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Alpha      September 21, 2014

Beloved Alpha
David Christopher Lewis
September 21, 2014   1:54 ̶ 1:59 pm MDT
A Sacred Journey with Saint Germain to Southeastern Canada
Toronto, Canada

Beloved Alpha Shares His Love and Reverence for Us and Seals the Canadian Pilgrimage

My Precious Children,

What can I say unto each of you who has come to Canada except, I love you as a father and as one who would restore unto you daily, within every cell of your being, that original blueprint of your eternal beingness so that you may truly know God as we experience the eternal love fires and mystical presences of the One.

Omega and I are always here for you, right within your heart—one breath away, one thought near and dear to you within the atmosphere, one musing of your Christic mind from the center of your being.

As you have uttered the words with Morya El, “I AM One, I AM One, I AM One with the Sun,” so there is a restorative action of that oneness within you as we have merged with you in moments of eternality as you have lovingly caressed the Great Central Sun with these words.

You may not think, dearest ones, that we note, through our own awareness of you, your givingness as you say these words. And yet it is so. For we always feel that oneness with you, and we invite you to always feel that oneness with us. In oneness all is well; in eternality all may swell within the omnipotence of God's love, of beingness in its true multidimensional nature and in the unification of all in God.

Though you may look to us as your Godparents, dearest ones, we look to you both as our offspring and as, literally, gods and goddesses in incarnation upon your blessed Earth. We hold you reverently in the sphere of your own God-identity. And in that beholding of you as perfect, you are inviolate in the rays of Alpha and Omega within your heart, within your mind, within your spirit.

Now receive the final touch from us as we place our hands upon your heads, each one in turn, and seal this pilgrimage in the eternality of the Presence and the present moment of the immortal Now. We thank you, we thank you, we thank you.

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