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Hercules      August 19, 2014

Beloved Hercules
David Christopher Lewis
August 19, 2014   7:46–7:57 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Elohim Hercules Comes for a Planetary Clearance
It is Time for You to Be Reborn in Spirit

Beloved Sons and Daughters of God, 

            I come this day to increase the light of the blue-fire action of the diamond will of God throughout the Earth and within your lives for your protection, for your divine direction and for the illumination of your being in this divine essence of God-good, which is that first ray of that holy action of the will of the Divine One.

            Blaze forth the light now within the Middle East! Blaze forth the light within those hot spots throughout the world that require the action of Elohim this day to manifest God-victory and the establishment of the kingdom of God upon Earth in all realms. Blaze forth the light! Blaze forth the light! Blaze forth the light now as a blanket of protection; as a foundation of beingness; and as that which will begin to allow to manifest in many domains a new world of beauty, perfection and joy, where the light of the Holy Spirit is received with alacrity in the lives of lightbearers everywhere.

            It is time for you to learn a new way, O mankind—the way of freedom, integration and enlightenment. It is time for you to be reborn in Spirit. And so I come this day in a powerful action of this ray to penetrate into the astral plane and to consume on contact pockets of darkness that have beset mankind and allowed them to harbor enmity, hatred and angst towards one another in this and past ages and lifetimes.

            Blaze forth the light! Blaze forth the light! Blaze forth the light! Bind now the nadir of all hatred, anger and dis-ease within the minds, the hearts and the wills of mankind. Burn through! Burn through! Burn through and let there be a new conceptualization of light within the minds of the masses so that people may pick up on that which the angels of God are cosmically sending forth and raying forth throughout the Earth as the new blue wave of the Great Central Sun for Earth, for this solar system and this galaxy.

            Blaze forth! Blaze forth! Blaze forth the light of the sun now within the astral plane in every continent, in every nation and within every life. Let people be quickened to a new walk with God, that original walk in the Garden of Eden, where there was continuous communion with the Lord God, the way of light, and the sanctification of all through a pure consciousness, one with the Source; where there is no dissimulation, there is no dissonance, there is no distance between the soul and the Oversoul. For the soul was and may again be encapsulated in that great light of the I AM Presence, the Solar Self. 

            O mankind, know who you are! Rise into new levels of beingness! Know the Great Central Sun's action, which is perfusing within the cosmos, and especially now within this solar system, these new blue wave patterns of perfection, joy and cosmic beauty. It is time for the dissonance of rock music to go. And so there is an action of judgment this day upon the very conceptualization of that which within the rock beat is dark, dense and dire. Burn through! Burn through! Burn through!

            The new ways of light must manifest upon Earth ere a Golden Crystal Age of enlightenment, freedom and compassion be known everywhere. Therefore the darkness within you must go in some form this day, O mankind. And that darkness must come out of the pockets of illusion, maya and delusion within you. And therefore the angels, in a sense, compel you higher, compel you to release ancient patterns and subconscious blocks that have beset you and serve you no longer in the new ways of light, divine justice and eternal freedom. Burn through! Burn through! Burn through and bind and consume those blocks and those mayic engrams of darkness within you now. Burn through! Burn through! Burn through!

            Legions of light, descend now into the astral plane and bind now ten thousand entities, demons and discarnates who have been arrayed against the lightbearers who have been caught in their web of mayic illusion. Burn through now, O angels of Archangel Michael, O angels of the Elohim Astrea and Purity, and of Hercules and Amazonia ourselves. Go now to these ones and bind them and release the lightbearers from the dark entrails, the dark contrails and the dark trails and embellishments of anti-light that they have accepted within their worlds. Release them now! Release them now! Release them now, and purge, purge, purge from the astral plane this day these mayic patterns, these illusory senses and sensations that have kept them bound into a matrix of imperfection and impropriety.

            O God, great is thy name I AM THAT I AM. Let the stamping of that name of the I AM THAT I AM be upon the very essence of the emotional plane of this planetary home. And let every particle that is caught within this mayic web of illusion be impressed with this light-energy Presence of God now so that those who can be released, saved and nurtured again in the Holy Spirit's fire may climb the spiral staircase of light out of the astral plane into the etheric and be served once again by angels of mercy, compassion and grace as those prodigal ones, now winning their way back to the Source of all light, love and levity.

            O virtuous ones, by your calls and by the action of the blue ray, this is accomplished today. And there is a great quickening and a great, new annunciation to the hearts of many upon Earth of the opportunity to rise, to resurrect and even to ascend in consciousness, to be free of the impositions of yesterday's darkness and yesteryear's moorings in unreality.

            Blaze forth! Blaze forth! Blaze forth! Blaze forth! Blaze forth! Blaze forth! Blaze forth! Blaze forth! Blaze forth! Blaze forth! Blaze forth! Blaze forth along the twelve lines of the cosmic clock and in the etheric, mental, emotional and physical planes these new light frequencies and cosmic patterns of divine direction, protection, illumination and perfection. 

            O soul, choose life, choose light, choose God this day within you. Rise and know the eternality of your Source, the beingness of the path and the rigors of that path, which you must now engage in in order to maintain the estate of light in divine joy, in holy radiance and within the Holy City's action of the perfusion of light everywhere.

            I AM Hercules. I have come because you have called and sung to me, given effort, work, as that Word, and allowed, by God's grace, divine intercession and the majesty of the Eternal One to manifest upon Earth this day. Live within your authentic Self. Live in truth, virtue and grace, and know always that you are one with God within your heart. I thank you.

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