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Micah      September 20, 2014

Beloved Micah
David Christopher Lewis
September 20, 2014   8:00 ̶ 8:09 am MST
A Sacred Journey with Saint Germain to Southeastern Canada
Ottawa, Canada

Micah Brings the Light of Unity for the Fulfillment of the Divine Blueprint of Canada and Her People

I, Micah, come this morning to infuse within the Earth and throughout this nation and commonwealth, and what you have called the dominion, light—light of unity, light of harmony, light of eternal peace.

Blessed ones, though not on your program, it is imperative that I anchor this light here in the capital of your nation. And therefore I stand simultaneously in your midst and within the Parliament, and I ray forth my light into all offices involved within your government to infuse within this nation a new sense of purpose, a new sense of cosmic light wherein the individual, governed by his or her own God Presence, comes into unity with the allness of God, emerges from the past of dissonance and duality and harmonizes all frequencies so that the best, the highest, the most sublime may be outpictured within that life, honoring God, honoring all that is of the pure stream of beingness, eternal, holy, one.

The purpose of all of my work, with Unity, is to bring about the glorification of God through the unity field of beingness, which manifests when one lives in integrity, humility, compassion and truth, and all in one's aura is vitalized with that eternal presence of pure light.

Now there is a humming action within that which we present within the Parliament and these offices, and it stirs the ethers and it brings about a new pattern of perfection, a new blueprint, an ideation of light from the Most High God for Canada and her people.

You have wondered how all would come to resolution within the lives of this people, for the highest purpose of the outpicturing of Canada's divine plan. Dearest ones, it may come about by divine magic, which manifests through the work of initiates and those who sublimate within themselves that which is offensive, in a sense, to holiness while accelerating and accepting within that which the Lord God has always seen within his children as the purest stream of the original creation and blueprint of light—as good, as wonderful, as divinely expressive.

This humming action will continue for a fortnight. And some of you, especially those who live within this commonwealth and dominion, may feel a new uplift within your soul so that that which you have dreamed of as the ideal may begin to materialize and crystallize in form through you in a number of ways in coming months and years.

Yes, the kingdoms of our Lord and of his Christ are fulfilled in the matter plane—first within the lives of those who see the plan and the ideal realized within, and then, as more and more are able to objectify this energy and this light within their worlds, within the greater civilization of mankind en masse.

[Micah speaks in angelic tongue.]

All that is of God, you may breathe in daily within your conscious lives lived to the glory of the One. And as you sing your song and hum your tunes of givingness to the One, your offering is heard and received by angelic hosts of light—even my Father and Mother, Michael and Faith—and they carry these vibrations and ideations to the altar of the Most High God as missives from Earth's children.

Yes, dearest ones, God hears your prayers, your songs and your caring thoughts for one another and for all life. Be virtuous towards all, walk gently upon the Earth and live in the integrity of the flame of unity. For all is hallowed—all is one. I thank you.

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