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Voice of the Great Silence      September 11, 2014

Beloved Voice of the Great Silence
David Christopher Lewis
September 11, 2014 8:35–8:48 am MDT

Livingston, Montana

The Voice of the Great Silence Speaks

“I AM Beingness within You—Ever-Present, All-Seeing, All-Knowing, All-Loving”

I AM the Voice of the Great Silence. From stillness I have come, and from that quiescent state where God exists, beyond vibration as you know it, as an energy field of light and that which gives birth to all from the cosmic void of the Mother, whose love is shined forth and shared throughout all creation. Yes, in the silence I AM, and I assist those who desire to access that deeper point of stillness where God within may be known, where your true essence resides, where what you have called your Higher Self exists beyond time and space and yet still within you.

Within the Great Silence the I AM manifests perfection—all of the rays of God, every divine virtue that may be cultivated and expressed in simplicity and in complexity through beingness, where you allow God to fully reside and exist within your mind, heart and spirit. In this quiescent state, all that exists is God, is light, is love. And there is a divine interplay and interchange between this eternal point of stillness and that reality within you, which exists within the sacred space that you access through meditation and contemplation upon what is real, what is true, what is divine.

            In stillness you may know your true nature, the nature of God as being. In stillness, every avenue of creative thought, feeling and divine mindfulness may be known and then expressed, because you have tapped into the energy field of perfection within the Great Silence of yourself. Does this seem, to your outer mind, to be a dichotomy that the Great Silence that you have sought already exists within you, and that you do not have to strive to reach outwardly to something that seems impossible to grasp? Accessing God within, within the Great Silence of your true Selfhood, can be a natural unfolding of who you are. The majesty and the dynamism of all that is pure and holy is accessible through the still point of being at the center of identity, where you identify with the Divine and all that exists as a part of creation.

            Yes, I am the voice of the I AM, and I manifest light, beingness and presence here and now within you as you choose love, as you choose life. It is a choice to remain centered in God, and this choice exists only within the eternal Now, the present moment of your experience of the I AM, who is God as light within you. Does this reasoning seem circular? Why, yes, it is spherical and much more. It embraces every aspect of the Divine, every coordinate of light, every point of possibility in which the omniscient, the omnipresent and the omnipotent merge as the three-in-one, encompassing and embracing all and nothing simultaneously.

            Yes, this voice is your voice, even as it is what you would classify as my voice, for we are one. And there is only one voice who is the breath of God, expounded, exhaled and inhaled as pure spirit-energy. If you would manifest the voice of the I AM where you are, enter stillness and know your Source as your Self, as a viable representation and exposition of your true identity within the All. In this gnosis experience, you will find resolution, dissolution, oneness, silence. Silence the mind, for there I AM. Silence the not-self and there God is. I AM beingness within you—ever-present, all-seeing, all-knowing, all-loving. We are one.

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