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Godfre      July 12, 2014

Beloved Godfre
David Christopher Lewis
July 12, 2014   12:08–12:23 am CDT
A Sacred Weekend in Chicago 2014
Wheaton, Illinois

Godfre Comes for the Cleansing of the City of Chicago

            From the crystal city of light above Chicago, I send a ray to every heart of light of the people of God within this heart chakra of the United States of America. And this day I choose to accelerate that light within some for the purpose of the victory of their lifestreams made manifest in this incarnation and their union with the Divine One.

            As your Godfre, I come and I stand firm in my resolve for this city, Chicago, to be a city of light, free of the influences of darkness, free to be a haven and a home of many divine beings who will continue, through the agency of the Holy Spirit, to project their energies from the Sun Source of all that is good, beautiful and harmonious to inspire souls to rise in their God Presence to experience the truth, the way and the life of that which originates from a fountain eternal in the Great Central Sun.

            Yes, dearest ones, I now touch the waters in that Buckingham Fountain near the shores of Lake Michigan, and I spread the light within an etheric substance within the water across a wide swath of land around Chicago. And there is a cleansing fire now manifest burning up records of death, of inharmony and of the influences of the Mafia and organized crime here. And I, Godfre, say, thus far and no farther, ye who would destroy a people and the very economy of this city and this nation through the manipulation that you continue to engage in through your underhanded ways. Blaze forth the light of God! Blaze forth the light of God! Blaze forth the light of God!

And I now work through the legions of Archangel Michael, of Hercules and Amazonia, and of El Morya himself to expose those who are continuing to work their works of darkness and to bring them to cosmic justice and judgment in this hour so that the people here will be free to utilize all of the resources available to them for works of godliness, works of graciousness, works of harmony, peace, prosperity and divine love.

            Yes, dearest ones, you know the age-old story of the machinations of those who skim off from the economy their seeming portion to continue their ways of darkness. “There must be a way out of this dilemma,” you have said in your heart. And yet there is such an entrenchment of this level of organized crime finding its way into the very offices of commissioners, precincts and their chairmen, and those who engage in bribery of all sorts—especially through the unions and through the manipulation of those unions—that there must come the ray of justice and judgment for a greater action of the divine economy to manifest here.

            And so Saint Germain and I stand and we expose now, and in the direct and near future, the cause and core of much of this that has transpired so that the workers and those who engage in righteousness within many organizations, movements and businesses may be free to pursue the highest levels of God-perfection, of creativity and of the culture of the Divine Mother, which must emerge within this city for it to once again glow with that light eternal of the Holy City in the heaven world.

            Therefore there is projected now into those areas of darkness rays of cosmic-light substance and the violet-ray frequencies of eternal freedom, which will be causative of a new wave pattern of freedom, justice and divine light here. Where manipulation has been the norm, there is now the unraveling of it by the laws of cosmic justice made manifest. The Karmic Board itself has authenticated and approved this action this day through the righteous prayers of heartfriends within this and other ascended-master movements. Dearest ones, some will be exposed and called to task and be removed from their offices, from their positions soon. And you will see within the media itself this action manifest, though some would attempt to cover it up to protext their own interests through a media that is manipulated by those who have evil manifesting within their hearts.

            Let the lightbearers be moved into positions of divine authority and power within this heart chakra of the United States of America. Let those who have the will of the people, the good will of the people, within their hearts as their primary motive be elected into positions through which they can accommodate and move for change and a true democratic republic of freedom and justice.

            Blaze forth the light now! Blaze forth the light now! Blaze forth the light now! From the top to the bottom, from inside and out, I, Godfre, move and work with K-17 and his legions, with Archangel Michael and the hosts of the Lord and all of the archangels and their legions to recreate this city as a city of divine light, cosmic justice and everlasting love.

            Blaze forth the light now! Blaze forth the light now! Blaze forth the light now! The elementals themselves, overshined by their hierarchs—Oromasis and Diana, Aries and Thor, Neptune and Luara, and Virgo and Pelleur—march through the streets, the avenues of Chicago, from north to south, east to west, and there is an anchoring of the fire eternal of God now for the new wave of divine love to emerge. And the elementals themselves cry out on behalf of the nature kingdom this day and say, “Thus far and no farther, ye who will continue to pollute the very ground, the water, the air and the fire element itself by your unconscious ways.”

            The wave of the future is here now whereby respect, appreciation and reverence for nature must emerge through education, through enlightenment and through an understanding of that which you have called permaculture, permanent agriculture, which is the greening of all through love, respect and the cherishing of life itself in all realms.

            Now there is a humming as cosmic angel choirs sing the song of freedom and liberty within the atmosphere above the entire Chicago land area in this hour. And these angel choirs, directed by the blessed Mother Mary herself with Raphael, shine forth the light of healing, of wholeness and of the radiance of the Holy City throughout this entire region for the restoration and the resurrection of that which is true, beautiful and divine within the school systems, the universities, the parks, the riverways, all modes of transportation and communication so that a new concourse and a new discourse of light and love may emerge.

            Let the kingdoms of this Earth become the kingdoms of our Lord and of his Christ.1 And let it manifest now through the righteous hearts of the living and vital ones—yes, those lively stones in whom is etched the fire of God, the love eternal of the Source, the kingdom consciousness, the Son of God, Jesus the Christ himself. I, Godfre, affirm that I AM free in God and that you too may be free from all aspects of your lesser self when you accept that you are God-free in the light eternal, one with your Source.

            Now, blessed ones, sing “God Bless America” with all of your hearts. And as you do, I will accelerate and expand the love fires of freedom and appreciation, of gratitude and justice throughout the entire fifty states of this union for the victory of Saint Germain and Portia's plan for freedom here and for the sustaining grace that unites rather than disunites all in God, one forevermore. I thank you.

1. Revelation 11:15.

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