuthumi Lal Singh, who himself will augment much of the teaching presented unto you and inspired upon our chosen representative on the subject of inner stillness and how you may access more of the Great Silence through that focal point of your being within your heart, the secret chamber thereof, where your own God flame resides in eternality, in cosmic beingness.

Dearest ones, the fire that you may access when you learn to be still and to know God as the I AM within you will afford you greater opportunities for God Self-transcendence, for greater action of service and ministration upon this Earth through your life, fulfilled to the glory of God. And there just may be the possibility for new realizations and even miracles to manifest within your temple on behalf of all life through that which you offer, that which you sacrifice and give lovingly, that which represents the allness of who you are as a God being.

Blessed ones, Lord Himalaya has much in store for you. And for some this may actually result in a certain permanent healing of some of what has burdened your being in this and past lifetimes to the point where you have felt at times disconnected from your True Self. For this is the greatest healing—the putting aside, the transmutation of that which separates you from God, the God within you, which is there for you to Self-realize through stillness, through attentiveness, through love and knowing who you are, through a greater beingness manifest within stillness.

We support Himalaya. We will protect the Earth itself in many ways during these releases. For, dearest ones, when a manu, an ancient one, comes, there can be the rumbling within the Earth at his coming. And therefore we will stabilize the four cosmic forces manifest within these planes of being on his behalf. And we will radiate forth cosmic light-energies for your own protection, for your own illumination and for the increase of love within your hearts so that you may access greater stillness within the silence of your soul; within that sacred space reserved for you for an intimacy of ongoing knowingness and secret conversation with your own I AM God Presence—so beloved, so pure, and knowable only through that point, that nexus, of stillness.

Gracious ones, as we have introduced this great master, so we ask you to honor his Presence through a simple bow unto this great Lord now.

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